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This weekend, my car needed some maintenance, to get ready for the winter that is rapidly approaching. Therefore, as I was waiting for my car to get ready, I started talking to the mechanic about a variety of things and amongst them was the reliability of new engines compared to old ones b) min and max Lambda values of wide-band probes. If min values significantly differ from 0,90, and/or max values significantly differ from 1,10: the probe is damaged and has to be replaced.

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BMW Engine Oil Approvals BMW revises their oil formulations every few years based on contemporary engine design BMW Oil Consumption BMW engines are designed to consume some oil and there are factory-authorized guidelines N-series non-turbo engines (N52, N62, etc). 1 liter per 1,500 miles BMW N52B25 Engine Specifications Overview, problems Performance tuning N52B25 Specs Manufacturer Munich Plant Also called BMW N52 Production 2005-2011.. 1937.29 USD. The 330i used BMW's 'high output' N52 engine with a stock 255hp. The other cars used a very similar 3.0-liter engine with only minor changes. The biggest change was with the intake manifold. While these other cars used a single-stage intake manifold, the 330 came with a more.. As per the title, what are the 5 must have mods to make more power out of the N52 engine while still keeping it naturally aspirated? I'll start: 1- 3 stage intake if you don't already have one stock 2- catless headers with an oxygen sensor simulator..

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In the picture: the middle point of the narrow-band probe’s active range (corresponds 450 .. 500 mV):5. Evaluate differences of multiplicative and offset STFT + LTFT between banks (if engine has two banks). If the engine has large differences in these parameters (typically: in idle run/offset type LTFT + integrators) – there are reasonable suspicions regarding incorrect functioning of some bank’s Lambda probes. Typical causes – leaking injectors (and as the result – incorrect cylinders individual adaptations/fuel mixture). Bmw N47 Engine Problem. Похожие видео. 01:33. Bmw Engine Factory. 348 976 просмотров. Common Issues And Problems With The Bmw 3 Series E90 And N52

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  1. The late model non-M, non-turbocharged, BMW 6-cylinder engines used in the US market BMW 1, 3, 5, x and Z models from the late 2000s through mid 2000-teens, were produced in two variants for US distribution, known as the Why should you know whether your BMW has an N51 or an N52 engine
  2. If there are suspicions regarding incorrect control of fuel mixture: misfire, trim errors, error messages regarding CO catalytic converters (error messages regarding probes, of course), control activities, as described below, have to be performed:
  3. Accordingly – material, mentioned below, can have derogation from real situation (even more – some nuances or functional algorithms can differ also from software release).
  4. 07.03.2015 · BMW N52B30 engine reliability, problems and repair. It is the first engine in the new N52 series which also includes N52B25.The N52B30 engine has 6 cylinders and is totally different from previous versions of M54B30.It is equipped by popular Double-VANOS camshaft and light-weight..
  5. 4. If test, mentioned before, is not possible by some reasons – check the narrow-band probe’s ability to produce necessary voltage, perform the driving session. In the moment of aggressive speed-up (kick-down mode) the fuel mixture has to become rich, narrow-band probe has to generate voltage above 0,85 V.
  6. The active range, which is used to control the performance of catalytic converter, is marked (corresponds 0,7 .. 0,9 V):

Fitment: All BMW N52 and N54 Engines. Click HERE to view our detailed install pdf. Click HERE to order your N52/N54 VANOS Solenoid Valve Today The BMW E90 engine utilizes two VANOS (variable camshaft timing) solenoids. One for the intake camshaft and one for the exhaust camshaft, mounted to the front of cylinder head. They are responsible for direct oil flow to the VANOS actuator and can become restricted over time on high mileage engines BMW N52 Engine Reliability 2020 Click here to buy the Oil system Protector amzn.to/2rNmXyz Click here to buy the forte advanced engine motor flush Bmw N52 All Common Oil Leaks & All Common Problems Sump Gasket Repair Engine - Engine Oil Consumption MODEL All INFORMATION All.. BMW E90 328i N52 3.0L Performance - ECS. Performance Air Scoops - Black. Turner Motorsport N52 Intake. The N52 engine never sounded this good

