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The ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, also known as ELEAGUE Major 2018 or Boston 2018, was the twelfth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and second organized by ELEAGUE. The group stage was held in Atlanta, Georgia, United States from January 12, 2018 to January 22, 2018 and the playoffs took place at the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts, United States from January 26, 2018 to January 28, 2018. It featured twenty-four professional teams from around the world. All sixteen teams from last major, PGL 2017 Kraków Major Championship, directly qualified for the major while another eight teams qualified through their respective regional qualifiers as ELEAGUE and Valve agreed to expand the major to 24 teams.[3] ELEAGUE Major is the fifth consecutive major with a prize pool of $1,000,000. This was also the first time a CS:GO major took place in two cities.[4][5][6] ESL Pro League Season 10 Team Liquid kicked off the Americas Minor with a strong 16-5 win over Team One. In the other initial match, NRG Esports and compLexity Gaming took the game to overtime, where NRG took a 19-17 victory. Liquid continued to cruise as it took down NRG 16-5. In the losers series, Team One came close to defeating its first international opponent, but compLexity came through to win 16-10 and 16-12. In the deciders series, NRG took a close first game at 16-11, but compLexity came back to win the next two maps at 16-10 and 16-14 to move on to the playoffs. In Group B, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) nearly blew a massive 12-3 lead against Misifts, but held on at 16-13. Luminosity Gaming (LG) easily took the inexperienced Rise Nation 16-3. In the winners match, CLG barely held on 16-14 to defeat LG and to move on to the playoffs. Misfits took the first game against Rise in the loser series 16-8 and stifled a comeback attempt at 16-12 to stay alive. In the deciders series, Misfits took a close 16-12 win in game one and LG dominated the second map at 16-6. After LG started to come back in game three, Misfits pulled through for a 16-9 win to put the team through. Support #C9CSGO as they heads to Boston for the E-League Major 2018! Cloud9 vs FaZe at ELEAGUE Major 2018 Grand Finals Map 3 - Продолжительность: 1:33:59 Cloud9 VODs 1 490 436 просмотров Strike League Qualifier #2: League of Legends | NCS Academy

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The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Brandon Workman of the Boston. Brandon Workman. #44, P, Boston Red Sox. Bio In the first round, teams from pool one will be matched up against teams in pool four. Teams in pool two will play teams in pool three. One team from a pool is randomly decided to face off against a randomly decided team in another pool. Cloud9, FlipSid3 Tactics, G2 Esports, and Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) were in pool one based on Cloud9, FlipSid3, and G2's ninth-place finish and Na'Vi's eleventh-place finish at the PGL Major; Na'Vi had the higher seed over Sprout Esports and mousesports as Na'Vi was already a Legend going into the PGL Major. Sprout, mousesports, FaZe Clan, and Vega Squadron were in pool two based on the eleventh-place finish or the last place finish at the PGL Major. Renegades, AVANGAR, Space Soldiers, and Team Liquid were in pool three based on winning their respective minor qualifiers. Flash Gaming, Quantum Bellator Fire, Team EnVyUs, and Misfits Gaming were in pool four based on being the runners-up in their respective minor qualifiers. ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 , also known as ELEAGUE Major 2018 or Boston 2018 , was Finals Season 15, Cloud9 winning ESL Pro League Season 4 , and OpTic Gaming winning and ELEAGUE Season 2 . Pre-major ranking[edit]. HLTV.org rank teams based on results of teams' performances ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, also known as ELEAGUE Major 2018 or Boston 2018, was the twelfth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and second organized by ELEAGUE. The group stage was held in Atlanta, Georgia, United States from January 12, 2018 to January 22.. Old browsers can slow you down or prevent you from using all Esports Charts features. To get the best of our service please upgrade to a supported browser.

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Shop at MLB Shop Europe for the largest range of Major League Baseball merchandise outside the US including Majestics Jersey, New Era Headwear, Souvenirs, Baseball Apparel and much more. American League The game went back and forth until Cloud9 strung consecutive rounds together and went up 7-3. In round 11, the two teams traded two for two, but Stewie2K and RUSH took down felps and TACO, respectively. RUSH then denied FalleN of a kill and Cloud9 had a strong lead and never gave up a round in that half after that. Cloud9 lead 14-7 in round 22. There, Cloud9 went to the A bombsite and got all the kills it needed to plant the bomb. A shut down of felps and fer allowed Cloud9 to get to series point. The Americans stifled an SK comeback and became just the second North American team to reach the finals at a major. tarik had the most impact with 26 kills and Cloud9 looked to continue to dominate.

League of Legends. Na noite do sábado, dia 27, os brasileiros da SK Gaming foram eliminados durante as semifinais da Eleague Major Boston, após derrota para os norte-americanos da Cloud9 The Boston Major. The Boston Major. Европа The draw for the quarter-finals has thrown up a titanic battle in the form of G2 versus Cloud9, two teams who faced each other in the first round of the New Legends Stage, when Richard "shox" Papillon's men ran out 16-8 winners.The HLTV world ranking ranks the best teams in the competitive field of the game. The world ranking is based on teams' achievements over the past year (with severe decay in points throughout each month), recent form over the last 2 months, and performance at the last 10 LAN events. All of that is predicated around a 3-man core each team is required to have in order to retain their past points. Points cap at 1000 points. The rankings started with the ELEAGUE Major 2017, in which Astralis defeated Virtus.pro for its first major title, and DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, in which Virtus.pro defeated SK Gaming. The rankings concluded with the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals, in which SK Gaming defeated FaZe Clan, and the ECS Season 4 Finals, in which FaZe Clan defeated mousesports. The final map went to Mirage, a map in which both teams are historically great on and arguably Fnatic's best map. Based on the first two maps, the game went back and forth in the start as expected. In the 13th round, the score was 6-6. There, fer went aggressive to get KRiMZ and coldzera caught out JW. However, Golden and Lekr0 traded some seconds later and then had the man advantage with a kill onto TACO. Golden tried to plant the bomb, but felps killing flusha forced Golden off the plant. Lekr0 traded and Golden tried to plant again. This time, a low FalleN tried to take down Golden, but Lekr0 used his body to partially block the shot, allowing Golden to plant the bomb. Golden took advantage of the low health of FalleN and killed him to secure the round. The teams traded the last two rounds and Fnatic took an 8-7 lead into the halftime break. Fnatic had an 11-9 lead going into the 21st round. There, coldzera caught out a flank from KRiMZ, but three consecutive kills from Fnatic before the bomb was planted from SK allowed an easy retake as the Swedes swept up the felps and fer. However, the Brazilians tied the game again at 12. The turning point came the round after in which SK pulled off a risky and massive play. FalleN threw a standard top mid smoke, which blocks off the sight of the counter-terrorist looking threw the window area, which is at the end of the middle area and has a sightline to the top middle area. At the same time, coldzera threw a smoke intended to block off the window area, but the smoke missed. Meanwhile, the other three SK players were nearby the B bombsite and once the smoke grenades bloomed, FalleN and coldzera joined their teammates and then executed a quick B bombsite rush that overwhelmed Lekr0 and flusha and the living Fnatic players had to save their guns for the next round. After the match, analyst Sean "seang@res" Gares theorized that coldzera missed the window smoke on purpose to keep the player in the window area, JW, so that JW could not support his teammate on the B bombsite.[92] Losing sight of the middle area would mean JW would back off the support his teammate somewhere else since he could not see; however, JW could still see the middle area, so he stayed there in an attempt to pick off a player. In addition, JW had communicated to flusha that the window smoke was missed, so flusha went near the middle area as well to also potentially kill a player, leaving Lekr0 all alone in the B bombsite. This fake was later confirmed by FalleN and SK Gaming analyst Swani.[93][94] As SK gained traction, Fnatic lost steam and SK got map point first. In round 28, fer took down flusha and felps followed up onto KRiMZ. JW traded felps, but Golden fell and then JW and Lekr0 followed suit. fer, FalleN, and coldzera had big games despite Lekr0's 23. SK Gaming moved on to face Cloud9 in the semifinals as the Brazilians took down a vintage performance of Fnatic in a series worthy of a grand finals.

