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Topics. Flat Earth. 12 Recent Stories. Culture. I think that's the dumbest shit I've heard in my life, he said in his movie about flat Earthers About FEIC Who we are, and yes, we believe the earth is flat! Tales From The Flat Earth is a fantasy series by British writer Tanith Lee. The novels take inspiration from One Thousand and One Nights and are similarly structured as interconnected stories. The series has been well-received, and Death's Master, the second book in the series.. The idea of a flat Earth is that the surface of the Earth is flat (a plane). Belief in a flat Earth is found in the oldest writings. Early Mesopotamian maps showed the world as a flat disk floating in the ocean. This was a common belief until the Classical Greeks began to discuss the Earth's shape about the 4th..

The Flat Earth Society is well known, and widely assumed to be a group of people who lobby the The Flat Earth Society does indeed exist, but its current incarnation is quite a bit different today than.. Search free flat Wallpapers on Zedge and personalize your phone to suit you You have to know how to make scientific conclusions about the shape of the earth from observations you can You don't need to know anything about the flat earth doctrine (or any of their so-called..

This flat earth deception page provides proof that airplane flights in the Southern Hemisphere prove Flat earthers make claims about airplane flight patterns, but their explanations use a north-polar.. I was not a believer in the flat earth theory at first. But in the last couple of weeks I have been doing research on the possibility of a flat earth. One interesting fact is that the calculations of the distance for the moon and sun from earth was based on a curved earth. If you take the same formula and base it on a flat earth the numbers change drastically. Instead of the sun being many million miles away from earth it is only 3000 miles away from earth. Also it has the moon and sun as the same size and distance from earth. While the other one has the moon and sun many miles apart and by coincidence when a eclipse occurs the moon blocks the sun. If we really think about how can you see something many millions away with the naked eye. Also how can you see the planets with a telescope, camera or binoculars if it many millions away too. If this was the case then you could stand on a hill with binoculars or a camera and see all the way across the ocean. You can’t . If you think about the sun and moon are a lot closer than what we have been told.HERES AN ARGUEMENT! EXPLAIN ECHOLOCATION SHOT INTO THE EARTH AND REACHING THE OTHER SIDE! AND HOW SCIENTISTS DETECT EARTHQUAKES. EARTH IS ROUND MY FRIEND. I CAN KEEP PROVING IT.

Yhdysvalloissa litteää maanpiiriä käsittelevät Facebook-ryhmät ja Youtube-videot yleistyivät noin viisi vuotta sitten. Litteän maan sanomaa ehtivät julistaa jopa miljoonat videot, kunnes kritiikin kohteeksi joutunut palveluntarjoaja alkoi niitä suitsimaan. Inside a Flat Earth convention, where nearly everyone believes Earth isn't round. Flat Earth rising: meet the people casting aside 2,500 years of science. The Guardian 1.756.662 views10 months ago Finland. Saudi Arabia. Morocco The Flat Earth International Conference is an educational endeavor composed of individuals and organizations uniting around the common purpose of the true scientific inquiry of the created earth.If Earth were a globe, no matter how large, as you ascended the horizon would stay fixed and the observer/camera would have to tilt downward, looking down further and further to see it.

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Archive for category THE FLAT EARTH. Megachurch pastor Jack Hibbs worshipping the god of Google with Disney props on the Calvary Chapel altar The formula for a spherical earth: is this what we see? Where’s the curve?  5) The sun is much closer than we have been told. It is, in fact, in our atmosphere. You can clearly see that it is not 93 million miles away. Many times you can see the sun’s rays shooting out of a cloud forming a triangle. If you follow the rays to their source it will always lead to a place above the clouds. If the sun was truly millions of miles away, all the rays would come in at a straight angle. Also the sun can be seen directly above clouds in some balloon photos, creating a hot spot on the clouds below it and in other photos you can clearly see the clouds dispersing directly underneath the close small sun. Share this Rating. Title: Flat Earth (2014). Meet real Flat Earthers, a small but growing contingent of people who firmly believe in a conspiracy to suppress the truth that the Earth is flat