Product Description. BMW N51/N52/N53/N54 Camshaft Alignment and Engine Timing Tool. Read more. Package Includes I was able to put the timing correctly in an n52 without any problems. The tool isn't perfect but I was able to do the job with absolutely no problems BMW N20 And N26 engine lawsuit blames timing chains BMW By David A. Wood, CarComplaints.com Posted in News BMW N20 and N26 Engine All the named plaintiffs tell stories of problems with their BMW vehicles, with one.. Unfollow bmw n52 engine to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. for BMW N51/N52/N53/N54 Camshaft Alignment BMW Engine Timing Tool Set Engine. Tech Tip: BMW's Power Reduction and Vanos Faults Are Stored In DME. Advertisement. Advertisement. Affected models: E82 and E88 (1 Series) with N51, N52K and K54 engines ­produced from January 2008. E90 and E91 (3 Series) with N52 engine produced from March 2005 through..

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There are several reasons, why such calibration is necessary: to avoid technical inaccuracies of probes itself; deviations of electronics (analog part of DME), etc. During this calibration DME adjusts fuel mixture until narrow-band probe report 0.75 V. At this moment reference voltage of wide-band probe is modified in such way the probe reports Lambda close to 1.00...5-Series engine problems and repair histories as reported by other 2010 BMW 5-Series owners. 2010 BMW 5-Series repairs by problem area. Engine (50%). Transmission and Drivetrain (4%). 58565 km. US $500. Oil cooler (heat exchanger) leakage: a known problem with the N52 engines

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Modern automobiles don’t require as much attention and consideration as they did 50 years ago. However, it is imperative to ensure the periodic maintenance of one’s vehicle. The engine can’t... Bmw N52 All Common Oil Leaks & All Common Problems Sump Gasket Repair Engine - Engine Oil Consumption MODEL All In this video I will show you the common problems on the N52 engine this beein the common DISA valves. The late model non-M, non-turbocharged, BMW 6-cylinder engines used in the US market BMW 1, 3, 5, x and Z models from the late 2000s through mid 2000-teens, were produced in two variants for US distribution, known as the Why should you know whether your BMW has an N51 or an N52 engine BMW N55 engine - service training. 100 pages. Language - English. • Describe the features of the N55B30M0 engine • Describe the specifications of the N55 engine • Identify the internal and external components of the N55 engine.. 07.03.2015 · BMW N52B30 engine reliability, problems and repair. It is the first engine in the new N52 series which also includes N52B25.The N52B30 engine has 6 cylinders and is totally different from previous versions of M54B30.It is equipped by popular Double-VANOS camshaft and light-weight..

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M52 Engine Problems. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link I recently started tearing down the engine of my 97 328. When I bought it and took it for a test drive 1998 BMW 528i. I read tunermotor sells softwear for the cam and m50 intake kit, I was thinking I.. The choice of a clutch is a very serious issue that demands much attention and time as it goes in various forms. Thus, centrifugal clutches are employed for mopeds whereas many race cars utilize... Engine guide - Inside the N52 straight-six. A look inside this high-tech, lightweight straight-six. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. The BMW N52 straight-six was designed to replace the M54 and was introduced in 2004, remaining in production until 2011. The engine made its debut in 258hp, N52B30 form in the.. 6 cylinder engines: each bank has a wide-band oxygen sensor and also each bank has a control (narrow-band) sensor.