Eleague Boston Major. posted in CSGO General Discussion. second time a former major champion has been stomped by an unknown russian team in a major/major qualifier. posted about 2 years ago Play. Drink. Score. : Major League Bocce Boston. Major League Bocce will be practicing social distancing for the next few weeks. All winter programming is currently suspended until further notice and spring leagues are likely to be delayed A partially new format was announced by ELEAGUE & Valve on December 13th, 2017, which brought in the Offline Qualifier as now part of the Major Championship and rebranded all the stages of the tournament. The offline qualifier was named The New Challengers Stage, the group stage was re-named to The New Legends Stage and the playoffs to The New Champions Stage. This increased the number of teams at the Major Championships from 16 to 24, with all 24 teams receiving stickers. [1] Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninić had his first positive rating in the tournament, but paz did better as a 1-14 deficit for BIG proved to be too much. mousesports took a massive 13-2 lead, but Boombl4 and Kvik lead QBF to a massive comeback and only allowed mousesports to take one round in the second half as QBF continued it surprise run into the playoffs. The Astralis vs. Cloud9 match proved to mark a spot in history, as Xyp9x, dupreeh, and dev1ce lost their status of being three of just five players to make the playoffs at every major, leaving just olofmeister and KRiMZ as the two remaining players to hold the streak. In the next elimination match, Team Liquid nearly surmounted a comeback against Vega Squadron, but the Russians held their ground and were able to eliminated the Americans. Gambit, despite being the defending champion, had struggles against SK Gaming as the team only won one map against the Brazilians and made a questionable map choice by striking to Overpass, the map in which SK was the best in the world at. SK made Gambit regret its decision as Bektiyar "fitch" Bahytov continued to struggle at the major and SK's domineering first half and SK became the first returning Legend to recertify its status. Edward appeared to return to his 2015 self as he and Na'Vi put Fnatic in a struggle. Fnatic needed players like Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson to show up big, but Na'Vi headed to Boston early and reclaimed a Legends spot after a downer at the PGL Major. The Europe Minor took place on November 2, 2017 and ended on November 5, 2017. No team was invited to the minor, but eight teams – GODSENT, HellRaisers, Heroic, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OpTic Gaming, Space Soldiers, Team EnVyUs, and Team LDLC.com – were invited to the closed qualifier. Another eight teams qualified through an open qualifier, which was a 512 team bracket. There, the sixteen teams played in a Swiss group stage, with all matches played online. The final eight teams went on to go to Bucharest to determine which two teams would move on to the New Challenger stage.

mousesports easily defeated Renegades with a strong performance from suNny as Justin "jks" Savage, one of the big players for Renegades, was held to just 7 kills. The rematch of the CIS Minor finals. This time, QBF dominated the field as AVANGAR could not get anything going in the second half. Na'Vi rolled over Liquid as nitr0, TwistZz, and ELiGE could not show up as s1mple went off on his former team and Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev had a much better game compared to his other matches. Organized by gnx Start: 2020-05-29T16:37:00Z End: 2020-05-31T16:37:00Z. Cyber Defense Clinic EDU. Other Boston University is a leading private research institution with two primary campuses in the heart of Boston and programs around the world. For the rest of spring semester and all summer sessions, Boston University has directed undergraduate students to return home, canceled in-person classes..

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ELEAGUE Major: Boston był największym turniejem 2018 roku organizowanym w Bostonie. Tarik tarik Celik. Americas Minor Championship 2018 - Boston. Asia Minor Championship 2018 - Boston. CIS Minor Championship 2018 - Boston. Europe Minor Championship 2018 - Boston Steam Topluluğu: Steam Artwork. Originally taken by HLTV.org ELEAGUE Boston Major. January 26 - 28, 2018. Agganis Arena, Boston, Massachusetts. Due to a somewhat rocky start to their Major journey, many questioned if Natus Vincere would have the strength and will to make a deep run in this tournament The group stage, now known as the "New Legends stage" will feature the sixteen teams that are normally a part of the main stage. These teams include the top eight teams from the PGL Major and the top eight teams from the New Challengers stage. Like the Challengers stage, the Legends stage is a sixteen team, Swiss-system format. The top eight teams from this phase move on to the top eight.

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The ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 is featured on our csgo betting site where you can also follow esports teams that are competing Best Plays | Eleague Major Qualifiers: The Eleague Major Boston 2018 will start the new year with a big bang league-of-legends, LJL Spring Playoffs. 08:00, 04 May Tagged with csgo, major, hltv, mibr; Shared by mrk15. FACEIT Major - HLTV confirmed MIBR winners The boston major - direct invites. Wings Gaming. The boston major - regional qualifiers. Americas. Complexity

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The Commonwealth of Independent States Minor took place on the same dates as the Asia Minor in Bucharest, Romania and used the same format as the Asia Minor. It had a 283 team open qualifier, in which six teams make it to the minor. Two teams were invited, Team Spirit and Tengri. Originally, Klan FONTAN and Fantazeri qualified for the minor as both teams placed fifth in the open qualifier, but visa issues for a player for each team did not allow the team to travel to Romania. Nemiga Gaming replaced Klan FONTAN. The other team that placed seventh in the open qualifier, WEPLAY, could not obtain visas in such a short amount of time, so the last spot was settled in a last chance qualifier, which was won by forZe. The defending champion was Gambit Esports, which became the first Asian team and CIS team to win a major and just the second non-European team to win a major. The Swedish team Fnatic won three majors to be the most decorated CS:GO team in history, and SK Gaming from Brazil coming in second with two majors.

KRiMZ wanted to join his former teammate olofmeister as he and Lekr0 turned things around from their last match and dominated the defending champions. Gambit was just the second team in major history to exit the group stage in the major after winning the previous major, as Team EnVyUs (its core now with G2 Esports) went out in last place at MLG Columbus 2016 after winning DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 and now the Fnatic organization joined KRiMZ as being the only organization to be in the playoffs at every major. AdreN had little impact as he could not hit his shots accurately in the loss. Vega Squadron floundered to Cloud9 as Stewie2K shined and Vega's run at the major came to an end. Skadoodle ended his curse of not making the playoffs and Cloud9 had a North American team returned to Legend Status after more than a year. This major appeared to be end many losing streaks for players, as chrisJ of mousesports ended a seven major streak without being in the playoffs; Skadoodle had an eight major streak, shox was at six, and NiKo was at five. Space Soldiers's impressive run came to an end as it just came short against mousesports. oskar came up big for mousesports and MAJ3R had many impact kills as Calyx and XANTARES had a quiet game, but in the end, mousesports took the final ticket to Boston to end chrisJ's curse in a thriller. In the second round, the winners in the first round will face each other in the "high" matches, in which teams with a 1-0 record will play against each other; the losers will face each other in the "low" matches, in which teams with a 0-1 record will play each other.

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In the game, there are two bombsites where Terrorists can plant the bomb. Counter-Terrorist must defend the bombsites from the Terrorists. Each half starts with a pistol round, in which players can only buy utility, grenades, or pistols. Most teams tend to have three or four players buy Kevlar armor and one or two players who buy grenades and/or a defuse kit; on the Terrorist side, a player sometimes buys an upgraded pistol and gives that pistol to a teammate who as Kevlar in order to give the Terrorists a better chance to win the round, as the default Terrorists pistol, the Glock is inferior the default Counter-Terrorist pistol, the USP-S. Most teams tend to go for a force buy in the second round if they lose the pistol round; a force buy is in which a team uses up its money despite having lesser weaponry than the other team in an attempt to win the round. Other teams go for a save or economy round, in which the teams intentionally do not buy many weapons or utility to have more money to buy more ideal weapons in the following round. Teams then go into a gun round, in which both teams have decent guns, but not necessarily the ideal round, as one team may have a player who has a less than ideal gun or the team does not have many grenades. Each half consists of fifteen rounds and a regular game has a maximum of thirty rounds. The first team to reach sixteen rounds wins the game. If teams are tied at fifteen, the games goes to overtime, in which each overtime is a best of six rounds, making each half three rounds. If teams are still tied at the end of overtime, the game will go on to another overtime until a winner is decided. The Legends stage, formerly known as the Group stage, used the same format as the Challengers stage. This took place from January 19 to January 22. Major: Boston 2018 is the 12th Valve sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and the first of two in 2018. The tournament featured a $1,000,000 USD prize pool as well as Valve's newly rebranded format and increase to 24 teams ELEAGUE MAJOR. С 19-го января - по 28-е января 2018. Победитель PGL Major Krakow 2017

