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In this world of all things Star Wars, there was a comic called Emissaries to Malastare, which showcased multiple Jedi taking part in an exercise where they swapped blades with each other. In this ritual, Mace Windu traded his purple lightsaber for a blue one, which explains why he carried that color weapon before Attack of the Clones.Sam Jackson wise ... as was said he had a couple of conditions that Lucas would have to agree to before he would sign on for the movies. The first was, knowing that all the Jedi die in the prequels, that his character wouldn't die like a "bit*h". The second was that there be something unique about the character thus the purple lightsabre blade.

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  1. Mace Windu's lightsaber was the weapon wielded by the eponymous Jedi Master during his career. It was almost unique among the Jedi as it produced a amethyst blade when activated, rather than the more common green or blue
  2. Actually, Mace Windu isn't the only Jedi. In the graphic novels that take place during the Clone Wars timeline, there is a female Jedi Master named An'ya Kuro (but calls herself The Dark Woman) who also wields a purple lightsaber. I think the reason why there are only 2 purple lightsaber wielders is..
  3. When it comes to Star Wars, there is very little that goes without explanation, especially when it comes to lightsabers. While casual audiences may be content with the explanation that a Jedi's weapon is whatever color it without much further explanation, the diehard fans could sit through a whole film while a single question nags at them: Why is Mace Windu's lightsaber purple?
  4. Mace Windu Sticker. Designed and Sold by sinistergrynn. New!Back Print. A wonderful children's book that shows the wonder that Mace Windu can do with his lightsaber
  5. Windu's lightsaber was one of the few that was made with the gold-colored Electrum.The blade was also rare, in that it was purple. This color was acheived using an extremely rare crystal found on the planet Hurikane. The purple color was symbolic, indicating that the bearer had studied several forms of lightsaber combat, including delving into the dark techniques of the Sith.

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The only exception is Mace Windu, who was given a sweet purple lightsaber after Sam Jackson insisted on being able to spot himself in the And if it breaks, it just turns into a normal lightsaber. If you're not convinced by that, why not try simple Spinal Tap logic: Two blades, it's one better, isn't it Every generation must decide for itself what is important and why. We must decide logically whether we should continue to revere Black Square, or whether it is finally time to challenge the The True Importance of Black Square Painting. If Black Square was not really a first, why was is important

Jedi Master Mace windu is the main Jedi known to use this form of combat because Form VII is the most aggressive and only the most Force-sensitive individuals can execute Master Windu's immense force knowledge and lightsaber skills allowed him to disarm the most dangerous man in the galaxy We use pixel tags, which are small graphic files that allow us and our trusted third party partners to track your Website usage and collect usage data, including the number of pages you visit, the time you spend on each page, what you click on next, and other information about your Website visit.Our servers comply with ISO 27018, a code of practice that focuses on protection of personal data in the cloud. We comply with all reasonable precautions in order to ensure your data’s safety.

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Mace Windu lightsaber. Discussion in 'Prequel Trilogy' started by Darth_Laudrup, May 22, 2009. In 18 BBY, a Duros sold a broken lightsaber to Senator Sano Sauro claiming it once belonged to Corran Horn had a silver blade, the KOTOR games had bronze, orange, yellow, purple, cyan, and.. level 1wildo83-7 points · 4 years ago0 childrenView entire discussion ( 14 comments)More posts from the StarWars communityContinue browsing in r/StarWarsr/StarWarsStar Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, created by George Lucas and centered around a film series that began with the eponymous 1977 movie.1.5mMembers Content in video is expressed using PG-13 rated movies and Teen + rated comics, TV shows, video games, and books; and is not intended for children. Find out..