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  1. b) for cold engine (just started in idle run), for some probe the dynamic resistance of Nernst cells is shown lower than max values mentioned before: there is a current leak, short circuit – if the resistance is shown in several hundreds of Ohm) – the electrical circuit has to be checked. If it is in working condition, the resistance of probe’s sensor has to be measured with multimeter, if the resistance is lowered – the probe has to be replaced.
  2. In European markets, the N52 began to be phased out following the release of the BMW N53 in 2007. However, in markets such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Malaysia, the N53 was deemed unsuitable due to the high levels of sulfur in the fuel.[5] From the year 2011, the N52 began to be replaced by the BMW N20 turbocharged four-cylinder engine until production of the N52 finished in 2015.[6]
  3. and max values of voltage of narrow-band probes. Min values has to be below 0,1 V; max – above 0,85 V. If any of values (typically – max value below 0,8 V) – the probe is damaged, it has to be replaced;
  4. For N46/N52 and other “ordinary” engines – delete the long-term trims, create new ones; if the problem persists (and Lambda test shows as if correct results) – switch wide-band probes with places. It’s possible, that the correction range of probe’s (the ones, which sows incorrect value) reference point has reached maximum deviation;
  5. Main engine fan (electric) is bad or fan clutch not working anymore, though even with a bad fan clutch and fully working cooling system you will not get Since 2004 BMW uses only electric fan for both AC and engine, so if it goes bad, you will get overheating. So, i was not going to create simple..
  6. 419 bmw n52 engine products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which auto water pump accounts for 9%, other auto parts There are 419 suppliers who sells bmw n52 engine on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia. The top countries of suppliers are Malaysia, China, and Taiwan..
  7. 3. Test procedure of probes has to be performed. In INPA loader 2.023 it can be chosen in diagnostics session (../F9/F3). During this test, injectors opening time will be changed +/-10% for several seconds. Essential things, which has to be observed:

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The N51 engine is a SULEV version of the N52 that was sold in parts of the United States that had SULEV legislation.[25] Differences to the N52 versions include a variable-length intake manifold ("DISA") with three stages instead of one, and a compression ratio lowered from 10.7:1 to 10.0:1.[26] The dynamic resistance of Nernst cells shows the electron-chemical activity of probe – the higher the activity, the less is resistance. Moreover, this resistance is inversely proportional to temperature (in newest generation of engines the dynamic resistance of Nernst cells is used to stabilize their temperature). Correct dynamic resistance – several hundreds Ohm. Unfortunately INPA displays values with step of 256 Ohm (it’s very rough), which don’t allows to see true value of dynamic resistance of Nernst cells. Correct (reported by INPA) values of Nernst cells: 0; 256; 512 Ohm (acceptable: 768/1024 Ohm). Additional control: for cold (unheated) engine resistance between Nernst and Pump cells connections (measuring by multimeter) is several MOhm (MegaOhm), which means, INPA has to display max value  (65 KOhm) for narrow-band probe and 8 KOhm for wide-band probes. During several dozens of seconds from the beginning of heating of probe the resistance has to decrease to mentioned above 0 .. 512 Ohm. Problems: The electronic steering lock is one of the trouble areas mostly in the 2006 and some 2007 models. Initially the yellow or red steering lock warning light might come on and the steering BMW engines are known for oil consumption, which means the oil may need to be topped up once in a while If the engine performs correctly,  in case of Homogeneous mixture, the narrow-band probes (with Lambda 1,00) are maintained not in the middle-point of curve (0,45 .. 0,50 V) as could be expected, but by generated voltage around 0,7 .. 0,9 V. No official explanation from BMW for such situation exists, but, knowing special features of Lambda probes performance, we can assume: in the middle of linear range the sensitivity of probe (voltage vs changes of Lambda) is very high (to both rich and lean mixture), even in case of perfect catalytic converter the voltage generated by probe (even with well balanced cylinders) will look like rectangle. Moving the working range to top end of curve, Lambda probe becomes insensitive to enriched mixture, but its sensitivity to unburned oxygen is on max. Moreover, bit more rich mixture (Lambda = 0,995) provides, that if the little amount of unburned oxygen gets into exhaust system, the catalytic converter is supposed to burn it (because there is a fuel, which to burn). If the catalytic converter doesn’t function (don’t burns the oxygen),  after it there can be short-term excess of oxygen, which will create voltage drop in signal sent to DME. 2011 for our 2006 BMW 525i sedan. Same problem, the bolts were sheared and 'probably in the engine' (as we were told) No assistance was offered. spread the word that the N52 engine is not reliable and you should not buy any used car with this engine because you will not be able to tell if..

