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Stock analysis for BTS Group Holdings PCL (BTS:Bangkok) including stock price, stock chart, company news, key statistics, fundamentals and company profile Jin goes on way more variety shows than V and MCs more. In fact Jin is the one who is basically always chosen to go in variety shows because he has great variety skills. So saying that Face of the Group means who goes on variety shows the most doesn’t make sense, because it definitely wouldn’t be V. Jungkook or RM are most likely the Face of the Group, Jungkook because he gets the most screen time and RM because he’s basically the spokesperson for the group.you say that Tae is part of the Dance Line! (and that’s correct since it was already confirmed by their choreographer) BUT the Dance Line can only consist of Main Dancer OR Lead Dancer Tae it’s obviously not a Main Dancer! so, what’s the only position left??? Lead Dancer

I literally became a fan just last night after watching their vids on youtube. Before all I knew was the word “K-pop” and that was it. BTS is my favorite. I love how they treat each other like brothers and their voices are always in perfect unison. They make me want to learn Korean!Namjoon or RM is now recognized as the highest ranking korean soloist (#26) on the Billboard 200 chart history.I saw jimin standing there with out dancing.. He just sang his part… Why??? (I’m a newbee.. so plz excuse me)I mean all of them are my bias but there’s a member that’s more we like than others. 나는 BTS 많이 사랑해 (I Love BTS a lot)I am sorry but jungkook has far better voice than any other member in his group. He truly can be a singer. And you think why is he so much popular than other members(except taetae) because he deserves it more than others. And in my opinion taetae is the one who is tooooooo much overrated.

Jin is not the lead vocal lol Otherwise, he would have a lot of lines in a lot of their songs LOL. (Sorry Jin I love you but you barely having lines hurts me) And V hasn’t rapped at all in any of their songs. 140 BTS (Bangtan Boys) Group wallpaper. Latest post is Rap Monster BTS IDOL 4K wallpaper. Browse for more HD, 4K, 8K, Ultra-HD Resolution i like your member profile. it’s detail. Sorry, but may i copy this? not all parts are copied. and I will include the link. please . . . 😀Sbs Bts Star Chanel Profile http://programs.sbs.co.kr/star/bts/cast/51439 (mind you it’s SBS. one of the top three major networks in South Korea )In one of their Vlive RM also Mentioned that Jimin is also a Main Vocalist along with Jungkook I don’t know If he means that they are the best Vocalist compare to other members or RM Really did meant that Jimin is a Main vocalist

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Wrong. Both J-Hope and Jimin are the main dancers since debut. Jungkook is a lead dancer. V is officially part of the dance line now as of this year and is also a visual alongside Jin. One role can be given to more than one member at the same time. Get your facts right please before telling others they’re wrong.Jungkook was voted the most sexiest man in the world 2018, and become a trending meme for his runway walk on Airplane Part 2 at the MAMA 2018 Hong Kong awards.Ikr if we will watch his recent vlive and the japan live performances of bts i swear he looked so so skinny i think he is now 62 or 61kg *my opinion* btw i just really want bts to eat properly health is first

Thanks for posting these photos! I love how versatile he is. He can be both funny (and doesn’t mind making some funny faces) but also deadly handsome.1) JHope is the Lead dancer not Taehyung or Jungkook. Taehyung is the backup dancer. He isn’t even in the dance line. (I know, he should be but he isn’t) Jungkook isn’t the lead dancer either. He’s one of the main dancers but JHope is the leader and teacher of the dance line. So please fix that.

I’m not gonna lie, but I didn’t like that J-hope was last on the list. I don’t want anyone to be last.J-Hope was not even once introduced as a Lead Rapper, even on the recent Korean interviews and shows he was always introduced as a Rapper only If you have the proof that he was introduced as a Lead rapper, please do share.

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That’s not really considered rapping. It’s still singing, just with a growling effect to his voice. He’s not considered a rapper at all.Will people ever learn the definition of FOTG position? *sigh* Face Of The Group is the band’s representative who usually gets invited in variety shows or who represents the band in different public events. In BTS all members are promoted pretty equally. It’s not like there is just one member who is always in all kinds of variety shows, they are all as a group or different members each time. BTS doesn’t have FOTG and definitely it isn’t Jungkook. I would say V fits this position more since he often got MC roles and was in some variety shows alone and also acted in Hwarang. But other members get their time to shine in tv programs as well so it’s hard to specify who is the FOTG. Basically FOTG is the most promoted member.j-hope is such a cutie he on my bias list with rm V choi young jai mark and daniel and everyone else on exo got7 and bts3. V was also introduced as a Visual in an official BTS – Run episode, more exactly in ep 16 he’s officially introduced as a Visual https://i.imgur.com/yScEyS9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ywjwTrt.jpg remove captions and see the hangul, the word they used was exactly ‘Visual’ when they presented him. and it’s a video released on vLive by BTS’ staff, it’s not like it’s a random show who doesn’t even know their positions…. https://i.imgur.com/uzUI8UL.jpg http://www.vlive.tv/video/25588 (Skip to 01:21)BTS Official Accounts: Instagram: @bts.bighitofficial Twitter: @bts_twt Facebook: bangtan.official Official website: bts.ibighit.com V Live: BTS channel Official Fan Cafe: BANGTAN TikTok: @bts_official_bighit