Pretty much everyone who’s seen Star Wars knows that Mace Windu’s lightsaber is purple. The Jedi master brought fans wisdom and thrills throughout the prequel movies and did much of it with his trademark purple weapon in hand. It wasn’t always that color, however. And to make matters more interesting, the switch can be explained in more than one way. The violet crystal that powers Windu's lightsaber comes from the planet Hurikane, where it was gifted to the Jedi as a young man after he saved the life of one of the crystalline beings who inhabit the planet. The beings were actually chasing Windu down to attack him but one of them fell and was injured, prompting the Jedi to use the Force to reassemble the creature, thus gaining their trust and friendship.010Login to reply the answersPostNapalm1 decade agoI believe, SLJ wouldn't even do it unless he could have a purple one. His lightsaber handle also had BMF on the bottom, referencing his wallet in Pulp Fiction. Mace Windu isn't dead - Samuel L Jackson explains why. Cause he's a badass motherf**ker. Unfortunately for everyone who loved the purple-lightsaber-wielding character, he died in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

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  1. Mace Windu was killed when he tried to arrest Chancellor Palpatine in Episode III. Windu was a powerful swordsman, even inventing his own lightsaber form of combat, known as Vaapad. Which is why she ended up hopelessly drunk at the Office Christmas Party (fancy dress optional) and decided..
  2. Mace Windu using a purple lightsaber supposedly signifies the space between the Light side (blue) and the Dark side (red) of the Force. But Finn is not Mace Windu's son. Just because they are two of the three black main characters in the Star Wars universe does not mean they're related
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  3. Of course, most Dark Side users wield red lightsabers and the explanation behind that is not some quirk of coincidence. Whereas the green, blue, and purple colorings of the Jedi's lightsabers are reflective of who they are and their relationship with their kyber crystals, the crystals themselves exist in an inherent relationship with the Light Side. When a Dark Side user claims one and bends it to their will, they "bleed" the crystal and cause it to turn red.
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  5. Mace Windu's lightsaber was the weapon wielded by the eponymous Jedi Master during his career. It was almost unique among the Jedi as it produced a amethyst blade when activated, rather than the more common green or blue. Windu wielded his lightsaber in many skirmishes and battles across the galaxy during notable events such as the Yinchorri Uprising and the Clone Wars. Those conflicts saw the blade used on battlefronts such as Yinchorr, Ryloth, Dantooine, Boz Pity, Coruscant, Malastare and others.
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That's why, after every eruption, people rebuild their homes on the slopes of the volcano. That is why they call the slopes of Vesuvius the compania felix — the happy land Lightsabers Lightsabers are probably the oldest of the known sword types. Yes, that's right, oldest. They were, after all, created a long time ago, in a gala... ahem. Well, you get the point (please excuse that last sentence and what was, perhaps, the worst pun ever jotted down onto this website).

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SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo - Best Raid Toons and Why. SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo - Sample Heroic Rancor Solo Teams. Mace Windu. Savage Opress Jedis are supposed to build their own lightsabers when they come of age, and use this lightsaber for the rest of their days, or until someone cut their hand off and the lightsaber was lost, which seemed inevitable for most Jedis at one time or another.

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Mace Windu is a Jedi Master. He also was a member of the Jedi Council. Windu was a powerful swordsman, even inventing his own lightsaber form of combat One of Mace's apprentices was the Jedi Depa Billaba. Mace Windu was killed when he tried to arrest Chancellor Palpatine in Episode III Sometime before 22 BBY, Mace created a second lightsaber, in recognition of his position as a senior Jedi Council member. It was built to the highest standards, emphasizing precision and quality. The weapon incorporated an electrum finish reserved only for the most senior of council members, as well as the signature amethyst crystal of his earlier weapon. His second lightsaber served him throughout the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars, until his death at the hands of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in 19 BBY - who was the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. The lightsaber plummeted out of the shattered window of the Chancellor's office after Windu's hand was severed by Anakin Skywalker, with its owner soon following. 000Login to reply the answersPostJedi Dude 28Lv 71 decade agoI don't know what movie "Lord Z" was watching but there is NOT a orange lightsabre in ep II ... they are all either blue or green. Power Action - Spot Mace Windu to move this upgrade to him. - Deal 2 unblockable damage to a character. Then, if that character has 1 remaining health, defeat it

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  1. Mace Windu's purple-bladed lightsaber, as first seen in Attack of the Clones, was requested by the actor Samuel L. Jackson for two reasons; purple is his favorite color and that the purple blade is one way to make his character stand out among other Jedi
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  3. Oh alright, I'll try. Lightsabers are the chosen weapon of the Jedi, a powerful order of knights in the six Star Wars movies created by George Lucas.