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Последние твиты от Flat Earth 2017 (@EarthIsFlat2017). Researching the shape of the Earth Researching the shape of the Earth, looking at the insurmountable amount of evidence that it may be.. Finland. Location: Helsinki, Uusimaa. See also: ex-Kyyria, ex-To Separate the Flesh from the Bones, Flat Earth, Grease Helmet, ex-Verenpisara Our company is one of Finland's top exporters of log houses & log cabins and we have already delivered them to every continent of the Earth. Post & Beam or log home, we manufacture both Flat Earth Memes. Updated daily, for more funny memes check our homepage

See more of Flat Earth Band - Street Team Finland on Facebook. Flat Earth signs with Drakkar Entertainment GmbH. Flat Earth unites Mikko Linde Lindström and Mika Gas Lipstick Karppinen.. - Tämä on puhtaasti totuuden etsimistä ja valheiden paljastamista. Haluamme jakaa tietoa siitä, mitä olemme löytäneet ja minkä olemme todenneet totuudeksi. On jokaisen oma asia, mitä sillä tiedolla tekee. Emme ole käännyttämässä ketään yhtään mihinkään. Kaikki eivät ole valmiita ottamaan vastaan tällaista tietoa ja se on toki ymmärrettävääkin, ylläpitäjä sanoo.

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Come on back down to earth for a minute and put your obvious intellect to work on the two more intimate aspects of the globe model: curve and spin. That Glober’s are still touting a 500 year old experiment with sticks in sand and the resulting shadows as a proof of sphere shape is odd in light of the technology we have available to us. Also, you began your post sounding like an open minded seeker and finished as a mocker. Which is it?I’ll throw in a 4) Antarctica and all the southern hemisphere anomalies. Research Byrd, Antarctic treaty, long southern hemi flights on ball versus flat earth.The Earth is not flat. It is spherical. Anyone who believes the Earth is flat is deluded and a victim of their own Confirmation Bias . . . . or looking at a mirage. See more of Flat Earth Band - Street Team Finland on Facebook. Flat Earth signs with Drakkar Entertainment GmbH. Flat Earth unites Mikko Linde Lindström and Mika Gas Lipstick Karppinen.. Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth largest planet in the Solar System with the highest density. It is currently the only known location where life is present. Key Facts & Summary


Internethän on aina ollut rellestyspaikka kaikenlaisille ihmisille, toteaa emeritusprofessori Esko Valtaoja.. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Flat Earth animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>

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Realistic Earth Ultra HD Desktop Background Wallpaper for 4K UHD TV.. It's a commonly misunderstood point that Columbus thought the earth was round and sought to I mean, if even today, with all the enormous data, there still are some flat Earth believers, I'm sure.. Cognitive dissonance an play any number of tricks. Thing is,the resurgence of Flat Earth is not for everybody, it is an awakening from centuries of misinformation and conditioning. The empirical evidence of a flat earth is there in abundance, however is only a partial understanding of where we live and why it has been obfuscated and by whom for so long. Those who deny the Bible are missing out on the most important part of this dynamic, and it has nothing to do with big box hallelujah stores commonly known as churches and organized religion. It simply fills in so many of the gaps as to place those discarding it to be willingly ignorant by refusing to look at it’s content on the subject. The Bible is a flat earth book from cover to cover. The non canonical book of Enoch perfectly explains the movement of the luminaries and the changing of the seasons by an ever moving sun circling in slower wide circles during the colder months and a quicker smaller circling during the warmer months. Who is behind the heliocentric lie? Most will say that it is the Masons, and for the most visible part that is true, but it goes deeper than that. Pythagoras and Copernicus were both Freemasons but the later was also a Jesuit trained astrologer, and heliocentrism would not have gotten a grip were it not for the Catholic Church pushing it, for it was but a theory based upon no observable or verifiable facts, such as that we now have today. http://www.veritasmc.org/flatearth.html– Kyseessä on vähän sama asia kuin vilkkuluomi tai joku muu bioen jäänne, jolla ei tänä päivänä ole mitään käyttöä, Lindeman vertaa.Evoluution näkökulmasta arkihavaintoihin luottaminen on ollut pitkään ihan järkevää, Lindeman muistuttaa. Selviytyäkseen hengissä ihmisen esi-isien on kannattanut uskoa siihen, mitä omat ja lajitovereiden aistit kertovat.