I’m not a V hater though. And I don’t think he’s taking Jin’s position. I do agree that V is underrated though. Also I feel like people do acknowledge that he’s talented, far more than Jin or the entire Hyung line for that matter but again just my opinion. And I know that in Korea and even internationally he’s seen as very handsome, you’d have to be blind to find him ugly. But don’t jump to conclusions please. Just because I don’t agree with something doesn’t mean I’m an hater. The end of comparison of groups? period iu bts mamamoo blackpink ateez exo red velvet twice got7 just to name a few of the groups im stanning i need a hug *coughs* Um excuse me sir/ma’am/ non binary person/ I DO pay attention to J-hope. Don’t assume things. Also I never mentioned anything about whether or not he composes. I do admit, I forgot about some of the songs that he sung in, but I was not including songs he did alone.His position is rapper. J-hope is the best singer in the rap line though. I honestly don’t care if JK is Golden Maknae, It’s fine to be good at a lot of things. I’m not dissing J-hope either. Just chill ok? Sorry If my statement made you angry. But I mean, J-hope is a good boi. chill Sope-me. Dang. I was lowkey hurt at your last paragraph. But have a picture of Hobi so you’ll chill out. Bye. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f71f5c8d563c59f3eb03a4dcbb3a45ac0faca4c31f1fb55de166395236e1759a.gif

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because of me jungkook is no.1 now in “who is your bias” and i voted many times for him .. i luv jungkook….Please.. It’s not about what they are capable of, these are the positions they debuted with and positions don’t change after a while. In fact taehyung is not officially a lead dancer despite being good, and he’s more like a side visual than the official one as only jin was the only one introduced as visual when they debuted. Please stoooop bringing up positions and know that you don’t need positions to think that a member is the best vocalistdancervisual even if he wasn’t the main one.that is false. He is not just a damn “sub” rapper. he is part of the damn rap line. Do your research before you spout nonsense.girl this is a comment section that is open to everyone.They can comment whatever they want. You can’t tell someone “Nobody cares go somewhere” if you hate bts that much, don’t spend your time in here. You are replying to every single comment😂

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Their names are currently BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan, and Beyond the Scene and the Koreans did not give them the name Bangtan Sonyeondan since it was already set as their group name before debut.I just love Jin. He has not only got me with his visuals but also with his amazingly soothing voice.. So my bias list would be like: 1.Jin 2.V/Suga 3.nam/hope 4.Jimin/JK

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I know what you’re talking about. what I mean is what’s in their official profile. If you keep bragging about V’s no. 1 most handsome face of the world by votes then Ill brag about JIn’s nicknames locally and internationally. we are talking about the official role of members because Jk and V were included in the visual trio.He has become such a talented and sexy man. He`s cute and sweet. Beautiful voice. Perfect body. One of the best dancers, He has a very manly presence that stands out when he dances, which leaves us breathless *w* He also seems to be a fairly balanced person despite being the youngest. I guess those would be some of the reasons 🙂 Excuse me for my bad englishwhy??? look here at 1.17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uz4rWSIHiA they are both acknowledged as visuals, but since Jin is the official Visual they added 2nd visual to V but as members said, they 2 are the BTS’s visuals so it’s not fair to not be mentioned in V’s profile at all -______- 😱😱2014 wooow! Well I’m late, I got into bts when bs&t came out and j-hope was the first member to got my eyes and I got into bts coz him I think that I heard that one of the members of GLAM went to prison for a year or something? Not sure if it’s true, though.

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Omg no!! I was too busy on school work that I forgot that Rap Monster’s birthday was coming!! How could I?!!?! But Happy Birthday Rapmon!! heh God Of Destruction. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2355e69b0531f3e5279d1ce6e3cb6586e4977603e803de32e2831dbb1fcb1c15.gifI kept on laughing while looking on JK’s position. Like, he can do everything at once. Go hyung! You’re my frigging bias. PS: My bias list in bangtan 1. Jeon Jeongguk 2. Kim Taehyung 3. Min Yoongi 4. Jung Hoseok 5. Kim Namjoon 6. Park Jimin 7. Kim SeokjinAlthough I have most in common with Jin I have mad respect for Jimin’s style & dance the most and view him as my most favorite member. However the entire group is on fire right now and are taking the K-Pop industry by storm. They’ve been very successful in their career thus far and I have much faith they will continue to make great music with them all become major hits. So hwaiting BTS! 😉👊Jhope is main dancer and the rest dance line member considere as lead dancer Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung are lead dancer,Sbs Bts Star Chanel Profile http://programs.sbs.co.kr/star/bts/cast/51439 (SBS. one of the top three major networks in South Korea)