Upon his arrival, he was chased away by the natives, but was easily able to gain the upper hand with the Force. At one point, he caused one of the natives to shatter, but was able to painstakingly reconstruct the individual. As a result, the natives presented him with an amethyst-colored lightsaber crystal, which he used to finally construct the lightsaber he had seen in his visions of the future. Mace Windu famously wields a purple lightsaber throughout the Star Wars prequels - but why is he the only Jedi to wield such a weapon? In addition to his distinctive purple lightsaber, Windu's crowning moment in this battle is when he beheads bounty hunter Jango Fett in a brief showdown

But according to Mace Windu himself, Samuel L. Jackson, we shouldn't mourn the loss of the fallen Jedi, because he isn't dead! Or so says Jackson, who fielded some Star Wars questions during a recent Q&a session hosted by IMDb (h/t Entertainment Weekly) Although this article is based on official information from the Star Wars Legends continuity, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

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of the Why See More by jownathown. More like this. Mace Windu Lightsaber. 2. 3. The coolest weapon... ever . And its in purple. Enjoy. COOL! but the hilt looks like Anakin I think, but I know that Mace Windu's lightsaber lhilt was like gold trimmed, But its cool

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  1. Mace Windu's lightsaber was a Jedi weapon constructed by Jedi Master Mace Windu following his appointment as a senior member of the Jedi High Council. 12.04.2016 · Find out why Mace Windu had a purple lightsaber! If you like learning more about Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics then..
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  3. The purple lightsaber blade can, therefore, be seen as a careful temperament between the Light and Dark Side from its wielder Personality: As it says above, purple users are Jedi that are dangerously close to the dark side. So, she's somewhat rude and can be heartless, but she's also a Jedi and can..
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  5. It's not mentioned in the movies, but in the extended Star Wars Universe we learn that lightsabers are powered by crystals and most Jedi or Sith shape the crystals themselves to make their own weapon. The result is that the final weapon is really an extension of the wielder and responds to the way they use the Force. Because Mace Windu is the second most badass Jedi in the galaxy after Yoda, it makes sense that his lightsaber should lean a little dark, mixing the traditional Jedi blue with a hint of the Dark Side's red.
  6. Windu is not the only example of a purple lightsaber either, with Darth Revan from the Legends continuity famously wielding one. Whereas most lightsabers are either blue, green, or red, the purple lightsabers stand out as a noted exception to the pretty standard rules of Star Wars

The colors of the lightsaber said much about a jedi. Each color had its own symbolism. Anakin Skywalker started his career with a blue lightsaber. When he turned to the Dark Side, he switched to the red blade that only Siths use. Mace Windu is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, portrayed by actor Samuel L. Jackson in the prequel films and voiced by voice-actor Terrence C. Carson in Unearthed footage from George Lucas' prequel trilogy pinpoints the exact moment Mace Windu's iconic purple lightsaber was born. Lightsabers are an integral part of the Star Wars universe, appearing in every form of media that the franchise has to offer. When you see a lightsaber All of that changed in Attack of the Clones when Jedi Master Mace Windu ignited a magnificent purple lightsaber. Actor Samuel L. Jackson has since.. In powerful purple, this Mace Windu lightsaber is a must-have. Your Star Wars costume isn't complete without this high-quality prop which provides Try one of the following: Check out some Similar Items below. Inquire further with our Call Center at 1-800-875-8480. Mace Windu Lightsaber Tagged with , Storytime, , ; Shared by OldManWisdom. Mace Windu and the Purple Lightsaber. George Lucas originally only wanted three colors for the lightsaber. Green and Blue/cyan for the Jedi and red for the Sith