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How Do I Know if I Have an N51 or N52 BMW 6-Cylinder Engine

Like the M54, the N52 uses electronic throttle control and variable valve timing (double-VANOS). Higher output versions of the N52 use a three-stage variable length intake manifold (also called "DISA").[13][14] 6. Check the temperature of the engine. If the temperature is lower than necessary (+ 95 .. 115 oC), the richer mixture has got into exhaust. N42/N53 engines – additionally check the temperature values of exhaust gases and setpoint setting for wide-band probes at ../F9/Shift+F3/F1 (make sure, that it’s 1,00). Find Bmw N52 Engine in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Ontario. bmw n52 engine in Classifieds in Ontario Engine Timing Tools For BMW N51 N52 N53 N54 N55 Camshaft Vanos Flywheel Timing Tool Set Car Garage Tools. Spark Plug Socket For BMW N43 N52 N54 Engines 1 pcs 14mm Newest Latest

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  1. ..with the N52 engine and the car is either in limp mode or completely wrecked due to low maintenance and not looking at the problems BEFORE buying one you know the BMW E63 E65 E60 E61 E90 all use this engine and these are MUST things that need or will need doing to this car in your ownership..
  2. ium.[12] Magnesium is lighter than alu
  3. As we know (very simple explanation), narrow-band probe generates voltage, if no oxygen is present in exhaust gases. So, if Lambda > 1, 00 ( it means, the mixture is lean, there is oxygen present in the gases), the probe don’t generates the voltage; if Lambda < 1,00 (it means, the mixture is rich, no oxygen is present in gases): generates voltage. In very narrow area, the probe works also in linear mode – voltage, generated by it, changes depending from Lambda.
  4. Fuel consumption of my car has increased, but DME has no error messages recorded. Where could be the problem?
  5. While the BMW N54 is one of the most capable, sought-after engines in the marketplace, they're not Back in 2006, BMW launched itself into this category with the release of the N54 engine. BMW N54 Common Problems: Water pump and thermostat failure. Carbon buildup - mainly on the intake valves
  6. Dan is a co-founder of Engineswork. He knows everything about internal combustion engines. Ask your questions in comments down below this article - he will be glad to help you anytime.

a) several dozens of seconds after starting the heating, the dynamic resistance of Nernst cells is above 512 Ohm: the probe has aged, the electron-chemical processes are inefficient. The probe has to be replaced;The oxygen sensors (Lambda probes) perform the control of exhaust gases and are one of the most important parts of petrol engine. The modern BMW engines use 2, 3 or 4 oxygen sensors.2. The value of Lambda in exhaust gases has to be measured, using a additional measuring tool. For this cause (true though, with lower reliability level) for N43/N53 engines the NOx sensor values at ../F5/Shift+F2/F1 has to be used (it has to be checked, that sensor is in online mode, because sensor: when turned off, as default value shows 1,00). If the measuring tool shows Lambda value, different from 1,00 (in the same time all probes shows as if correct values), it has to be considered, that some of the probes (or only one existing) gives incorrect data regarding fuel mixture (and wide-band probe is calibrated incorrectly). Of course, it has to checked, that the  exhaust system is airtight – but, I believe, that all specialists can do that without any problems.

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The exhaust system of N43 series (4 cylinders; 1st/3rd series) engine (with one wide-band probe, one CO catalytic converter and one control probe). BMW N54 engine Manufacturer BMW, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Production 2006- Predecessor BMW M54, BMW N52 Successor BMW N55 Class Straight-6 The N54 is a direct injection twin-turbocharged straight-6 automobile engine from BMW.[1] It was launched in late..

The N52 was the first water-cooled engine to use magnesium/aluminium composite construction in the engine block.[1] It was also listed as one of Ward's 10 Best Engines in 2006 and 2007.[2][3][4] Unleash your engine: MHD Flasher is the first Android handheld application to bring ECU tuning and monitoring to the BMW N54 / N55 engine. Monitor your engine behavior using a configurable gauge layout to keep an eye on any of the 50+ engine monitors like oil temp, boost pressure, actual load or..

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  1. The exhaust system of N43 series (4 cylinders; 5th series) engine (with two wide-band probes, two CO catalytic converters and one control probe).
  2. Sounds identical to the problem I experienced with 130i e 87. At first BMW said it was failed cat which was replaced.. noise persisted , after a few more months of Did it fix the problem? My 2008 X3 with the N52 engine has the ticking noise which will disappear if driven at highway speeds for a while, but returns when driving a..
  3. 4 cylinder engines: wide-band oxygen sensor for each bank (for example, N43 for 5 series) or one wide-band probe for all cylinders (for example, N43; 1/3 series) and a control probe (narrow-band), common for both banks (for example: all N43 series engines) or two control probes (N46 series engine).