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I’m not sure if you even read my comment but you exactly said what I said. I already stated that the face of the group is the one who is most recognized by the general public and NOT Armys. RM used to have that title when BigHit send him to do solo interviews and when he went on problematic men but since Taehyung starred in Hwarang and won most handsome face, many koreans started to see him as a “pretty face”. He is like the Seolhyun (from AOA) of BTS. Also my bias in BTS is Jhope so I’m not even being biased here. It’s true that RM is among the members that are well known in the public eye but at the end, Taehyung is more recognizable recently. Also my ultimate favorite group is MONSTA X so I know enough about them and Shownu isn’t the least popular member in MX. He is in top3.obviously not. RM is the main rapper. J-Hope is the main dancer and lead rapper. Jungkook is the main vocal and lead dancer. Everyone’s position written in this web is correct.V improved much and their choreographer said it, but I’m not exactly sure he’s actually a Lead Dancer I mean yeah, he’s definitely better than Suga, Jin and RM, he’s between the ones who can dance decently fine, but not sure if he’s actually a Lead Dancer

Please update it https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/19a6f09b0f366a84dff11175e385692bcf66f3f10d6778ce82b6a431e92dd4a3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8d2ebf344bf703e7a73fe0f96fad165068f4632799ff3a6aca7ea2d5711c17f3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5bb3dea0af597ca04eb4c70963e4557a5559d340a7d7813623ad9fe8b824ff41.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/84a90081346382415d183caf93dfc39e15eeab0ed08359515533e89528bb8ac1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e19433e0d01927cbabbbbc8aaf1d77393564771f87ce46ca6c9f2dce0c6384aa.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/94b094535b3406ee8fc7a1a812b8fba612749644e29766c7cded3a8785b34b19.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/629cdf4f4e990147b6fbcb07e0c81a4f3fb345d73d2d0e02769f4b2dc45ed32c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc697beed33df2344a635729375a16fc884549c2b367d7ce79aacfd4096bcd5f.jpg to their new comeback photosOf course they have to share rooms because there aren’t enough separate rooms for the 7 of them.ARMY! I am currently working on the profile for TXT for those of you who are waiting~! Are you excited for them?

In kpop, main dancers are the best dancers and lead dancers are the second bests. Yes, J-Hope does teach and help others in dancing but he and Jimin are still both main dancers and Taehyung and Jungkook lead dancers.For years, you were non existent in my life, Until lately you jammed in making me realize, I have been missing out fun time, If only I can turn back time.

Actually, it is about what they are capable of. They’ve grown so much since their debut, and they deserve the title of lead vocalist. Plus it’s my opinion and i can bring it up when I want, grow some backbone dude -_- BTS members (Bangtan boys) profile- V,Suga,RM,Jimin,J-Hope,Junkook,Jin.They are the most popular k-pop artist in the world and won a BBMA 2017-18

There are some people who only like one member and they are called solo stans….but everyone has a bias.. BTS is young. Eldest member Jin is only 23. Members are also well-trained, which is clear from the level of expertise they show in their finely choreographed videos Sub-vocalist and vocalist are the same thing. The term “sub-vocalist” is just a different way to say that some member hasn’t a vocal as good as the lead vocalist. I listen to kpop since 2006 and and it has always been so. It never changed. NEVER. It’s obvious that within a group there will be some vocalists better than others, but it doesn’t mean that they should be separated in such a precise way. There is some groups that has two main vocalists or more. An example: SNSD (until 2014) had two main vocalists: Taeyeon and Jessica. If we compare, Taeyeon wins. Does that mean Jessica would have to be sub-main vocalist? Of course not. It’s not because J-Hope has the worse voice of the group that he’s a sub-vocalist. He’s a vocalist like V, for example. Therefore, the sub-rapper should be classified as rapper and not sub-rapper, because below the lead rapper would be the rapper, and after the sub-rapper. The term “sub” is a way to say that member doesn’t have as much potential/voice skills as a lead/main vocalists, but has a good enough voice to support the lead/main vocalists. I mean, any member that’s considered “vocalist” is automatically “sub-vocalist”. Jin, V and J-Hope are vocalists/sub-vocalists.

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  1. If you looked it up by feet then it’s wrong. You have to look it up by inches then convert it to feet using the 12 inches in 1 foot basis. 173 cm is 5’8. I’m 5’6 and I’m only 168 cm.
  2. Thank you for mentioning #1, #2 and #6. I discovered KPOP with BTS and I became an Army first, but they just helped open up my world so I could find so many other talented groups to be a fan of also. Over 3 years I became a multifandom stan and I love the music from all my favorite groups equally. It makes me sad to see Army attacking other fandoms sometimes. 🙁
  3. Jungkook isn’t the face of the group. BTS doesn’t have FOTG since they don’t promote one member constantly. Don’t mistake it with a center or visual. I’d say V (bc he’s really popular in Korea and also internationally) or RM (because he as a leader often represents them in shows and interviews) fits that position more but as I said it’s hard to choose just one to be the face so stop spreading not assured information
  4. BTS | Complete BTS Group Holdings PCL stock news by MarketWatch. View real-time stock prices and stock quotes for a full financial overview
  5. Also you forgot V originally was a trainee to be a rapper but wanted to be a singer so JHope, who was supposed to be a singer, traded with Taehyung just so Taehyung can follow his dream of being a singer. JHope had to learn how to Rap from Suga and RM (but mostly practiced by himself)

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The members are okay with being shipped together? I don’t think so. They shouldn’t be shipped with anyone. Not their members, friends, or other groups in general.There is no such thing as a sub dancer, that only exists in terms of vocalists and rappers. He is a lead dancer.