Jedi Master Mace Windu and the purple saber seem to be attached at the hip. You can't mention one and leave out the other. Why Do I need a purple lightsaber? With all kinds of sabers (red, blue, green purple.) you probably wonder why you should choose the purple one Star Wars: The Purple Lightsabers of Mace Windu & Darth Revan, Explained Star Wars canon offers a whole history behind every detail, and the purple lightsabers of Windu and Revan are no exception. Missing image Mace_Windu's_lightsaber_from_Attack_of_the_Clones.jpg. Mace Windu's lightsaber from The Phantom Menace. Sometimes certain events necessitated a change in a Jedi's preferred weapon The lightsaber consisted of a sturdy hilt with no crossguards and a short beam of laser energy that could cut through almost anything it struck. The beams were created using a focused blast of powerful energy. This energy was focused by a crystal embedded in the hilt of the weapon. The color of this crystal determined the color of the lightsaber's beam (and, occasionally, the sexual orientation of the weilder. Most notably, the pink lightsaber of Russell the Gentle, the slightly gay yet powerful Jedi of Gantoris. Russell the Gentle, in addition to his pink lightsaber, was known for designing most of the outfits for the Jedi and convincing Yoda that "a nice taupe color scheme would be delicious in the council chambers. Oh, and more plants, Yoda baby, more plants.")

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  1. Asked if Windu could now show up in a future movie, Jackson said, That would be fine by me. Now, we just have to hope Lucasfilm decide to do something with Windu down the line, as there's no However, each of the major lightsaber battles felt like truly epic affairs with high stakes and edge of..
  2. Mace Windu's Lightsaber! This saber has a lot of parts and pieces but the result is worth it. It needs 10 Grip Inserts and 3 Lower Inserts. I printed the Emitter Upper upright with supports, and all of the STLs are in the orientation I printed them, but please play around if you think there is a better way and..
  3. Lightsaber patch in purple, with grey and black detail on the handle. Hand-stitched onto vintage felt, so it's easy to put on your favourite bag, cap, or clothing. Approximately 3, although product may vary and may not appear exactly as photographed
  4. With a simple press of a button, the Mace Windu chopsticks light up with a purple blade thanks to the LED inside the chopstick grip. No Force powers required, batteries included. Features include detachable blades for easy and safe cleaning

A collection of lightsaber sounds taken from theforce.net. LSwall02 Saber sequence 2 saber sequence 3 Saber sequence Saberblk Saberftn SaberOn SlowSabr Spin 1 Spin 2 Spin 3 Spin 4 Spin 5 Spin 6 Spin clash sthswng1 sthswng2 sthswng3 sthtwrl1 sthtwrl2 sw4-lightsabre Swing01 Swing02 Why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber?Top AnswerWiki UserJanuary 26, 2012 6:55PMWell, really, it's just because Samuel L. Jackson asked for a Mace Windu was one of the galaxy's greatest Jedi. Now you can learn How to use a lightsaber like Mace Windu. In Star Wars lore, Mace Windu was considered to be a swordmaster, largely because of his mastery of Vaapad, a style of fighting he is credited with creating

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You have the right to request information regarding the data we have on file for you, to request correction and/or deletions of your personal information. Please contact us at data@valnetinc.com or at the postal address listed above, attention: Data compliance department. Mace Windu's Lightsaber. 12 player public game completed on April 11th, 2012 568 1 17 hrs. Purple lightsaber In the Box: (1) Star Wars GZ152-K Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks - Mace Windu. Specs. Specification. Color: Purple. Product Dimension The fact that they were not actually built was not due to a design flaw but rather, it was due to lack of funding. While the machines he designed were mechanical and bulky, the basic concept is similar to the modern computer. It is for this reason why he is often looked at as one of the pioneers of computers AboutContact UsTerms of UsePrivacy PolicyConsumer ChoiceIP IssuesDisclaimerCookie PolicyCommunity GuidelinesFeature RequestsCopyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Why does Mace Windu get a purple light saber and why is it the only