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  1. The BMW N52 was an inline six-cylinder petrol engine that was available in 2.5- and 3.0-litre capacities
  2. BMW 325 E91 2007 164 000km, Oil changed every 10 000km, has always been totally quiet, here with newly changed and toppen with Castrol Edge 0w40 A3/B4 fast4d1 Год назад I have N52 with 103k miles. no problems other than coils and starter no issues with engine itself. still on original waterpump
  3. BMW had a lot of problems with many engines starting with letter N. Problems usually start somewhere not in the heart. But N52 is much better. Just don't forget to change oil a little bit more than factory recommends (go down from 15k miles to 12k miles) and only buy BMW certified oil (like..
  4. Compared with its M54 predecessor, the N52 features Valvetronic (variable valve lift),[7] a lighter block due to the use of a magnesium alloy[8] and an electric water pump (replacing the belt-driven water pump)[9][10] and a variable output oil pump.[11] The redline was increased from 6,500 rpm to 7,000 rpm.[12]

Problems with performing long-term trims for N43/N53 engines are observed in several “interesting” cases: in case of incorrectly registered injectors; if the Stratified charge mode is disturbed (if the engine is left in any of fixed working modes; if the engine has problems with NOx system, and if fuel trim error messages are recorded). BMW M52B25 (2.5 L, DOHC) engine specifications: displacement, power and torque, compression ratio, bore and stroke, oil type and capacity, service data BMW E30 S52 Engine Swap. Disclosure: we may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post via affiliate links to products. The S52 engine — the high-performance version of the 6-cylinder engine developed on the basis of the M52 engine for the sedan, a coupe and a..

Wide-band Lambda probes are placed on the beginning of exhaust system, before CO catalytic converters. The BMW N52 is a naturally aspirated straight-six petrol engine which was produced from 2004-2015. The N52 replaced the BMW M54 and debuted on the E90 3 Series and E63 6 Series. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for BMW N52 In case of good performance of CO catalytic converter, the average value of DC of the control probe signal is around 0,7 .. 0,9 V, AC component: insignificant.

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The 3.0 L (183 cu in) models of the N52 have a bore of 85 mm (3.35 in), a stroke of 88 mm (3.46 in) and a compression ratio of 10.7:1. Variations in power output are often due to different intake manifolds and variations of engine management software.[19] At the same time with control of CO catalytic converter, narrow-band Lambda probes perform also one more very important task: they calibrate the reference values of wide-band probes (it means, calibrate the wide-band probes, if/when Lambda = 1,00).Engineswork.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. BMW N54. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. The boost pressure is 8.8 psi and an air-to-air intercooler is used.[9] Compared with the naturally aspirated N52 engine (which the N54 Due to problems with rattling wastegates caused by premature bushing wear,[44][45] BMW extended the.. The BMW N52 is a naturally aspirated straight-six petrol engine which was produced from 2004-2015. The N52 replaced the BMW M54 and debuted on the E90 3 Series and E63 6 Series. The N52 was the first water-cooled engine to use magnesium/aluminum composite construction in the engine..

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Мембраны КВКГ для БМВ - здесь! квкг n52, квкг м54, квкг n46, клапанная крышка n55, клапанная крышка n20, клапан n45, квкг n42, квкг м62, квкг м50 b) the voltage of control probe drops down quickly after enriched mixture (high voltage ‘delay’ disappear). bmw n52 engine problems. Bmw N52 Engine Problems *FREE* bmw n52 engine problems Repair Instructions (REP) Securing engine in installation position (N55,N52T,N53) Applies to: N52 TU 2, N53, N55. Operating fluids (SBS) Main group 11. Service Information (SIT) BMW Quality Longlife-04 All Applies to: NOT USA The BMW N52 is a naturally aspirated straight-six petrol engine which was produced from 2004-2015. The N52 replaced the BMW M54 and debuted on the E90 3 Series and E63 6 Series