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That’s not how positions work. Someone’s position can’t just change because they get more lines. It doesn’t matter if the person gets more lines, they are still their position.actually these positions don’t really matter. a lot of times I got annoyed before on different companies for not giving better positions to my biases. but not anymore! who cares if he’s a lead vocalist or a vocalist as long as we still can enjoy his awesome voice?? who cares if he’s 1st visual or the 2nd visual as long as he is a visual? we love him and he has lots of fans that’s all that matter!!!Taehyung just keep on nominating on “most handsome face in the world” how on earth he’s not a visualIt’s not okay to ship anyone together. Friend wise okay, but most shipping is romantic and don’t act like it’s not. Also, their sexual orientation is not for anyone to decide or to assume through edited shipping videos.

I only came back here for some facts not to get attacked by how handsome they are 🙁 but seriously tho, I LOVE THEIR VISUALS!!! <3I’ve been reading the comments earlier and I notice that somebody seems to disagree with jungkook’s position then saying unapprooriate words towards him, seriously? whats your problem to our maknae?upvote me pweze?…. IF U LIKE BTS UPVOTE THIS https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f0474a9e0bedb7a057084be74426bdbdb08db45655fcbe29ee39c5e723d8973c.png SO KAWAII OR AEGYO

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omg dude if you just wanna hype up one person and make up lies just so your bias can stand out go stan somebody thats not in a band?I don’t get it why people think he is a lead dancer when the members said it several times that he’s the Main Dancer along with Jimin. when BTS had those shows when they trained in the US Jhope was even mention as the best dancer in BTS. also, usually he has the solo stage dances when BTS are invited to MAMA or other big showsActually , it that ranking was not from the official or a big channel…… And if you are talking about it…. then Tae also got 1st in 100 most handsome men 2018 , 10 most handsome men , 10 most attractive men, and 100 asian hearthrobs…My interpretation of BloddyMary88’s comment: It’s nice as a new ARMY to get to know them more. I always laugh when BTS members tease Jimin saying his height is short. But then I check what his height is online, and based on what I see, it must mean I’m short too! That’s because I’m around the same height, 174 cm. And all the boys are a lot taller than me. Well, it’s nice to have them taller than me, though. ^.^

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Blood type AB isn’t rare lol. It’s the best one because they can take blood from people with any blood type.@disqus_8oNxVVUGed:disqus Thanks a lot, as always. It has been added to Jimin’s individual profile and we gave you credits in the post there. 🙂By clicking the "send" button, you confirm that you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge you have read and understood our Privacy Policy@disqus_eptMyZuvyG:disqus @FaDe_26:disqus Written by BigHit themselves, “Run” episode 16, here’s the link: http://www.vlive.tv/video/25588 Skip to 01:21

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  1. @nabilahsaiful:disqus yes, more recently, when he was interviewed for J-14 Magazine magazine he said his favorite color was blue. there were prints from the magazine all over the net. http://pm1.narvii.com/6455/6ae96dd977979246aae4f50856cb8dcc6ea2659f_hq.jpg
  2. Why is jhope down there he deserves more ohh and RM wtf is this he is the leader they more deserve more
  3. i get what you mean bob but in kpop the leader is called main and the second best is called lead 🙂
  4. @disqus_gTZnxn7elC:disqus Thank you for the links, it’s much appreciated! 🙂 Just letting you know that we give credits in the post to anyone who first provides the comeback photos along with their names.
  5. there are some fans that are complaining their bias’ positions like wth it doesnt matter at all just love them fairly and dont leave someone out

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Main Dancer is a more important position in the dance line and both JHope and Jimin are the Main dancers for BTS. JK and V are next as Lead Dancers. It’s like in a Ballet company, the Principal dancer is the main dancer of the company, while there are several lead dancers that support. Hope this helps.I’m literally shook my Birthday is the 21st of feb and my sister’s birthday is same as jungkook’s omfghonestly for many years I’ve been somewhat of a kpop anti but I’m so glad that i love it now idk there’s something different about bts.. their so amazing & im glad I stan now. Even tho I love all the members, jungkook remains my favourite like that boy immediately captured my attention & made me wanna check out bts & I love his voice sm :))