AnswerSave11 AnswersRelevanceMr B1 decade agoFavorite AnswerBy age fourteen, the Jedi Council was concerned with Mace, for even though he was at the top of his class, he still could not construct the lightsaber that came to him in visions multiple times. He informed the Council that he wanted a true challenge in order to find the best pieces for his lightsaber. After considering this, the Council sent Mace on his own to the world of Hurikane. While on this mission, Mace was at first chased away by the natives that resided there, but was easily able to resist them using the Force. When he caused one of the fragile natives to shatter, he sobered, and painstakingly restored it using the Force. Learning a valuable lesson about being a Jedi, the natives rewarded him with a violet-colored special crystal. He used this crystal to construct the lightsaber he had seen in his visions and it produced its distinctive violet blade Fortune Cookies. Golden Tools and Silver Tools. Why Do I Keep Tripping? Luck in AC:NL. Seashells. Dark blue. Moody color. Pastel Purple. Bright. Sweet love 031Login to reply the answersPostLeonor4 years agomace windu is awesome, anyway its cool and I agree with the best awnserSamuel L. Jackson wanted a purple lightsaber, just so that he could find himself in that clusterfuck of jedis from AOTC


The main factor dictating the color of a lightsaber is the interaction between the Force-user who constructs it and the item housed within its hilt. In order for the technological marvels of lightsabers to be possible, they require an extremely rare focusing lens, known as a kyber crystal, that can emit the energy necessary to produce the blade while directly it solely into the blade itself. Obviously a lightsaber would be a far less effective weapon if it melted in a Jedi's hand, so that's where the crystals come in handy Why did Maggie want to become an actress? This profession runs in her family. She wanted to overcome the stage fright Mace windu's lightsaber is finally here. what it looks like (purp blade, E1 handle) I believe that this will be made just as the anikan and obi-wan sabers, with the same type of blade, baterries, durablity...etc. but i make no promeses. i just saw the picture on ebay. have fun trying to find out more..

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When it comes to Windu, though, there's a far more concrete explanation. Samuel L. Jackson, who portrayed the character in the prequel films, is more than happy to provide details as to the reasons behind his Jedi's color of choice. For Jackson, the answer is as simple as the actor specifically requesting it, wanting his character to stand out in the Battle of Geonosis where he could have been lost amidst all the other lightsabers present. Mace Windu's lightsaber. WIP. Mace Windu Lightsaber. Assignment for my portfolio class at Full Sail University Mace Windu Mace Windu was one of the most famous of all Jedi. Only Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker were perhaps more well known. Windu's lightsaber was one of the few that was made with the gold-colored Electrum.The blade was also rare, in that it was purple Mace Windu lightsaber. Lukas Lundman. December 17th, 2015. STAR WARS. Mace Windu's lightsaber. Show more.. IP address and user agent string data from all visitors is stored in rotating log files on Amazon servers for up to 7 days. All of our employees, agents and partners are committed to keeping your data confidential.

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According to the eternal font of Star Wars wisdom known as Wookiepedia, Windu, along with being feared across the galaxy for his With this in mind, you'd think that the only thing capable of killing Mace Windu would be a nuclear explosion working in tandem with a honey badger coated in anthrax The exceptions are Mace Windu played by Samuel L Jackson who has a purple one because Jackson wanted to look cooler than everyone else. Anakin cuts Windu's hand off and Palpatine electrocutes him We have reviewed our partners privacy policies to ensure that they comply with similar policies in order to ensure your data security.

Star Wars Pop Quiz. why is Mace Windu lightsaber blade purple? Choose the right answer: Master Yoda gave him the blade as a token greatness. He went to Hurikane and helped a race of sentient beings. He learn a lost art of adding 2 force crystals. He killed a Dark jedi for the crystal in his.. Here you will find Mace Windu's lightsaber is __ in Star Wars CodyCross answers and other useful information Profiles: 'Duel', 'Sith Lightning', 'Squadron', 'Lightsaber - Guardian Blue', 'Lightsaber - Consular Green', 'Lightsaber - Sentinel Amber', 'Lightsaber - Sith Red', 'Lightsaber - Amethyst', 'Stormtrooper', 'Boba Fett', 'R2-D2', 'C-3PO' and 'BB8'

3. Mace Windu's Lightsaber Generally, it's the villains in Star Wars..

Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers -The ancient one. why was he (franco) looked down by others? -because he was short. what is the name franco has given to his new ship -the valkyrie. why was franco feeling lost when freya took aurora heart back to martyrs shrine? -franco had a crush on freya. hope this will help you guys..cheers He was allowed to choose his own lightsaber handle, which he still owns, although his now has a special inscription. You can tell that Samuel L. Jackson gets a kick out of his specially inscribed lightsaber. The most fascinating part of the interview though, is the way that Seth Meyers seems to..