MOBA/RTS Games. League of Legends. League of Legends. Rainbow Six. Overwatch Mirage was supposed to be a must win for Cloud9 as Overpass was FaZe's strongest map. With the exception of SK Gaming, FaZe was 19-2 (two losses both against Astralis) with its current lineup and karrigan's teams were 42-13 on the map since FACEIT 2015 Stage 3 Finals at DreamHack Winter 2015 (FaZe was 0-10 against SK Gaming).[96] Despite this, Cloud9 replicated its good start on Mirage. In round 8, Cloud9 was up 7-0, but FaZe looked to get its first round. NiKo had an early kill onto tarik but RUSH traded about ten seconds later. GuardiaN took down Stewie2K in the middle area and olofmeister caught Skadoodle trying to get aggressive, giving FaZe a 2 vs. 4 advantage. autimatic missed a shot onto olofmeister as FaZe was planting the bomb; olofmeister tried to chase autimatic down, but autimatic did not miss that time. autimatic then took down karrigan after the FaZe captain shortly planted the bomb before. RUSH then got the backstab onto rain and autimatic threw a highly explosive grenade to take down an already-damaged GuardiaN and defused the bomb to deny the round. FaZe was able to win the following round. GuardiaN shined but everyone else on FaZe was playing poorly and Cloud9 took a massive 12-3 lead. In the second half pistol round, the virtually must-win round was led by rain with three quick kills. RUSH and Skadoodle were able to bring it back to a 2 vs. 3, but fell short. However, a surprise buy from the Americans seemed to catch FaZe off guard and Cloud9 took the round. Cloud9 continued to dominate before a comeback attempt from FaZe and became just the second non-SK team to defeat FaZe on Overpass. Skadoodle showed up early for his team, but tarik lead the way late as Cloud9 forced a game three. rain had 22 kills and GuardiaN had 20, but with four Cloud9 players having at least 20 frags, FaZe could not keep up. On December 13, 2017, the general manager of ELEAGUE Christina Alejandre announced a partially new format designed by Valve and ELEAGUE. The offline qualifier would now be part of the main stage and would be rebranded as the "New Challengers stage." In addition, the teams in this qualifier would also receive in-game stickers. Stickers are items in the game that have the logo of the team and the autographs of the players that those playing the game can put on their weapons.[8] In the grand scheme of things, the format was virtually the same. ELEAGUE has revealed the match-ups for the quarter-final stage of the ELEAGUE Major Boston QBF continued its Cinderella run after defeating the defending champions of Gambit. Dosia and AdreN had big games for Gambit, but players such as Abay "HObbit" Khasenov had little impact. balbina and waterfaLLZ had 29 kills each in the victory. An expected competitive match delivered in the battle between the Turks of Space Soldiers and Cloud9's Turkish in-game leader. A Cloud9 comeback was cut short as MAJ3R and paz stepped up when XANTARES and Calyx couldn't. tarik, autimatic, and RUSH topped the Cloud9 side, but Stewie2K failed to do much. After suffering an upset in the Challenger stage, FaZe Clan was able to flip the roles and blew Vega Squadron out of the water. olofmeister and GuardiaN showed their 2015 form in the win while jR and keshander only had single digit kills. G2 had little issue with Liquid as G2's teamwork beat out individual plays from Liquid members. The double AWP setup between NBK- and kennyS proved effective while Liquid only started to show up late into the game. mousesports historically has a very poor record against SK Gaming, but recent form from mousesports and SK playing with a stand-in was a good chance for the Europeans. coldzera turned things around and had a massive game to help SK leap over chrisJ's team. Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Epitacio "TACO" de Melo helped out with 22 and 21 kills, respectively, as SK became the last Legend standing to go 2-0. Virtus.pro could not get anything going against Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson's and Robin "flusha" Rönnquist's firepower. VP struggled as Filip "NEO" Kubski could not obtain many kills and the only player who was consistent during VP's struggles, Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski, was battered. Fatih "gob b" Dayik's team never got going on the map that brought it to Legends status, as players such as Kevin "keev" Bartholomäus and Johannes "nex" Maget whereas electronic and flamie shut down the Germans after winning the last 16 rounds of the game. In the so-called "Danish Derby," Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen was able to tactically outplay Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander and Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen and major MVP Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye could not hit their shots. However, gla1ve did the same to MSL in the second half and everyone on Astralis started hitting his shots as Astralis completed a massive comeback.

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Skadoodle was named the U.S. Air Force MVP of the tournament by ELEAGUE,[97] while HLTV.org gave the MVP to tarik.[98] Top Major Achievements: ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 - 1st Place ($500,000 Prize). ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals - 1st Place ($200,000 Known as one of the best and successful players of all time, continually being ranked as a top 5 player and MVP by HLTV, he continues to be in his prime.. Vega Squadron appeared to have stifled in performance at the major as it lost by 13 rounds for a second time as oskar and chrisJ of mousesports gave the Russians no mercy. flamie showed the starpower he had as he took in 24 kills against s1mple's former team, as Liquid could not stop Na'Vi's offense in the second half. G2 became the first team into the Champions stage after stomping QBF, as bodyy went off to help shox made the playoffs for the first time since ESL One Katowice 2015. KRiMZ kept his strong form with 27 kills and Maikil "Golden" Selim also contributed to the team with 17 kills as Fnatic won this battle in the age-old rivalry; despite Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth's best efforts, Astralis fell well-short. Two Legends fought off to stave off elimination as tabseN came alive for BIG and huge clutches from nex; missed shots from René "cajunb" Borg in a round late in the game onto nex proved to be costly as North was eliminated after a year of being Legends. karrigan vs. FalleN appeared at another tournament, this time in the group stage. karrigan was able to take down SK with the help of GuardiaN to go into the playoffs and NiKo made the playoffs for the first time at a major in his career. VP was known as the North American killers as the Poles seemingly never lose to those teams; however, the VP free fall continued as Cloud9 had zero problem with the former Legends. Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski tried his best, but Paweł "byali" Bieliński could not get going despite the efforts of Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas trying to keep his team going. The so-called "Golden Five" missed the playoffs for the first time since DreamHack Winter 2013, the very first CS:GO major. Gambit survived a scare and a comeback attempt from Space Soldiers as Dosia went big and Rustem "mou" Telepov killed MAJ3R to move Gambit up to 2-1. In the third round, the winners of the high matches (teams with 2-0 records) from round two will face each other. The winners of these two matches will qualify for the major. The losers of the high round and the winners of the low round (teams with 1-1 records) will face each other in the "mid" matches. The losers from the previous low matches (teams with 0-2 records) will face each other in round three's low matches. The losers of these low matches are eliminated. Twelve teams remain in the Challengers stage. ©2020 Boston Globe Media Partners, LLC. The country's professional soccer leagues will kick off Friday, also without spectators in the stadiums. As one of the world's first major professional sports competitions to return to action amid the pandemic, the Korea Baseball Organization has employed..

The Boston Major qualifiers were recently announced, and it's time to start speculating on invites. The post-TI6 roster shuffle was pretty bloody, and team compositions So who is getting the Boston Major Invites? I'd say chances are Wings, EG, and DC are definite. Top 3 at TI6 means a lot, and while EG.. FaZe and mousesports previously squared off at the ECS Season 4 grand finals. The rematch in the Boston 2018 quarterfinals took place on January 26. NiKo met up with his former teammate chrisJ, and both had their long streaks of missing out on a major top eight broken at this tournament. At ECS, FaZe needed to go into overtime games to close out the last tournament of 2017. Despite being the underdogs, mousesports had a 7-7 record against the European superteam. FaZe had to scrape by SK Gaming to take a top spot in the quarterfinals, while mousesports survived a scare against Space Soldiers after chocking away an eleven-round lead to Quantum Bellator Fire. These two teams met at a major once before. In 2017 at the PGL Major, mousesports upset FaZe in overtime. In the playoffs, now known as the "Champions stage," eight teams will play in a single elimination, best of three bracket. Teams will play until a winner is decided in the finals.[3] Neste Domingo (28), aconteceu a grande final da Eleague Major: Boston 2018 de Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. E após uma vitória no sábado (27) sobre SK Gaming, a Cloud9 se consagrou campeã em cima da FaZe Clan, se tornando a primeira equipe..

The Asia Minor took place shortly after the major announcement. Eight teams were invited to the qualifier in Seoul, South Korea and no online, open, or closed qualifier took place. This caused some controversy as minors were intended for all teams to be able to qualify and had no chance to prove themselves; top Asian teams such as Recca eSports, Grayhound Gaming, and Risky Gaming had more success than the likes of The MongolZ and other teams in the minor but were not invited. The Asia Minor took place on October 26, 2017 to October 29, 2017. The dates also caused some controversy as TyLoo and AVANGAR and Team Spirit from the CIS qualifier of EPICENTER 2017, a premier tournament, were forced to drop out of the tournament due to the dates of the minor and EPICENTER running into each other. TyLoo opted in anyways and lost to FaZe Clan in the Wild Card phase, so the Chinese team did not have much conflict. Similar events happened in the past, including Renegades forced to drop out of the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals to play in the ELEAGUE Major 2017 Asia Minor. In addition, many players could not obtain visas in time between the time Valve announced the major and the qualifier dates, causing some teams to drop out of the qualifiers. ViCi Gaming was invited to the minor, but visa issues forced the team to pull out. B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape from Singapore was named the replacement.[11] Ongoing Tournaments. Overwatch League 2020. ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 was remembered as one of the best esports tournament of all time. After a short time Valve announced ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 which will be hold in Boston, USA