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not all the bands have a FOTG, but just the bands when 1 single member is super promoted like Hani (EXID), Seolhyun (AOA), Cha Enwoo (Astro), Suzy (MissA) etc BTS promotes all its members equally what you said about ‘the member that the general public know’…. that’s subjective. there are ppl who only know Jin because he was praised many times for his looks, there are ppl who know Jungkook, there are ppl who when hear of BTS first think of RM because he kept talking during international promotions, there are ppl who know Taehyung, etc if just 1 single member would have been constantly sent to variety shows, tv events, etc to promote the whole band, then yes, that member would be the one ‘representing the band’, the ‘face of the group’ What does BTS stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 94 meanings. MLA style: BTS. Acronym Finder. 2020. AcronymFinder.com 8 May Jeon Jungkook : the main vocalist of BTS, singer, songwriter. As a songwriter, Jungkook has six songs accredited to his name by the Korea Music Copyright Association. Jungkook hobbies include video editing (Golden Closet Films), photography, drawing, making covers. He knows Taekwondo (he has a black belt). In an October 2018 solo live broadcast on Korean streaming service, V Live, Jungkook broke the record of most real-time viewers on the site’s history, with more than 3.7 million viewers worldwide. In December 2018, a video of Jungkook singing in his studio was revealed to be the most retweeted tweet in South Korea that year.Pls add taehyung is the face of the grioup. Face of the group is incharge in promoting itself and the group, having more exposure on media. Taehyung is the only actor in the group, he often invited to become an MC in some music shows, and luckily he was named as #1 most handsome man ib the world. Taehyung is surely the face, I hope other armys will get to know this.Thank you! I wanted to say that too, and wanted add something, please don’t compare them to BTS, they would have a pressure to debut and be expected to follow BTS’s steps. And I’m agree with stunning them now, it is my 1st group that I stan from pre-debut😁 btw sorry if you didn’t understand me, my English sucks so it would be hard to understand me😅

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Well firstly considering that I Main support had said that V gets around the same amount of lines or sometimes more or less than Jimin he should be considered a lead vocalist. Back when BTS started Jimin pretty much had more lines than V but now it has changed. And also V is overall considered a better singer than Jimin so he is definately considered as a lead vocalist now. It goes like Jungkook>V>Jimin>Jin for vocals. Also I think V is for sure now considered a visual as his position as well.Guys remember that the muscles and the bones also weight. I know persons who look skinnier but weight more than other persons I think is safer to wait for BigHit official announcement regarding his weightBTSMembersAge 20年(1997年9月1日) 中國 22年(1995年12月30日) V 25年(1993年3月9日) スガ 22年(1995年10月13日) ジミン 24年(1994年2月18日) J-Hope 23年(1994年9月12日) RMgosh. it’s not that deep. they asked that kind of question to every group. but none of them reacted that way. it was supposed to be fun. But this overreaction from fans. I don’t know I just find it very childish

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  1. Hi @ KProfiles or anyone else, can i ask? I’ve been to this page before, and I’m kinda sure Tae’s only position is vocal, when did he become the 2nd visual? (and no, i’m not doubting his handsomeness, i mean look at him lol) I’m just curious when did he officially became BTS’s second visual? Was there an announcement or episode wherein they stated Tae’s the 2nd Visual? Thank you :))
  2. Also when I say Shownu is in top3 of the more popular member then I am talking about what Koreans think. He isn’t really popular among international fans but koreans like him. Just like how Changkyun/I.M is one of the least popular member among Koreans but he is one of the more popular member for international fans
  3. yes the logic is that he is a Lead rapper, but he was always introduced in S. Korea as a Sub-Rapper please check all the Korean profiles, including the Korean interviews they had so I think we should ask Big Hit why he is always been introduced as Sub-rapper
  4. You disgust me. Crazy fangirls like you don’t deserve positive attention. He isn’t yours, and he’ll never notice you if you have that attitude. Here’s a thought, If you want to be noticed by idols and liked by them, be casual. Example: I’m Seokjin’s ideal type, and I don’t freak out.
  5. he released the self-produced song “4 O’Clock” On June 8, 2017 features RM, to celebrate Bangtan boys’ fourth anniversary.
  6. @btsmyworld:disqus I answered about J-Hope too. I said Wikipedia is not an official source because everyone can edit there. Please read carefully. I honestly still think he is a Lead Rapper not a Sub Rapper. But if there is any reliable source (if some of the members or some of BTS’s official staff said he’s a Sub-Rapper, then ok, I accept that, but I will need PROOFS)

ahh i see ur point and personally, my bias is jungkook and my bias wrecker is jimin but i feel like all are attractive and i just look to personality and talent more (not saying that theyre more talented, just that its a personal preference)Also I’m not sharing it everywhere this was the first place I shared it. I had not known that sasaeng fans leaked it

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Tbh I’m tired of people saying ” I miss the old BTS ” I personally think that they ( bts ) are still the same people from their debut, and the only thing that has changed is their music and the fact that they have matured and have accomplished so many things.Tae is my baby,my bias,my new love https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b688eb6c0c35743ad094d5c35c6e74fba2571ccd2844dedbceba751856dc36f.jpg IN RUN BTS EP. 40 THAT RM SAID JHOPE NEW STAGE NAME IS 9… BUT ITS NOT CONFIRMED THOUGH…LETS JUST WAIT FOR THE INFORMATION 🙂please do share a video where they said it then. or a link to the interview where they said it. ^_^ on BigHit official site they listed the height and weights as I showed you above, so basically those are the official heights and weights till a new notice but if members said something else in a recent video or interview then people should find out, so please do share else everyone can come with different numbers.. but if they can show proofs, ok