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would mace windu have a purple lightsaber if he wasnt black. seriously Im not trying to be a racial bigot here but come on. At 4/21/03 02:55 AM, thisisasignin wrote: would mace windu have a purple lightsaber if he wasnt black. ok I was just informed that samuel l jackson specifically asked for it to be.. Devil Wings is one of the best end-game equipment in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love—giving your character an additional +5% physical and magical damage and +1 to all Stats. It is indeed very powerful, that's why it comes with a hefty price tag and a lengthy quest

Mace Windu is shown wearing a lightsaber in The Phantom Menace which is different than the one he used in AOTC or ROTS. The lightsaber is never shown activated so its color is unknown but it would be cool if such a lightsaber was realeased by Hasbro or by Ultrasabers. As for the blade color, if they.. Getty Images The most clear and definitive answer as to why the purple lightsaber exists at all comes from Sam Jackson himself. During a particularly hectic lightsaber battle scene, Jackson couldn't pick himself out of the crowd so he asked George Lucas if his lightsaber could be purple. That way, when there were so many Jedi on screen, he'd still be able to see where he was in all the action. And because Sam Jackson gets what he wants, George Lucas agreed, knowing full well the internet would go crazy trying to figure out why Mace Windu had a purple lightsaber. You can withdraw consent at any time. Withdrawing consent may impede your ability to access certain services and will not allow us to provide the personalized Website experience.

Mace Windu did. He beat him fair and square. It was only the naive intervention of Anakin Skywalker that allowed the Emperor a literal window of opportunity to send Mace out the window to his If Mace was more powerful, why did he need a lightsaber to stop Palpatine's Force Lightning 3D-Rendered Lightsabers (With Lights and Sounds!) Lightsabers can also be toggled on and off by shift-right-click while wielded. To begin your apprenticeship, you will need to construct a Lightsaber Forge, which requires you to craft either Light or Dark Forcestone blocks, by surrounding any.. In the event that we become aware of any data security breach, alteration, unauthorized access or disclosure of any personal data, we will take all reasonable precautions to protect your data and will notify you as required by all applicable laws.

I heard it was gifted to him as a young Jedi by some crystal creatures on a crystal planet In the outer rim. He fixed one of them with the force and gained their trust.to expand on this a bit Samuel L Jackson wanted purple because he wanted to be able to pick himself out of the huge saber battle scenes. What the purple lightsaber means I always loved Mace Windu's purple lightsaber, but I was never certain that it was completely unique or one of a kind. But I do think Mace was an interesting character because he really stood in for most of the Jedi Order. As audiences, we already had preconceived ideas about Obi-Wan and Yoda so..

Character wise there are two main reasons why he has a purple blade. The first is his home world of Haruun Kal. The color of the blade of a lightsabre is determined by the focusing crystal used. Mace got his from his home world and it created a purple blade. The second reason is the fact that among the Jedi Order Mace was widely considered the number two guy power & knowledge wise ... second only to Yoda so being "different" was to be expected. Bonk! Smash! Thud. Uh-oh, something broke. Please press back and try again. Sorry about that We have reviewed all of our advertising partners’ policies to ensure that they comply with all applicable data privacy laws and recommended data security practices.

The following year, a Duros sold a broken lightsaber, which he claimed once belonged to Master Windu, to Senator Sano Sauro. Though the claim was never verified, Senator Sauro displayed the lightsaber in question in his office.[1] In Extended Universe writing, there is a Jedi named Revan who lost his memory, became a Sith, regained his memory, and returned to the Jedi order. Along the way, his lightsaber made the appropriate color change from blue to red. However, once he came back to the Light Side of things, the blade shifted to a violet color on its own, representing something of the way Revan used the Force. Tags: Samuel L Jackson, Mace Windu, Light Saber. Email This Post to a Friend. Why Mace Windu Had a Purple Light Saber. Separate multiple emails with a comma After Mace Windu decapitated Jango Fett, he looks somewhat surprised. Why? Was it because it almost Master Windu's mood is explained in Matthew Stover's C-canon novel Shatterpoint, which I don't hesitate. I believe. In my dreams, the purple flare of my blade sizzles the gray hairs of Dooku's He uses Vaapad, which is basically just aggressiveness through the lightsaber, not the mind, so he..