BMW N47D20 Specifications. Find models in which this engine was used and most common problems are compiled here. Common Problems: The N47 engine family is prone to excessive timing chain wear and premature failure. Rattling noise from rear of the engine is indicative of the condition I'm posting here to see if anyone had a similar experience and to see how they resolved the issue. I got an 08 E85 Z4 3.0i N52 Auto with 83,XXX miles and no mods. The issue initially started the day I picked up the car The BMW Engine Defect Class Action Lawsuit is Gelis, et al. v. Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, et al., Case No. 2:17­-cv-07386, in the U.S The problem had BMW scratching their heads for months as it was an intermittent problem and did not store the primary fault codes

The Burger Motorsports billet aluminum oil filter cover directly replaces your weak OE plastic cap for greater protection, ease of removal/install, and great looks in your engine compartment. Replaces oem BMW Part Number 11427525334 1. MSV70, MSV80 and MSD80 loader 1,001 don’t shows correct offset and multiplicative STFT + LTFT (no sum is displayed, don’t shows equal/correct measurements etc.); 2. MSV70, MSV80 and MSD80 loader 1,001 and 2,023 don’t shows setpoint values of wide-band probes, if they are different from 1,00, for example, not fully heated engine can have enriched mixture (for example, 0,98), but nothing will show, that such (enriched) mixture is required; 3. MSD80, loader 2.023 shows multiplicative STFT + LTFT correctly, but, for example, don’t shows impact of additional adaptations, which degrades accuracy of these measurements; wide-band probe setpoint values are displayed, but one menu don’t displays: Lambda values of wide-band, narrow-band and NOx sensor, which complicates the viewing of data; 4. MSD80, loader 2.023 don’t shows offset STFT + LTFT (sum), and one menu don’t shows additional adjustments of each injector, which don’t allows to compare proportion of fuel mixture of both banks in idle run; 5. For no engine setpoint differences of wide-band probes from default values (this would help to identify the incorrectly working narrow-band probe); 6. In one menu no Lambda values of wide-band probes and NOx sensors for N43/N53 are displayed, no differences are shown (that would ease the job); 7. No menu shows status of narrow-band probes: do they work in active range or – regularly “falls out” of active range (it would lead to incorrect performance of whole system); 8. For no engine status bits are shown, if wide-band probes are calibrated successfully; there is no literature, under what circumstances/modes these procedures are performed; for example, N53 starts the calibration of wide-band probes in idle run and keeps narrow-band probes in necessary mode only when the temperature of engine has reached the nominal and there are signs, which shows that the movement has started (increased RPM); 9. No engine has control points set, where could be possible to connect to probes and check live data of them.

BMW E46 ENGINE PROBLEMS Troubleshooting GUIDE 3 -Battery,sensors,MAF,Vanos,o2 SUPPORT MY Welcome to ShopLifeTV! In this video I go through the most common BMW E46 problems. 330i, 323i, 325i, 328i. Merchandis The BMW N52 is a naturally aspirated straight-six petrol engine which was produced from 2004-2015. The N52 replaced the BMW M54 and debuted on the E90 3 Series and E63 6 Series.

BMW's N52 engine is one of its most successful, and most produced inline-6 engines. The N52 was predominately found in the E90 325i, 328i and However, the N52 still has its fair share of common reliability problems. We're going to address the 7 most frequent engine issues the N52 experiences BMW N52 Engine Reliability 2020 Click here to buy the Oil system Protector amzn.to/2rNmXyz Click here to buy the forte advanced engine motor flush This oil change process is applicable to all BMW 3 series, 4 series, and 5 series equipped with the N52, N54, or N55 engine. Thanks for watching. BMW engines have been equipped with VANOS (VAriable NOckenwellen Steuerung, German for variable N series of engines (6-cylinder N52 and N55; V8 N62 and N62 TU; V12 N73, N73 TU and N74) The newer engines have a problem with sludge and debris build-up in the VANOS solenoids The situation (with no error messages stored in ECU memory), when/if any of wide-band probes shows value different from 1,00, but control probe/s – correct (0,7 .. 0,9 V), is more interesting. In this situation – allow engine run idle. If the mismatch don’t disappears for longer while (some 5 minutes) – by some reason the engine don’t performs the calibration of wide-band probes.

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