K https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f113d01486458c8512c8add6f560c8368b41947d5eb325ef72734899ee092e4c.png Follow them On Twitter :– All bts  members share 1 single twitter account, BTS twitter :– @btsActually you are wrong, he was officially confirmed as the member of dance line after Singularity…. and why does it bothers you that he is the part of dance line….he can dance just like JungkookBtw I’m not Jin-biased (though he’s definitely a bias wrecker but who in BTS isn’t) Suga is my bias And I’m sorry if I came off as a V hater or something, that wasn’t my attention at all. I love V.RM https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2431e7d7ff5bfbbd98a9f8c6c5f2cdaef267c6db557747f7195d5a7895d0700e.jpg

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  1. BTS has gone and done it again. K-pop group BTS has broken the world record for most Twitter engagements, according to a report by HuffPost
  2. It’s very different from group to group and company and company, but in bts and bighit you gotta do a little more to get the position.
  3. Kookie is a sub rapper if you listen to no more dream does he rap, he is not a rapper so much today, but he have been sub rapper what means if there is a rap part that they (the rap line) thinks he should rap then would he most likely rap it.
  4. the boyz has 3 official visuals, nct dream has 2 official visuals (if we add taeyong (nct u, nct 127) that means nct has 3 official visuals)
  5. Up vote for breathtaking Jin https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/19acd2e14857cf27c50f48b37768b4b263d65ad60fa642ae46a0ba572d6d33ed.jpg
  6. The word in Hangul used by BigHit staff was exactly VISUAL. Remove the CC and check the Korean version! https://i.imgur.com/4jhudk7.jpg And the members said V and Jin are BTS’s visuals. They also used the words :”Bangtan visuals” in the other video at 1:17 (just listen carefully)!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uz4rWSIHiA

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I just saw weibo trends. Oh my Jungkook! Wake up and see your impact. See your power! Pls just love yourself, Jungkook! Believe yourself! You are an amazing performer. Remember we love you and always here for you, our lil euphoria🖤why is hoseok just a ‘rapper’. i understand he wasn’t a rapper when he first came to bighit but now he is and gets alot of rap lines and is amazing he deserves ‘lead rapper’ at least. also the biased ass poll….. no wordsMacy dear we V stans had a hard time just because you are not attacking him does not mean that others are not attacking him . But armys had grown up alot these past few years things like this happen but not that much. Thank God. If you had stan tae since 2013 you would understand all the things she said. You seem like a nice army who never comment bad things😘 but there are many armies who would say ” I like BTS and I think ***** is my fave but ****** is ugly af” even one of my bestfriend said this and she calls herself an army. This is not how true armys think. Atleast you sound like a true army 😗 love you @macy

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The BigHit staff who made the BTS “Run” ep 16 officially introduced his as BTS’s Visual!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if I can make a ‘bias’ list, bcs I love them in different ways. I saw that a lot of girls made a list and I think that it’s not a problem if I make one too. 1. Jungkook: yeah he is my ULTIMATE BIAS for LIFE; he’s perfect (bunny face, perfect body, abs, muscles, bunny smile, best vocalist, best dancer-for me-, maknaeeeee, rapper, bias wrecker… i’m Gonna stop it here. I’m sure that Novostei will read this tbh) 2. V: he’s… weird, but cute. That’s Why i love him 3. J-Hopeeeee: tbh, i don’t know Why i love him so much 4. Suga: ok man, it’s a big difference between Suga, Min Yoongi and AgustD 5. Jimin: everyone loves His abs 6. Jin: aegyo, much aegyo 7. RapMon: i don’t hate him, but i love JK, V, JM, J, JH, SG more 🙂

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I think jungkook is the face of the group if you havent noticed hes always in the center of even when they are not performing. Just look at their standing positions, photoshoots, etc. Even though other members sometimes got to stand in the center but jungkook is always consistent . Thats how you know if a member is being promotedI love them all they are my homesick reliever..but my bias is Taehyung when i saw him in hwarang i fall inlove with his cuteness and i want to pinch his cheeks.Yeah, yeah, every time members of staff said V was a Visual was ‘sarcasm”….. but when they said that Jin is the visual that wasn’t sarcasm…. (according to you) Just shut up and accept it! They are both considered VISUALS – according to the members and the staff!!!!That was in the beginning. In the more recent interviews he said his favorite color is blue It appeared in a recent interview for a US magazine http://i.imgur.com/xcVk2pu.jpg

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  1. I feel like Rap Monster, Jin and V would be the face of the group. Because Rap Monster is the person who talks on behalf of BTS during interviews like the Ellen Show and speaks English really well. Jin was also MC many times. And V acted in Hwarang. So he’s also an actor which I believe would make him popular as well.
  2. I think in the beginning Big Hit decided that only Jin was the visual, but lately (meybe because they saw V’s rising popularity, I don’t know…) they decided to also give him the position as Visual
  3. I cant choose a bias between Suga and J-Hope http://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/sites/sbs.com.au.popasia/files/suga_feat_crop.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/88/f7/4a/88f74ae57cc20af6dc16855e9fcce780–jung-hoseok-selca-jhope-selca.jpg http://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/sites/sbs.com.au.popasia/files/bts-jhope.jpg
  4. Like you said BTS promotes as a group so they don’t have an official “face of the group.” However, I still have to disagree. RM is still the most recognized by people outside of the fandom and I’m not talking about just in Korea. Being voted for “most handsome face” was done by the fandom not the general public, so that doesn’t even count. Shownu is definitely more popular internationally, like the U.S, than he is in Korea within the fandom. Even Minhyuk said so when they were talking about what regions each member is more popular. Not sure if you mean in the Korean fandom, but if so he is definitely not in the top 3 for most popular. I would say 6th or 7th. Maybe for the general public, top 3 but fandom wise no way.