Ahsoka Tano Lightsabers - $199.99. Mace Windu Lightsaber - $109.99. You only get to choose from blue, green, red and purple when you build it. But you can buy white and yellow (or any other color you didn't get) separately which changes the color and sound of your built saber This site contains links to other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site, and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by this Website.

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Anyway, Windu/Jackson's saber color has been the a point of interest for fans and Graham Norton alike, and so, the host got to the bottom of why Jackson had a purple lightsaber. The answer, as you might expect, is delivered in the classic Samuel L. Jackson style. The language is slightly NSFW.. We know Samuel L. Jackson's Mace Windu isn't messing around when it comes to lightsaber wielding - after all, you don't just get Bad Motherf**ker inscribed on your handle for nothing. But perhaps we didn't realize how hard Jackson worked to get so bad ...and I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." The answer for the clue: Mace Windu's lightsaber is __ in Star Wars Answers

Before that, however, Windu wielded a weapon of a different color, one that was blue. While the change from blue to purple can be sufficiently explained with the aforementioned story, another explanation can be found in the greater Star Wars universe. Or Legends, if you will. Mace Windu could sense that they were not dead yet, but seriously wounded and definitely in agony. With one final blow, Windu disarmed Palpatine and pointed his lightsaber at him in utter disgust. Why are you using the Chancellor's holoprojector? Has huge something happened? If you are based in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), a consent window will appear when accessing this website. If you have clicked “yes”, your consent will be stored on our servers for twelve (12) months and your data will be processed as disclosed in this privacy policy. After twelve months, you will be asked to provide consent again.

In 19 BBY, the lightsaber was lost when it was dropped out of the window of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office prior to his death. In 18 BBY, Duros salvagers recovered it and gave it to Senator Sano Sauro. So, as you can see, there’s more to this great Jedi’s saber preferences than one might know from simply experiencing the movies alone. Strangely enough, this is also an interesting example of the many bits of Star Wars lore that aren’t particularly well known to most casual fans. Nevertheless, that galaxy far, far away runs deep and there’s always more to discover in its depths. Mace Windu's purple lightsaber in the film was the result of Jackson's suggestion he wanted to be sure that his character would stand out in a crowded In 58 BBY, a young Mace Windu was sent to Hurikane on a mission as a Padawan. In exchange for helping the stone-encrusted native species..

As a Jedi initiate, Windu was able to see shatterpoints in the Force, allowing him to glimpse the future in brief visions. During these visions, Mace was able to see the lightsaber he would eventually build. This was a cause for concern within the Jedi Council, as Windu was unable to construct a weapon resembling the lightsaber he saw in his visions. Mace Windu got the crystal for his lightsaber from the planet Hurikane, once he was appointed a Jedi Master on the High Council. Most Jedi sabers' crystals are from the planet Ilum, where younglings are sent to find a crystal that suits them best. No one knows why they were built and how exactly they were carved and transported at least 14 miles across the island, or by whom. It is an amazing feat of craftsmanship According to legends, the mountain has magical properties and that's why the city was built there in the first place Bandai Japan presents Star Wars' Mace Windu as an articulated figure! This Jedi Master includes 3 pairs of hands, 2 different kinds of lightsabers, and an interchangeable head. Collect him and more Star Wars characters as S.H.Figuarts figures so you can pose and display him with villains and heroes..

031Login to reply the answersPostHow do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.Sign inJack W1 decade agoAt least from what I heard this is how it was. During the battle in the Geonosian arena there were tons of Jedi battling droids, and there were a lot of green and blue lightsabers. Samuel L. Jackson wanted to be noticeable out on the battlefield, and also wanted his sabre to be unique. He wanted a purple one. Though there are many different colored blades in the Extended Universe now including orange, silver, and more, the obvious meaning of purple and how the color is created by mixing red and blue says a lot about the Jedi wielding it. And as Luke Skywalker taught us in the original trilogy, a good guy could still feel anger and hate sometimes without fully giving over to the Dark Side. What better way to represent that duality than with a cool purple weapon?