Major League Lacrosse postponed its scheduled May 30th opening because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the league pushed ahead with its 2020 collegiate draft Monday night via conference call, with the Boston Cannons adding five newcomers of promise through eight rounds EnVyUs started the third day of the minor well with a 16-10 victory over Space Soldiers. However, the Turks readjusted and went on to win the next to maps by scores of 16-9 and 16-6. OpTic easily took out AGO with two 16-2 victories. In the winners series, OpTic had no trouble on Overpass 16-7 and Space Soldiers had an easy time on Cache 16-3. On the third map on Mirage, Space Soldiers blew an 11-4 lead and the game went into double overtime. There, Space Soldiers were able to win 22-20 and was surprisingly the first team to move on to the major qualifier in Europe. In losers semifinals, AGO took the first game 16-8, but EnVyUs bounced back to win the second map 16-10. In the third map, EnVyUs came back from a huge 11-4 disadvantage to come out on top 16-13 to move on. In losers finals, EnVyUs defeated OpTic in two close maps, 16-10 and 16-14, as the French eliminated the favorite to win the minor and guarantee themselves a spot at the offline qualifier. In the grand finals, Space Soldiers had an easy time against EnVyUs – 16-5 and 16-10 – to take the top spot.[15]

The major was streamed in various languages across Twitch. ELEAGUE also streamed the major on its website and YouTube. The Americas Minor will take place on the same dates as the Europe Minor and took place in Toronto, Canada. Two teams were automatically invited to the minor: Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming. One team from the South American open also qualified for the tournament. The remaining five spots went to the top five teams in the North American open qualifier. There, eight teams were invited – compLexity Gaming, Ghost Gaming, Immortals, Luminosity Gaming, Misfits, NRG Esports, Rogue, and Splyce – and another eight teams qualified through an open qualifier. FRENCH CANADIANS initially qualified for the minor, but one of its players had visa issues, so the spot went to one of the teams that placed 6th at the qualifier. In the end, Misfits defeated Immortals and SoaR Gaming to claim the last spot. ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 was remembered as one of the best esports tournament of all time. After a short time Valve announced ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 which will be hold in Boston, USA. This event has a huge prize pool of $1.000.000 and 24 participating teams. The ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, also known as ELEAGUE Major 2018 or Boston 2018, was the twelfth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and second organized by ELEAGUE

FaZe bounced back from yesterday to easily defeat QBF as NiKo and Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács went huge for FaZe; players such as Nikita "waterfaLLZ" Matveyev of QBF did not pick themselves up as they got crushed. The first elimination match of the major proved to be a close one, as EnVyUs nearly blew a 12-3 lead as QiFang "Karsa" Su's team nearly brought it back. Players such as KunHua "LOVEYY" Bai and Andrew "kaze" Khong had better performances than they did against QBF, but EnVyUs was able to pull it together and eliminate Flash thanks to Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer's 26 kills. In a game that was close from start to finish, Space Soldiers was able to stop the AWP firepower of ShahZaM as the Turks were one step close to making the New Legends stage, thanks to XANTARES and Buğra "Calyx" Arkın going big. Sprout could not find the same form it did during the first day as Na'Vi demolished the German team. Timo "Spiidi" Richter was the only player for Sprout to get his kill stat to double digits while flamie and Denis "electronic" Sharipov let s1mple rest for a bit. Vega Squadron struggled against G2's defense, but G2 struggled just as much; however, G2 was able to take it into overtime and take the game and avoid the upset to the relief of Dan "apEX" Madesclaire and his teammates; this game was the most viewed game of New Challengers Stage, with peak viewers reaching 526,833 viewers.[89] Team Liquid had a 15-6 lead, but ever since the semifinals match against Luminosity Gaming at MLG Columbus 2016, Liquid were known to choke massive leads; however, nitr0's 36 kills, Liquid was able to just barely take the game. AVANGAR had a strong game against FlipSid3 as buster and KrizzeN lead the way; B1ad3 only had 3 kills in the loss; B1ad3 had the worst rating in major history for teams that played at least three maps in a major. All of Cloud9 performed well. Although Miikka "suNny" Kemppi and ropz performed well, Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný was absent from the map while autimatic pulled away from the pack by fishing out mousesports. and Cloud9 joined G2 to be the second team to move on. The broadcast talent of the Boston major was announced on the same day as the preliminary group stage.[17] Between the end of the PGL Major 2017 and the beginning of the Boston Major 2018, changes took place.

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hltv.org FaZe went with a risky choice of Mirage instead of Overpass, as FaZe dominated other teams other than SK Gaming. However, FaZe kept it close with Na'Vi on the map. With the score tied 5-5, s1mple tagged up karrigan with the AWP and Edward's incendiary grenade finished him off, but FaZe switched spots and headed to the A bombsite. Na'Vi rotated off after thinking it was going to be a B bombsite execute, allowing rain to plant the bomb. olofmeister died to electronic near the Counter-Terrorist spawn, but rain caught flamie on the flank. GuardiaN took down Zeus and Edward, but electronic and s1mple killed rain and GuardiaN, respectively. s1mple tried to defuse the bomb, but NiKo was in the same spot as GuardiaN and took down the Ukrainian start, leaving no time for electronic to defuse the bomb. FaZe had the lead at the end of the half 10-5 and was well on its way to the finals as Na'Vi only got two rounds on its offense. rain and olofmeister outplayed s1mple on the map as flamie and electronic struggled massively. Das Eleague Major Boston 2018 war das zwölfte Major-Turnier in der E-Sports-Disziplin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive und fand vom 12. bis zum 28. Januar 2018 in Atlanta und Boston statt.[1] Es war nach der MLG Columbus 2016 und der ELEAGUE Atlanta 2017 das dritte Major-Turnier in den.. The "New Challengers stage," formerly known as the offline qualifier, features sixteen teams: the bottom eight teams from the last major, PGL 2017 Kraków Major Championship, and the eight teams from the minors. These teams play in a sixteen team, Swiss-system format. The top eight teams from this stage move on to the next phase of the major.

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  1. Source: www.hltv.org. Top 10 CS:GO Teams by HLTV Ranking (2015-2019). [fl0m] No team should have to pick between a major spot and a league that can change their lives. Im going to use this moment to say this
  2. or. Liquid had an easy time against compLexity – 16-9 and 16-8 – to eli
  3. FaZe started strong with an 8-1 lead and Na'Vi needed a 1 vs. 2 s1mple clutch just to get a second round. In the next round, Zeus died to GuardiaN with less than 40 seconds to go, but s1mple found olofmeister. flamie killed rain before being traded by GuardiaN, but s1mple took down the FaZe AWPer and in-game leader, forcing NiKo to back off to save as the bomb was ticking away. Despite FaZe's start, the Na'Vi that showed up against QBF showed up in the later stages of the half as Na'Vi brought it back to 8-7. In the 22nd round, with FaZe up 13-8, Na'Vi had weak pistols and a saved rifle tat Edward saved. rain took full control of the A bombsite, but he was downed by Zeus. GuardiaN traded, but flamie used his pistol to kill him. NiKo and olofmeister followed up, but the duo of electronic and s1mple somehow killed the remaining FaZe members and electronic defused the bomb NiKo planted. However, FaZe found the next round to reset Na'Vi's economy. Na'Vi tried a force buy but failed and FaZe finished up. NiKo and karrigan lead the way for FaZe while flamie topped the Na'Vi side. FaZe struggled, but managed to pull away with the win.
  4. ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. Niko's heroics not enough as navi take down faze in pro league stage 2. CS:go 4/9/20, 12:23 pm hltv
  5. g and Fnatic were the only returning Legends, as it was the fewest returning Legends in major history; the two teams ended up being the only remaining teams to make the playoffs out off all the majors both teams attended, with Fnatic's run starting at 2013 DreamHack Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship and SK Ga
  6. ary stage and formerly known as the offline qualifier, will be a sixteen team swiss tournament: after the randomly-drawn Day 1 games, teams will play other teams with the same win-loss record. Every round will consist of one game. In addition, teams will not play the same team twice unless necessary and teams will be randomly chosen. Any team with three wins would qualify for the major, and any team with three losses would be eli
  7. To date, TKO Major League MMA has held 61 events and presided over approximately 620 matches