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U didn’t even read my comment fully so back off. And get out of the comment section if you’re just going to start crap. It’s so immature.No, a disbandment means the group is over for good. BTS renewed their contract last year for another 7 years. They will however possibly go on hiatus or do solo/sub unit work. It will all depend on the company and their plans for enlistment since we don’t know if they’ll all enlist together or go one by one.

okay its fucking annoying when people say that taehyung isnt in the dance line get your shit together, he is since singularity, it was even confirmed! damn fake armys if you cant deal with it fine but stop hatingAie, my bad! I didn’t see the copy/paste rule until I finished reading! I put two things in a Hangouts chat. My bad!TaeTae my one and only,.. i love all of them,but Taehyung managed to capture my entire existence in less than a week,no one ever managed that haha i cant wait to meet you up closee!!!(btw why people categorize the least liked members of them?? 0.o That aint right) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/02a9823a70b414074ed3de38edae127dadd190ace40249859d5fce32a8694251.jpg Hoseok is also the lead rapper along side Yoongi and since when is the Tae the lead dancer? they never said that

In Army 5th kit Taehyung is the center of the photos, but it can change. Now we see a change between V and JK all the time. I think it’s because they are very popular@ronijsrovio:disqus I personally think the t-shirt is super adorable, I’m pretty sure she will love itthey changed many times their answers. he also said he would date Jin if he was a girl. I guess they all gave different answers at different periods of time.1. TAEHYUNG i mean this man kills me even if he’s just standing and not doing anything like can u not you’re already mY BIAS TAE u don’t have to wreck me like that 🙁Sinb of gfriend has the same role model as jungkook (i mean not role mode but ideal type) AAA I SHIP SINKOOK (i’m sorry i’m obssesed with SinKook)

ikr. That was my point. It doesn’t change suddenly. What i want to say is, if you listen to songs from 2008, 2012, 2016, they are totally different. As the time passes, music style changes. I think kpop is more calm now. They are trying different styles. It all started in the middle 2017. Kpop was gold in 2015-2016. I think they are trying to be more unique.nothing has happened to him he’s 22 i’m pretty sure he’s just maturing… I love all versions of Tae the quiet one and the energetic, it’s cool to remember people are mulitfaceted

i dont stan bts, but i support them as well armys who resecpt my opinions and things. but ofc i respect your opinion as well too. 1,138 results for bts group. Save bts group to get e-mail alerts and updates on your Unfollow bts group to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and.. @charlenecachero:disqus not all the bands have a FOTG. FOTG is the one that always represents his band on variety shows (like…. 90% of time) like in AOA’s Seolhyun case I don’t think that BTS only promotes 1 single member. sometimes we see Rap Mon representing the band, other times we see V representing his band on tv shows some people still mistake the FOTG with the Center or with the Visual or with the one who’s most popular internationally. the FOTG is the one who’s most popular in Korea and the proof is that is always invited to variety shows due to his popularityno, they’ve just added Beyond The Scene for another meaning of their name. Their name is still Bangtan sonyeondan. Beyond The Scene is just their offical international name because they had never had an offical international name before. Sorry for my bad Englishmy bias is V! not gonna lie at first he became my bias becasue of his gorgeous looks (when i first saw bts i was like damn he’s hot), but later i learned that he is such a positive and caring person and has a really amazing and unique personality. he always makes me laugh and puts smile on my face <3

can ya’ll let him have anything? seriously, like leave my boy alone all he does is love and all he gets in return are pressed idiots always on his ass for everything. i go on twitter/ig/youtube i see ppl bashing him i come here I scroll thru some comments and see ppl bein passive aggressive abt him ugh whats wrong with him being called the lead dancer? with him being called a visual? does it take it away from jungkook or seokjin? It doesn’t, the role is still clearly right next to their names like it always has been & taehyung being a lead dancer and visual does not affect the other two in the slightest so why is everybody so upset? isn’t it sad how he’s always preaching about loving ot7 but he’s the one that gets hate for the stupidest things from solo stans and supposed “armys”. anyway sorry i’ve just put up with so much tae hate the past month and don’t get me started when singularity got released like go and check some of the comments under the tweet bighit released abt the song. ya’ll really can’t let him have anything. anyway, i just needed to rant. debate ur trashcan.We aren’t dragging your bias, we’re just clarifying that nothing was confirmed. I don’t think Bighit would add another lead dancer. The 3Js are there for a reason, and Taehyung isn’t on their level yet, but of course he’s good at dancing, we aren’t downgrading him at all. He may or may not be in the dance line, but he was NOT confirmed to be a lead dancer.My daughter Zoey is a huge fan she’s 7 yrs old she has the whole family dancing to Mic Drop we love that song .were from Texas United states….are y’all gonna do concerts near us?Ok thanks for this reply, it got me kinda shook on how detailed you explained the possibilities of the roles of Bts. But On the Jin part, I would disagree because Jin is Improving the most out of all members ( I know the others are too alongside Jin, but he seems to be better and better ) On the other hand, Jin also became more stable so again he’s improving. tf, you dont get to decide their positions just bu improvements or your opinions, that’s not how it works honey. these should come from their company, ugh. read more.