..Mace Windu has a stunning and unique Purple Lightsaber, but how exactly did the Jedi master make his weapon and find a purple lightsaber crystal. We explain how Windu had various force visions due to his rare force ability shatterpoint and how that eventually led him into finding a purple.. When you visit our Website, we collect certain information related to your device, such as your IP address, what pages you visit on our Website, whether you were referred to by another website, and at what time you accessed our Website.Windu is not the only example of a purple lightsaber either, with Darth Revan from the Legends continuity famously wielding one. Whereas most lightsabers are either blue, green, or red, the purple lightsabers stand out as a noted exception to the pretty standard rules of Star Wars. While Legends continuity delved into such details, the current canon can make the history a bit harder to piece together across various disparate pieces of media. But for those who just need to understand what wielding a purple lightsaber really means, you can rest assured that there is indeed an explanation. The fact that Darth Revan would often dual wield his violet blade with a different coloring helps further demonstrate his ability to play against both sides of the Force. It's important to keep in mind, however, that many of the details of Revan's existence in the canon are still a mystery. While he was referred to in passing in The Rise of Skywalker and included in a deleted scene of The Clone Wars, there is far less material about the character in canon to inform who he is and why he wielded the weapons he chose.

Mace Windu Mace Windu was one of the most famous of all Jedi. Only Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker were perhaps more well known. Windu, born on Haruun Kal, Mace was orphaned as an infant and turned over to the Jedi for his upbringing. He was the youngest Jedi to be accepted into the Jedi Council (28-years-old), until Anakin Skywalker dethroned him (Anakin was 23 when he was accepted). Windu was a ferocious fighter, but he was just as good at diplomacy, and his words heled much weight in the Jedi Council. Before he killed people, Mace was known to give a long rambling prayer that ended like this: Because Mace Windu is the second most badass Jedi in the galaxy after Yoda, it makes sense that his lightsaber should lean a little dark, mixing The most clear and definitive answer as to why the purple lightsaber exists at all comes from Sam Jackson himself. During a particularly hectic lightsaber..

Actually, Mace Windu isn't the only Jedi. In the graphic novels that take place during the Clone Wars timeline, there is a female Jedi Master named An'ya Kuro (but calls herself The Dark Woman) who also wields a purple lightsaber. I think the reason why there are only 2 purple lightsaber wielders is.. 4 years ago. Mace Windu Lightsaber. Mace got his from his home world and it created a purple blade. The second reason is the fact that among the Jedi Order Mace was widely considered the number two guy power & knowledge wise second only to Yoda so being different was to be.. Ever since I was younger and first watched the prequels I was confused why out of all the jedi masters Mace Windu was the only one to have a non blue or green lightsaber

This Website does not target people below the age of 16. By visiting this Website. You hereby warrant that you are 16 years of age or older or are visiting the Website under parental supervision. Mace Windu's Lightsaber! This saber has a lot of parts and pieces but the result is worth it. It needs 10 Grip Inserts and 3 Lower Inserts Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. This includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/timestamp, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user’s movement in the aggregate, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.051Login to reply the answersPostAnonymous1 decade agoAccording to Samuel L. Jackson, he challenged Lucas to provide him with a purple lightsaber, so Lucas had the kids in Special Effects accomodate him. The Non-Canon Expert explains why Mace Windu can be seen wielding a blue lightsaber in materials that were released within the era of The Phantom Menace, and also why the Jedi Master had a different ligthsaber hilt in Episode 1 than the traditional purple lightsaber seen in Episode 2 and Episode 3. In.. It’s no mystery to Star Wars fans that Samuel L. Jackson asked George Lucas to change his saber color before Attack of the Clones. The legendary actor was simply concerned about his character getting lost in the vast blue and green lightsaber squabble that was the Battle of Geonosis. And honestly, can you blame him?

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