Фестиваль ВКонтакте. 232. The Boston Major. Видеозаписи 401. Когда выйдет Outlanders Update Renegades and AVANGAR faced off in the first match after round 5. Karlo "USTILO" Pivac had a back and forth major performance, but as he stepped up, Jame bettered the Renegades with a 30 bomb as AVANGAR pulled off yet another upset despite a last minute heroic play from NAF. AVANGAR went back to Mirage. Jame went stale against the Americans, but buster and qikert were able to step up to shoot down Liquid. However, Liquid made it close late into the game as the Americans were able to punish the aggression of the Kazakhs on their Terrorist side and Liquid defeated the underdogs in overtime. Na'Vi continued its stride on Inferno. With Na'Vi up 10-3, QBF needed the next two rounds to have a decent chance to win the game. waterfaLLZ caught out s1mple early in the round and jmqa followed onto electronic. waterfaLLZ took down Edward as Na'Vi were going to the A bombsite. Boombl4 was able to kill Zeus to leave flamie alone against five. flamie tried to take away as many guns as possible, but jmqa didn't allow that and QBF acquired a fourth round. However, Na'Vi took the last round of the half despite QBF garnering a decent amount of information, leaving QBF to have a mountain to climb. In the first gun round of the second half, Edward started with a kill onto Boombl4 with the help of a plethora of grenades. However, flamie died to the bullet of waterfaLLZ to even the playing field. jmqa tried to pull a fake, but Edward killing jmqa allowed Na'Vi to know that QBF was actually going to the A bombsite. electronic killed Kvik before being traded by waterfaLLZ. Zeus took down balbina and waterfaLLZ took down Zeus, but the QBF in-game leader was unable to pull off a 1 vs. 2 as Edward charged in to secure the round. Edward had a vintage performance with 23 kills and flamie had 22 kills. QBF's star Boombl4 had only 10 kills. Natus Vincere went on to face FaZe Clan and QBF's Cinderella story came to a quarterfinals end.

Each minor also had a US$50,000 prize pool with first place receiving US$30,000, second place taking in US$15,000, and third place raking in the last US$5,000. One world for leagues and tournaments. One path from rookie amateur to global icon. A place where everybody can be somebody ELEAGUE Boston Major is finally here, and the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is excited as ever. HLTV posts, Reddit threads and Hashtags While the major ends on Jan 28, it is still unclear on which 8 teams will go forward in the playoffs and which teams will have to bid goodbye to this.. The New Challengers Stage (formerly the Offline Qualifier), lasting from January 12th to 15th, was held at the ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, but was closed to spectators. The New Legends Stage, taking place from January 19th to 22nd, was also be held at the ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The New Champions Stage was held later at the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts, starting on January 26th, and concluding with the Grand finals on January 28th, 2018.[2][3] Another big complication in the Major were the aforementioned the rules on roster locks. Valve said that the tournament organizers, not Valve, were responsible for the rules on roster locks, and ELEAGUE rules stated that players that competed in any Minor or the Americas Minor closed qualifier cannot compete on a team that would participate in the Major. The roster locks themselves were not the issue; the main issue was why the roster locks were placed months in advance of the major. SK Gaming had placed João "felps" Vasconcellos on the inactive roster by his own request and brought in Ricardo "boltz" Prass in October; Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz of Astralis had medical issues in late November; and Team Liquid brought in Lucas "steel" Lopes in place of Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz in mid November, but these teams had to be forced to play with stand-ins. Most of the community and players were dissatisfied with the situation. This raised the question as to why Joakim "disco doplan" Gidetun was allowed to play with Epsilon eSports during the European qualifier and then played with Fnatic at the last ELEAGUE Major, but that situation doesn't apply with a few teams at the Boston 2018 Major. Shortly after losing to SK Gaming at ESL Pro League Season 6, FaZe Clan's Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács said that the Major would be devalued if teams such as SK Gaming would have to play with a stand-in rather than their complete rosters.[46] SK Gaming's Epitácio "TACO" de Melo said the rule was "ridiculous" and went on to say that "I don't think majors are a big deal in CS:GO anymore."[47] Journalist Jarek "DeKay" Lewis said that he tried to reach out to ELEAGUE in an effort for an explanation "to try and find out when and why the roster lock rule changed" but the organization never responded. A couple of weeks later, SK Gaming's captain Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo also wanted an explanation as to why ELEAGUE won't say anything about the roster locks, but ELEAGUE continued to stay quiet. Journalist Richard Lewis, who worked as the host for ELEAGUE at the time, said in one of his podcasts with Duncan "Thorin" Shields that roster locks are necessary in order for teams to not make changes before the Major to benefit them for the tournament.[48][49] According to SK Gaming's analyst Jan "Swani" Müller, FalleN, and TACO, SK Gaming said that the Major has had a massive drop in prestige, as the team had not been practicing with felps, the player the team would be using for the Major, and had rather been practicing with boltz, felps's permanent replacement after the Major.[50][51] After defeating SK Gaming in the semifinals, Cloud9 lurker Timothy "autimatic" Ta also claimed that the system wasn't fair.[52]

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AVANGAR pulled off an upset win over Misfits as seang@res's team went out in a disappointing 19th place after being up 10-5 in the first half. Although buster had a lackluster game, the other four players, including Dmitry "dimasick" Matvienko and Ali "Jame" Djami, stepped up in the second half; Hunter "SicK" Mims fell behind as he ended the game with just 12 kills. Vega Squadron was part of another close match and came out on top over a handicapped Liquid. nitr0 did all that he could, but Twistzz did not as the Canadian did not perform; chopper went massive with 35 kills and Nikolay "mir" Bityukov helped out while Sergey "keshander" Nikishin did not in the win. FaZe dominated Na'Vi thanks to rain being aggressive with 27 kills, compared to flamie's 5 kills. paz versus suNny was a close one as both had 33 kills, but Space Soldiers was able to edge out mousesports. Engin "ngiN" Kor, Engin "MAJ3R" Küpeli, and Martin "STYKO" Styk all performed fairly poorly for their respective teams, but it was the Turks pulling off the upset in the end. Sprout took a strong five round lead into the second half, but Renegades' defense was too formidable as Sprout got zero rounds on its Terrorist side. Everyone on the Renegades side contributed with NAF leading the way; denis had 20 kills, but Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend's squad was eliminated. EnvyUs's star player Rpk played in the third day of the major, but he was fighting a suspected bout of pneumonia and had to sit out of the rest of the tournament. EnVyUs's coach Damien "maLeK" Marcel had to stand in despite never having played an international Global Offensive match in his career.[90] The French proved it didn't need Rpk as ScreaM went huge, nearly tying the record of most kills in one half; however, in the second half, as ScreaM cooled off, the other EnVyUs players stayed cool and could not stop QBF's Terrorist side. Alexandre "xms" Forté struggled throughout the tournament as EnVyUs was sent home in the upset loss. HLTV.org. 17 January 2018 ·. ELEAGUE Major Boston begins in a little over two days, on January 19, and with it come countless storylines connected to the 16 Here are seven of the biggest storylines and questions that will be answered by the time the first Major of 2018 finishes, at the end of the month ELEAGUE Major Boston begins in a little over two days, on January 19, and with it come countless storylines connected to the 16 teams. Here are seven of the biggest storylines and questions that will be answered by the time the first Major of 2018 finishes, at the end of the month. ELEAGUE TV streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community The 2018 Boston Major was very exciting. All teams gave a strong example of struggle. The 16 best CS:GO teams in the world played in the big tournament. The tournament also brought surprises at the same time. Cloud9, made a bad start to the Major 2018 but managed to win the championship

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At Unikrn we live and breathe esports which is why you'll find the latest news, fixtures, results, stats & odds on every major esports event and so much more at unikrn.com.. With TyLoo dropping out of the Major and Flash Gaming taking the spot, this meant Andrew "kaze" Khong was the first Malaysian to play at a Major. Note: The Analysts & Commentators occasionally rotated roles on the desk. Note: n0thing joined the analyst desk for the Legends stage. [4] Note: Goldenboy and seang@res joined broadcast talent for the Champions stage. [5]

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Love HLTV and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos? Make sure you head to DingIt to watch Alonza Major. 3:55. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Coldzera - HLTV MVP by ZOWIE of IEM League of Legends - 100 Thieves vs. Team Liquid - Highlights - NA LCS Spring 2018 - by Onivia Wang theatre, boston, united states Organizer Cloud9 pulled off an upset against the inconsistent G2 Esports and looked to be just the second North American team to reach the finals at a major. SK Gaming pulled off a hard-fought win against Fnatic and was nearly taken down in the second game of its quarterfinals. These two teams stood atop of the North American scene and now they battle it out. The head-to-head record between the core of Cloud9 – Stewie2K, autimatic, and Skadoodle – and the core of SK Gaming – FalleN, fer, coldzera, and TACO – is 17-10 in favor of SK; on LAN, SK has a 10-2 record, but Cloud9 did win the most recent encounter at IEM Oakland 2017 with a 16-7 win. With SK Gaming's demon G2 Esports knocked out of the tournament, this match was expected to be close as Cloud9 was in the best form it had ever seen while SK was without its regular support player boltz. PGL Europe Minor - Boston 2018 prize pool and results in Bucharest, Romania on November 5 Home » PGL » PGL Regional Minor Championship - Eleague Major Boston 2018 » PGL Europe Minor - Boston 2018. ELEAGUE Major 2018 overview | HLTV.org Last Checked 2017-11-05 11:14:47 AM

The map pool will be kept the same as the previous major, even though Valve released the new version of Dust II.[10] FaZe Clan survived a mousesports opposition after nearly dropping the first game of the playoffs while Natus Vincere cruised passed Quantum Bellator Fire with the help of flamie's massive performance. On LAN, FaZe has a 2-0 advantage over Na'Vi while the overall record holds at 3-3. Zeus was the only member of the champion winning team in Krakòw and looked to repeat it with a new lineup. Natus Vincere looked ready to make a great run to the finals and in their way were the titans, Faze Clan. The eventual #1 player in the world needed to put up big numbers versus the titans of the game The Atlanta Major 2017 was the first time ELEAGUE took on a Valve sponsored competition—itself only the third such tournament to feature a $1 million prize pool. While the first iteration was held at the Fox Theatre, the Boston Major venue—the Agganis Arena—is more used to sporting events, such as..