V is lead dancer over Jhope and Jimin? no this is not right. V become part of the dance line as main dancer not lead dancer. Don’t make your bias feelings get in the way of true information.please correct this.on Vlive they said V was part of the dance line.They did not said he is the dance leader.I love them all so fucking much, but Jimin is my bias! But his ideal type is someone who’s smaller than him and damn he’s 1.75 cm and I’m 1.74, I’m tall and he never would notice that inch less. 😔 Well, then I should play the card of the nice and cute girl lol.You got all their weights right except for Jungkook. He’s actually 66kg (source: bts.ibighit.com their official blog site) 🙂1. He was officially announced as part of the Dance Line by BTS’s official chorographer Son Sung Deuk (who has been BTS’ main choreographer ever since their debut) https://i.imgur.com/L4Bkkcw.png Dance Line = Lead Dancer or Main Dancer. Dancer or Sub-Dancer is not a position because they all dance!!! Get your facts right guys before saying ‘didn’t he mean he is a Sub-Dancer?’ No, because the only 2 positions that are in the Dance Line are Lead Dancer or Main Dancer!!!!!Jungkook is close with Mingyu,DK and The8(SVT), Yugyeom and Bambam(Got7) and Jaehyun(Nct). They’re called 97 liner.

lol do you own BH? can you explain why everytime they introduced the visual they were always said V??? in run bts the staffs gave him the title, and in bangtan bomb when the member were asked “who’s in charge of visual” they shouted V and push him to the front, and in dna comeback preview when jin praised his face then V asked “aren’t i the the visual here?” and so many other things. i think only the real army knew about these *excluding solo stans*.Jin https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/589358eed711bb168434b9ed048373aefc048fd9812a4e71019fe5796c510cb3.jpg I agree. Tae started as a vocals only, but his co member always says his really handsome and of course even the staff… now its official, that makes him the second.

Dang learn to speak with manner. What you implying then Maknae lines are just faces and no talents? Rap Mon is one of my bias and love him to death but I think all other members are talente just as him!The height conversion from cm to feet is wrong, here are their “real” heights( I haven’t personally measured them so this is what I get from the provided centimeters)And sub means you get very little lines in either rap or vocal, depending on which is specified. If Hoseok were just a “sub” rapper, then he would have barely any lines and wouldn’t be included in any of the rap line tracks. He’s a lead rapper. Networks get stuff wrong all the time, for a music festival they once listed Namjoon as a lead vocalist rather than main rapper in a profile, are you all of a sudden going to start saying he’s a member of the vocal line instead?I also personally thought he is a Lead Rapper. He raps as much as Suga does, and his rapping is very good. But… He was always introduced as a Sub Rapper in S. Korea.

Jungkook https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8262d96b57e55ea8575869706e31b4735c155133f9bb3204d9ec23a7d33e6311.jpgLMAO. You obviously haven’t done your research. JHope HIMSELF has said he gave up his spot so taehyung can achieve his dream. It doesn’t MATTER when JHope joined. It happened AFTER Taehyung joined. God. Maybe YOU should grow up and actually look it up instead of blindly shouting that someones wrong. Bye communistyou can never trust a pic when they stay next to each other. in Korea insoles are VERY popular. so, can you tell for sure which member has the biggest insoles???be it maknae, hyung, visual, dancer, rapper or vocalist, I love all of BTS members, you can’t just love one, you have to love them equally, it’s what an ARMY is all about. I may have a bias and favor one over the other, but I will defend each member to the core!Positions are what each member “contributes” or does in a group. A Visual Position usually has a lot of close ups in A video, but in BTS’s case each member gas a lot of visuals, Though V and Jin are the officials. Maknae is just a term for the youngest member, which is Jungkook. A bias is your favorite member, and you bias wrecker is the member that differs you from your bias.

the official visual is Jin. not Taehyung. for Korean standards, Jin is by far the most handsome in the group. for “Fan” standards, Taehyung is the most handsome in the group.Min Yoongi stated that the guys had to get rid of Yeontan in April because most of the time he was left alone.The profile pics are already updated to their You Never Walk Alone photoshoot. If you still see the old photos, refresh the page and delete your browser’s cache.Hi, actually there is nothing like “actually main” and “main”. Jimin and hobi are main dancers. Jk and V are lead dancers.

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