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In two close games, Quantum Bellator Fire swept the pro100 squad 16-14 and 16-10 to move on to winners finals. AVANGAR dominated Team Spirit the first map 16-4 and then shut down a comeback bid by Spirit and AVANGAR moved on to the winners final. AVANGAR proceeded to take a relatively close best of three against Quantum Bellator Fire – 13-16, 16-6, 16-13 – and guarantee the team a spot in the major qualifier. Team Spirit crushed pro100 16-5 and 16-3, which included a 14-0 start to the series for Spirit. Quantum Bellator took down Team Spirit in losers finals – 9-16, 16-9, 16-12 – to take guarantee the team a spot in the major qualifier as Spirit, which was the favorite to go to Atlanta, was knocked out. In another tense minor final, AVANGAR just about took the first seed of the minor after barely scraping past Quantum Bellator, 16-14, 14-16, and 19-16.[13] GuardiaN and olofmeister were back in a major grand finals, as it was olofmeister's first since ESL One Cologne 2015, where he won the trophy against Team EnVyUs, whose core is now with G2 Esports, and GuardiaN's first since MLG Columbus 2016, where he lost to Luminosity Gaming, whose roster is now with SK Gaming. karrigan followed up with his former Danish teammates from a year ago and finally reached a major grand finals. NiKo and rain were also in their first major final. Meanwhile, all of Cloud9 was in his first finals and four of them were first time Legends. Upsetting G2 and SK, tarik's team looked to continue its form and win North America's first major in front of its home crowd. However, Cloud9 struggled against FaZe in the past, as FaZe has a clean 8-0 record against North America's best, and FaZe was able to avoid its demon in SK, in which karrigan had a 0-9 record against FalleN in any best of three or best of five series against the Brazilian in-game leader during karrigan's time in Team SoloMid, Astralis, and FaZe Clan and FalleN's time with Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming. After Cloud9 knocked SK out in the semifinals, FaZe was the clear favorites to win the tournament.

The New Champions Stage is a best of three single elimination bracket. Teams play into overtime until a winner is decided. This stage is taking place at the Agganis Arena between January 26 and January 28. The struggling North went up against the red hot Vega Squadron to start the New Legends stage; however, North was still expected to take the map on paper. Although, Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså and Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke tried to lead the way for North, hutji took over the second half after a quiet first and ended the game with 29 kills. Virtus.pro (VP) was another team that struggled throughout 2017 with the exception of a few stellar events, but the Poles always showed up for the major despite how much they struggled in the events prior to the major. However. QBF came out swinging and shut down VP to pull off an upset. The dark horse of the last major was thrashed by Team Liquid on the map BIG was infamous for. BIG's star Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz lead the way, but everyone else fell behind. TwistZz, jdm64, and ELiGE all had 22 kills each in the beating. Jesper "JW" Wecksel showed his old form as he did back in 2015 and early 2016, but the superteam of FaZe stomped the former best team in the world as olofmeister had 25 kills against his old team. The 3rd best team in the world of Astralis went up against a rising mousesports. mousesports went up to a 12-0 lead before Astralis avoided being the first team to be 16-0'd at a major.; however, Astralis would still get pounced on as mousesports easily took the win. oskar and suNny had more kills combined than all of Astralis combined as Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz struggled in his return to competition. Cloud9 and G2 was supposed to be a very even match up, as just 51% of predictions had G2 winning. G2 took a 10-1 lead on one of its favorite maps and then closed out the game despite Cloud9 showing up at certain times. Despite tarik having 26 kills, NBK- did better as G2 went up 1-0. In the first game on Nuke all tournament, Gambit dominated Natus Vincere in the biggest storyline of the first round, as Zeus had left Gambit after winning the major to rejoin Na'Vi; Gambit took a massive 13-2 lead on its Terrorist side on a map in which Counter-Terrorist are heavily favored and then closed out the game after nearly giving Na'Vi the 16-0. The PGL MVP Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev and fan favorite Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov both had easy times against their former captain's team as Gambit became the first Legend to win in the first round. Space Soldiers kept it close against the world's number one of SK Gaming; João "felps" Vasconcellos had a successful return to his team and Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo went with a risky call towards the end of the game and ended up winning the game. Calyx and XANATARES lived up to their expectations while Marcelo "coldzera" David, the best player of 2017, struggled in the closest game of the first round. There are six categories of purchasable categories, five being weapons – rifles, sub-machine guns (SMGs), heavy, pistols, and grenades – and the sixth being utilities, which includes armor and a taser. All guns have different states and all grenade types have different in-game effects. The highly explosive grenade deals damage in a small radius, the smoke grenade places a smoke screen for fifteen seconds so that nobody can see through the placed smoke, the decoy grenade emulates the player's primary gun, the flashbang temporarily blinds players who look at it explode, and the Molotov cocktail and Incendiary Grenade set a small radius of the map on fire for seven seconds.[7] Alongside all of these weapons, the Zeus x27, a taser, can also be purchased. For most professional players, the main choice of weapons are two rifles – the AK-47 for Terrorists and the M4A4 or the M4A1-S for the Counter-Terrorists – and the AWP. However, if limited on money, players tend to choose pistols – such as the Desert Eagle, CZ-75 Auto, and the P250 – the UMP-45 – which is considered to be simply a weaker M4A4 or AK47 despite being an SMG – and the SSG 08 – which is a much inferior AWP. If players know the opposing team has a weaker inventory, then players may choose to use lesser weaponry such as the MAC-10 or the MP-9 as the SMGs give twice as much money as rifles with each kill and give players more money going into further rounds. Heavy weapons are rarely used, with the MAG-7 being the most used, as players need to be very close range in order to get an accurate shot. The Kevlar is an important part of CS:GO as having armor allows a player to have more accurate aim when while getting hit by bullets and decreases the amount of damage taken. A helmet can also be bought; the helmet does not allow certain weapons to give a one shot, one kill potential, like the M4A4. Counter-Terrorists can also buy a defuse kit, which decreases the amount of time to defuse the bomb from ten seconds to five, which saves a lot of time as the bomb explodes forty seconds after the Terrorists planted the bomb.

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ESL Pro League. Season 11. London Major '18 HLTV.org rank teams based on results of teams' performances. The rankings shown below reflect the January 8, 2018 rankings.[57] The next map went to Overpass, a map SK is heavily favored on. The rounds went back and forth early on. In round six, with the game tied up 2-2 and Fnatic had just won the previous round after the two teams kept trading one for one, it looked to be the end of trading as JW took down coldzera and Lekro downed TACO. Lekr0 also took down felps after fer killed Golden. FalleN continued to perform as he tagged down Lekro with his SSG, the inferior sniper rifle, and then hit a ridiculous shot onto flusha while trying to move the bomb to the A bombsite. fer killing JW made KRiMZ move towards the A bombsite, but FalleN moved back to the B bombsite and planted the bomb. KRiMZ was able to kill fer, but the bomb was too late the defuse and KRiMZ died to the explosion. SK was the first team to string two rounds together by winning the next round to go up 4-2. SK went up 5-2, but Fnatic was barely able to steal away rounds to take the lead. SK retook the lead and ended the half at 9-6. The pistol round went to Fnatic, but SK had a force buy and the less favored team won the second round once again. SK went up 13-7 before Fnatic picked one up. In round 24, with SK up 13-10, KRiMZ had a massive round with four kills, including a 1 vs. 2 clutch against TACO and coldzera and SK's money was at a low point again. With the score tied 13-13, SK pulled out a miracle from an economy round and stole a round away. In the 30th round, SK was up 15-14, but had a weaker buy. FalleN punished KRiMZ, but JW traded him out. JW ran into the A bombsite while his teammates executed to the B bombsite and JW took down felps. coldzera traded and then everything toppled for the Swedes, as TACO took down flusha and Golden with a weaker weapon and fer finished things off on Lekr0. felps topped the server with 24 kills and Lekr0 had 22, but virtually every player had some sort of big impact in the game.

The top 20 players of 2017 were ranked by HLTV.org. Below is the list of players in the top 20. One player made the top twenty list, but did not play at the major; Ricardo "boltz" Prass (#18, Brazil, Immortals/SK Gaming) was ineligible to play at the major due to roster lock rules. Players who dropped out of the top 20 from 2016 include shox (#6, France, G2 Esports), f0rest (#7, Sweden, Ninjas in Pyjamas), ScreaM (#9, Belgium, Team EnVyUs), flusha (#10, Sweden, Fnatic), flamie (#12, Russia, Natus Vincere), Magisk (#14, Denmark, North/OpTic Gaming), GeT RiGhT (#18, Sweden, Ninjas in Pyjamas), fnx (#19, Brazil, Immortals/100 Thieves), and dennis (#20, Sweden, Fnatic/GODSENT).[87] Teams that are in the top 30 but failed to qualify for the major include Ninjas in Pyjamas (#4, Sweden), OpTic Gaming (#12, Europe), Heroic (#16, Denmark), AGO Gaming (#18, Poland), HellRasiers (#19, Europe), NRG Esports (#21, United States), GODSENT (#25, Sweden), Luminosity Gaming (#26, Brazil), Grayhound Gaming (#28, Australia), and Valiance (#30, Serbia).

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  1. ation bracket
  2. The final map broke a new record with more than 1.8 million viewers, including more than 1.3 million viewers on Twitch.[99]
  3. or, but the experienced French team barely scraped past Windigo Ga


  1. HLTV.org rank teams based on results of teams' performances. The rankings shown below reflect the January 29, 2018 rankings, the first ranking after the major.[100]
  2. ors do StarLadder Berlin Major — Foto: Igor Bezborodov/StarLadder. A informação foi apurada pelo GloboEsporte.com e a HLTV. A MIBR expressou o interesse e as negociações devem ocorrer nos próximos dias
  3. ELEAGUE Boston Major. January 26 - 28, 2018. Agganis Arena, Boston, Massachusetts. Due to a somewhat rocky start to their Major journey, many questioned if Natus Vincere would have the strength and will to make a deep run in this tournament

Eleague Boston Major

  1. Astralis moved up two positions in the HLTV.org rankings and regained leadership among the world's strongest teams, which they held from October last year to early March. FaZe, MIBR and GODSENT also improved their position slightly, bypassing Evil Geniuses, OG and forZe respectively
  2. The ELEAGUE Boston Major marks the second CS:GO Major run by Turner Sports and the third to be located in North America. Not only is $1,000,000 up for grabs, with $500 FaZe is an explosive force to be reckoned with, packing tons of skill with four of their players ranked in the HLTV Top 20 for 2017
  3. or will feature eight teams. Eight teams qualify from the closed qualifier to the
  4. After two tournament phases held at the ELEAGUE Arena, in Atlanta, the Major will now move to Boston, where the Agganis Arena, a 7,200-seat arena, will stage the knockout rounds from January 26-28.
  5. g, and Cloud9 were teams in pool two based on their quarterfinals finish at the PGL Major; Cloud9 was randomly chosen between it and G2 Esports based on its first-place finish in the Challengers stage. G2 Esports, Vega Squadron, Space Soldiers, and FaZe Clan were in pool three. mousesports, Natus Vincere, Quantum Bellator Fire, and Team Liquid were in pool four.

Due to a somewhat rocky start to their Major journey, many questioned if Natus Vincere would have the strength and will to make a deep run in this tournament. In their quarterfinal matchup, however, Egor “flamie” Vasilyev made an explosive impact, and demonstrated why Na’Vi deserves their legend spot. Across the two maps against Quantum Bellator Fire, Flamie boasted an average damage per round of 133.1 and dominated the scoreboard with almost 60 kills across the two maps. A dominant opening on Mirage saw Flamie notch an impressive 39 kills with only 8 deaths. He came up clutch in several rounds for Na’Vi, helping them to achieve a final map score of 16-4. Upon entering the second map, Inferno, Flamie showed no signs of backing down, adding another 20 kills to his tally. This was pivotal in helping his team to close out Inferno 16-7 and secured Na’Vi’s spot in the semifinals. The ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 is the 12th Valve sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and the first of two in 2018. The tournament featured a $1,000,000 USD prize pool as well as Valve's newly rebranded format and increase to 24 teams. Best of ELEAGUE Major 2018 - Grand Final (Cloud9 vs FaZe) • CS GO PRO HIGHLIGHTS #170 ▻ Free $0.50 with the Referral The opening of the Grand Final of the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. Were you there? Watch highlights, game recaps, and much more. Major League Soccer. Premier League FA Cup League Cup Community Shield Championship League One League Two National League Premier National League Regional League Johnstones Paint Trophy Professional Development League FA Premier League. tournament_info_favourite

Rocket League Camera Settings Guide. Source HLTV Gallery. hltv.org/gallery/view/130824. Boston Uprising. Dallas Fuel. Florida Mayhem Going to the CS:GO Boston major felt like stepping into an alt-universe where every stereotype about who plays and watches competitive games appears to be true: young, white, male, and twitchy. At Overwatch events, I can look around and see that a lot of different people seem to enjoy the game Following their success with the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017, Valve announced that ELEAGUE shall return to host the third CS:GO Major Championship in North America, to be held in Boston, Massachusetts. The event featured an expected prize pool of $1,000,000 USD, which was fought over by 23 teams. The final placings are shown below. In addition, the prize distribution, seed for the next major, roster, and coaches are shown. Each team's in-game leader is shown first. Both teams were not expected to be in Boston, as Natus Vincere was in a massive struggle and Quantum Bellator Fire wasn't even supposed to be in the New Legends stage. However, Na'Vi pulled together after a bad loss to Gambit Esports and ran away with three wins in a row to clinch a spot in the playoffs. Many doubted QBF because it faced weak opponents in the New Challengers stage, but wins over Gambit and mousesports secured their spot in the finals. These two teams had never met prior to this tournament, but Na'Vi did easily defeat QBF in the New Challengers stage. Na'Vi's international experience and star players made them favorites in this match. Kvik of QBF not only became the first Lithuanian to play at a major, but also was the first Lithuanian to be in the top eight of a major.

The Boston Asia Minor started with Renegades dominating The MongolZ 16-6. Kings Gaming Club faced off against MVP PK in the next match. The second Australian defeated the Koreans; although MVP PK had a better scoreline than The MongolZ at 16-9, but Kings came up on top. In the winner's match, Renegades completely dominated Kings 16-2 to move on to the bracket stage. In the loser's series, MVP PK easily closed out the first map 16-3 against The MongolZ on Cobblestone. On the second map, MVP PK had a massive lead and looked to eliminate The MongolZ with ease, but The MongolZ swept the second half and went on to win 16-12. On the third map, The MongolZ appeared to make another comeback, but MVP PK was able to clutch it out after Kim "HSK" Hae-sung stuck a defuse on the bomb without Enkhtaivan "Machinegun" Lkhagva knowing to send The MongolZ home. In the decider series, Kings took the first map as expected 16-12, but two close maps at 16-13 and 16-14 in favor of MVP PK, including a massive comeback on the third map after being down 11-5, put the Koreans through to the bracket phase. Kings was sent home. In group B, TyLoo easily took down Tainted Minds 16-4 and Flash Gaming did the same to B.O.O.T.-dream[S]cape 16-7. In the winners match, TyLoo took a close 16-13 game over Flash to take the first seed and to face MVP PK. In the losers series, Tainted Minds took the first map 16-9 then took a close second map 16-13 to eliminate B.O.O.T. from the minor. In the losers series, Flash easily took the first game from Tainted Minds 16-6; the second map was closer, but Flash came out on top again 16-10 to take the last spot in the top four. The two most decorated CS:GO teams faced off in the quarterfinals. Historically, Fnatic has the head-to-head lead at 11-8, but Fnatic had suffered a downfall from the best team in the world since mid-2016, which was when SK Gaming just started its rise to become the best team in the world. However, Fnatic has two relatively inexperienced players and SK is playing without its regular lineup. Despite Fnatic's historical record, SK has a 4-1 record in 2017. These teams met twice at previous majors. At ESL One Cologne 2015, Fnatic swept SK (known as Luminosity Gaming back then) in the quarterfinals; at Cluj-Napoca 2015, Luminosity pulled off the upset of the tournament by defeating Fnatic. The young rookie in-game leader Golden had to go against whom many are calling the best in-game leader in Global Offensive, FalleN. Premier League (2x4 мин. ) Champions League (2x4 мин.

The most anticipated quarterfinals matchup started on Mirage, Cloud9's pick. The match started with G2 winning the pistol round, but heroics from autimatic allowed Cloud9 to win its economy round. With Cloud9 leading 3-2, tarik started off by heading into the middle area with a kill onto G2's kennyS, but autimatic fell to apEX. RUSH then killed bodyy and then apEX followed up onto Stewie2K. RUSH then took down apEX after Skadoodle planted the bomb, but shox was there to trade. Skadoodle then took down shox; NBK- was able to take down tarik and tried to get away as the bomb was too late to defuse, but Skadoodle was able to chase him down to give Cloud9 the round. Cloud9 went up 8-2 before G2 took the last five rounds as the French started to get aggressive and started to get rounds on the board. Cloud9 was up 13-7 in the 21st round as G2 had another gun round. Skadoodle started with a kill onto NBK-. shox took down autimatic and then apEX planted the bomb. Stewie2K later took down shox before being traded by bodyy. apEX found two onto RUSH and tarik. Skadoodle found apEX, but kennyS traded to give G2 the round. However, Cloud9's defense was too strong and won the game. RUSH quietly lead the way with 26 kills. shox had 21, but bodyy only had 8 at the end. Valve declared a new format for Major tournaments — Offline Qualifiers became a part of the Major Championships. Valve has also announced a new names for all the stages of the tournaments: The New Challengers Stage (Offline Qualifiers), The New Legends Stage (group stages) and The New Champions Stage (playoffs). Thus the amount of teams at the Major Tournaments increased from 16 to 24 and every team received their own purchasable stickers.

ELEAGUE, the premium esports content and live tournament brand from Turner and IMG, will continue exploring the narratives of six of the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams when ELEAGUE | Road to the Boston Major returns with an all-new episode tonight, Feb. 23, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TBS. The reason for Tyloo's withdrawal from the Boston Major was because one of their key player Hansel BnTeT Ferdinand has visa issues which will prevent him from flying to the United States for attending the Boston Major. Tyloo have spoken to ELEAGUE and Valve and have confirmed their withdrawal Each regional qualifier, called "Minors", featured eight teams, whether through direct invitation or through qualifiers. Each minor featured two groups of four teams; these groups were in GSL double elimination formats, which was the format used at every major until the ELEAGUE Major, with the initial matches and winners match being best of ones and the losers and decider series being best of three. Two teams of each group qualify for the bracket phase, which is a four team, double elimination, best of three bracket. Two teams qualify for the major qualifier from each minor.

Boston Major 2018 will be the first in the year sponsored by Valve. With a $1 million prize pool on the line, the competitors will go head to head in either one or two Swiss format group stages (based on their status) to see who's worthy of continuing on to the playoffs bracket Pushka League, Group phase. Online. OG. 1st place. The Boston Major. Dream OG | #MDLDisney Major Bootcamp

Dave Roberts' heroics alter Boston's '04 fate in the classic ALCS Gm. 4 vs. the Yankees. Watch on ESPN. Hunter Pence and Brett Phillips reveal the seven MLB The Show Players League Award winners Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. In competitive play, the game pits two teams against each other: the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Both sides are tasked with eliminating the other while also completing separate objectives. The Terrorists must either plant a bomb or kill the entire Counter-Terrorist team, while the Counter-Terrorists must either prevent the bomb from being planted by killing the entire Terrorist team or defusing the bomb. At the end of each round, players are rewarded based on their individual performance with in-game currency to spend on more powerful weapons in subsequent rounds. Winning rounds results in more money than losing, and completing objectives such as killing enemy players gives cash bonuses. However, the more consecutive rounds a team loses, the more money the losing team earns, with the loss bonus capping after five rounds; once that team wins a round, the loss round bonus resets to the minimum amount each player could earn after a round. Inferno would decide the first major champion of 2018. Both FaZe and Cloud9 had strong performances in the semifinals. FaZe won the pistol round, but another force buy from Cloud9 proved deadly as Cloud9 had looked during its economy rounds throughout the whole tournament to catch FaZe off guard again and then Cloud9 went up 5-1. In the seventh round, Cloud9 tried to play into the A bombsite, but olofmeister sprayed down autimatic, Stewie2K, and RUSH. GuaridiaN followed up onto Skadoodle and karrigan finished things off onto tarik. FaZe would later tie up the score at 5 and then later went up 8-5 after seven consecutive rounds before Skadoodle and tarik were able to clutch a sixth round and then pulled out a seventh round to keep the game very competitive. FaZe won the pistol round and the following two economy rounds to go up 11-8. Cloud9 picked up the first gun round. In the 20th round, rain started off with a kill onto Skadoodle, but tarik ran through a smoke to kill NiKo and rain. RUSH failed to down karrigan and then tarik got aggressive but died to the AWP of GuardiaN. autimatic got olofmeister with a grenade, but karrigan killing Stewie2K virtually sealed the round. autimatic got karrigan, but the bomb exploded and FaZe was four rounds away. Cloud9 won a desperate round, but FaZe had a desperate of its own and won and FaZe went up 14-9. Cloud9 won another force buy to stay in the game. With FaZe up 14-11, the Europeans had guns after an economy round, but despite Cloud9 killing all FaZe players, the bomb had already detonated. On match point, NiKo killed Skadoodle early, but tarik and RUSH held down the A bombsite to stay alive in the finals. Tense final rounds went by as the teams went to a 30th round, with FaZe up 15-14. Both teams had guns, but Cloud9 had a significantly much stronger buy. FaZe went to an A bombsite. Stewie2K killed olofmeister on B, but autimatic went to the A bombsite while FaZe went to B. However, Stewie2K held everything down with less than ten seconds left and by that time, FaZe ran out of time to do anything and the game went to overtime. Cloud9 carried the momentum into overtime and swept the first half of overtime to garner three match points. FaZe won the first round of the second overtime half as NiKo made a massive play by sneaking behind everyone on Cloud9 and taking down the bomb carrier. Cloud9 had a 2 vs. 2 in its favor, but after Skadoodle went down, Stewie2K took down NiKo, but karrigan on low health was able to trade on 11 health points. The next round, Cloud9 turned a 2 vs. 4 into a 2 vs. 1, but GuardiaN barely clutched out a 1 vs. 2 to send the game to double overtime. The game was tied up again at 19 before Cloud9 took a 20-19 lead going into the next half. Cloud9 took match, series, and tournament point once again, going up 21-19. In the next round, tarik caught out karrigan as FaZe headed to the B bombsite, where NiKo killed Stewie2K. autimatic then traded out NiKo and tarik killed olofmeister. GuardiaN planted the bomb as rain traded out tarik. autimatic traded out tarik to leave GuardiaN in another clutch situation. However, Skadoodle took down the star AWPer and RUSH defused the bomb, securing the tournament. tarik lead all players with 38 kills and Stewie2K followed behind with 32. GuardiaN stepped up huge with his 29 kills in crucial situations, but rain sat at the bottom of the scoreboard as the fourth best player of 2017 had limited impact. FaZe's Terrorist side on Cache was too much for mousesports as the normally Counter-Terrorist sided map leaned heavily towards FaZe's offense. In the 15th round, FaZe proved to be relentless. NiKo killed suNny early on near the A bombsite. When FaZe decided to head to the B bombsite, NiKo caught chrisJ at just the right time. STYKO was able to kill karrigan, but ropz and STYKO fell to NiKo and NiKo finished off the ace by taking down oskar in the middle area. In the 20th round, after mousesports won the first three rounds of the half and FaZe winning the first gun round, ropz fell to rain in the early stages of the round. As mousesports creeped into the A bombsite, olofmeister killed STYKO before being traded out by suNny. mousesports didn't expect NiKo to be nearby, as the second best player in the world took down his former teammate chrisJ and oskar before being downed by suNny. However, NiKo did enough as karrigan cleaned up suNny to win a twelfth round. In the 24th round, mousesports lost the 23rd round and went for a bizarre buy with a shotgun – which only is useful close range – a submachine gun, two upgrade pistols, and one weak, unideal pistol. However, rain was able to shut four of them down and FaZe got match and series point. The favorites then easily won the last round to move on to the semifinals. NiKo had 24 kills and olofmeister and GuardiaN had 19 each. ropz had 18, but it was not enough. Najświeższe informacje o ELEAGUE Major Boston | Cybersport.pl - Esport - Newsy - Publicystyka. tarik i Skadoodle z tytułami MVP podczas ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018. Po ponad czterech latach Fnatic powraca na tron rankingu HLTV! 27.04.2020, 20:05 Turner and IMG’s ELEAGUE will follow the elite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams that advanced to the pinnacle of its recent Major Championship in Boston when ELEAGUE | Road to the Boston Major returns with the fourth of five episodes Friday, March 2, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.  

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