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Great list! But please explain the following phenomena of which I am a first-hand witness via personal experience: 1. During a Lunar Eclipse, I have personally observed what looks like the shadow of a round object traversing across the visible surface of the moon. The round object casting the shadow is clearly larger diameter than the moon based on the curvature radius of the leading and trailing edges of the shadow. 2. The phases of the moon are geometrically explained by the moon being a sphere that’s illuminated from a light source with a relative 28 day rotation of 360° from my viewing angle on Earth. 3. With binoculars I have personally observed the phases of Venus similar to phases of the moon, but on a different time scale. Based on its phases, Venus appears to be spherical. 4. With binoculars I have personally observed Jupiter and maybe four of its moons. 5. The Sun appears to be round, which is what it would look like if it is a sphere. Question: The moon is spherical. The Sun is spherical. Venus is spherical. Jupiter is spherical. Most of the other planets have been observed and photographed by amateur astronomers. All of them appear round and most exhibit periodic phases similar to the spherical moon. I’m always up for a good paradigm shift… and this is a whopper. I’d like to ask about the International Space Station. Is it actually going 17,000 mph above us, with astronauts on board? Can we ask them whether the earth is curved or round? At Earth.com, our goal is to provide the internet with a homepage for anything and everything you need to know about our planet The FE theory is beyond interesting. While not completely convinced, it certainly would not surprise me – we have been deceived so many times. If nothing else, the comments show that many clear-thinking individuals are taking the time to consider that our deeply embedded “Earth view” may be “planer” than we think. earth ≡

In closing I say it is no easy task to hold an opinion which is so contrary to what we have been taught and one that virtually everyone thinks is crazy. And then what do you do with it? It is an elegant and thoughtful system though, and we are all still trying to figure out how it works. It also points to something sinister in the very fabric of the world we thought we understood, and so if you come to some conviction around this you may expect to feel for some time or forever that you are standing up in a canoe… In this clip from documentary Behind The Curve, two enterprising flat-earthers come up with a clever experiment to prove the earth's flatness. It doesn't quite work out

Purchase a good high quality astronomy grade telescope and take a look at the stars. They are not what they seem and are definatley not what we have been taught that they are !Suomen tunnetuimpiin tieteentekijöihin kuuluva Valtaoja arvelee, että pohjimmiltaan litteä maa -liike on ”eräänlainen seuraleikki”.Not to posit this as a rebuttal to anything, but curves and bends in the time-space continuum can seriously warp perceptions of straight and curved. Supposedly we can see stars behind the sun because the light path is not linear. You probably know about the famous solar eclipse experiment way back when. What I am saying is that flat can appear curved, and curved can appear flat. Where is Reality? Is there an absolute measuring stick or clock we can trust, or are virtually all perceptions relative to the time-space frame of reference of the observer? Or is the concept of time-space part of the public brainwash fraud?Many have asked where FEIC will be held in 2020. Leading up to the 2019 conference, I had already considered Dallas to quite possibly be my final conference, and by October of 2019, those suspicions were confirmed. Indeed, the 4th Flat Earth International Conference in Dallas was to be my last.8) The Michelson-Morley and Sagnac experiments attempted to measure the change in speed of light due to Earth’s assumed motion through space. After measuring in every possible different direction in various locations they failed to detect any significant change whatsoever, again proving the stationary geocentric model. Michelson-Morley Experiment:

Ilmiö on kansainvälinen ja rantautunut myös Suomeen. Suomen Flat Earth Finland -sivuston ylläpitäjäksi ilmoittautuva henkilö väittää, että sivustolla käy viikoittain jopa kymmeniätuhansia ihmisiä. Tammikuussa 2016 perustetussa Facebook-ryhmässä on noin 1 600 jäsentä. Tiedä sitten, miten moni heistä tosissaan. This is a sub to discuss the flat earth, not the heliocentric model. We're not exactly sure how to define a rule which allows for fair debate from both parties without the thought police of Reddit showing up on.. The earth is flat, we are terrapiattisti, ambassadors out of every planetary jurisdiction and therefore we don't pay for the train ticket. You've got to hand it to the Flat Earthers - they never give up Some flat-Earth believers claim the world is shaped like a disk, perhaps with a wall of ice along the outer rim. (Why no one has ever seen this supposed wall, let alone crashed into it..

Official Indonesian Flat Earth — FE101 Publication. ABOUT. Banyak kalangan yang menilai bahwa kaum Flat — Earth adalah sekumpulan manusia-manusia yang bodoh, pendongeng dan anti sains He never once mentioned flat-Earth. On the contrary, the word 'globe' was mentioned many times. His grandson —Bertrand Piccard who was the first to complete balloon flight around the globe.. The assertion that airplanes would fly into space if the Earth is spherical is nonsense. I am a pilot. Years ago when I was actively flying, I would climb to a cruising altitude and then maintain that altitude for “level” flight based on the altimeter instrument in the airplane. The altimeter is actually a barometer with a calibrated dial readout. What I am doing is controlling the airplane to track an isobar or constant air pressure which is caused by the weight of the air column above me as I fly. To fly off into space, I would have to point the aircraft nose up and the air would get thinner and lighter, and my altimeter would show higher and higher altitude. There is nothing in the airplane to indicate if I am flying in a straight line (flat Earth) or a curved line (spherical earth). Your airplane argument is completely irrelevant. Just stop embarrassing yourself with that nonsense.I have so many questions: if I would go to the outside of the earth, climb over the icehill (northpole?) Can I jump off the earth? Is that possible? What happens? Can you also walk/climb under the earth? Because it thats true That sounds like a great journey. Service Provider of Earth flat - Earthing Plate, Earthing Pipe, Gi Earthing Strip offered by Sri Balaji Earth flat. Offering you a complete choice of services which include Earthing Plate, Earthing Pipe..

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  1. ed seasonal variance. The light from the moon is the residual effect of absorption. Thats why the moon’s light is cold. Hey don’t laugh, it’s just a theory. Once you go flat, you never go back…!
  2. [vid] 2016 - FLAT EARTH - FIRMAMENT (DOME) FOUND!!!!? Published on 19 Feb 2016 Photographic Evidence found in 2016? Is this actual PROOF..
  3. Wikimapia is an online editable map - you can describe any place on Earth. Or just surf the map discovering tonns of already marked places
  4. Flat earth PDF alex gleason. Flat earth whole plain land maps. NASA Non rotating flat earth PDF. NASA Second sun cover up
  5. Gary, If you fly with an ancient plane and if you do not control the altimeter and let the plane fly upwards, surely the length of your plane ride will go up into space but now all the aircraft equipment is computerized, the altimeter also automatically adjust the height with the air pressure, don’t you

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There is a thermal inversion effect where it is indeed possible to see a distant skyline from across the water. This happens on rare occasions viewing the Chicago skyline from a hundred miles away on Lake Michigan. This is called a mirage. Purchase and read a factual book published in 1922 ( Kings Dethroned ) by Gerrard Hickson ”A history of the evolution of astronomy from the time of the roman empire up to the present day, showing it to be an amazing series of blunders founded upon an error made in the second century BC ” Flat Earth Maps SET OF 2 MAPS- Flat Earth Map - 24 x 36 Ever since I started researching the Flat Earth, which is about 18 months ago, I have been affected in a way that surprised me Each aspect about proving the flat earth prove only one thing if you play with logic on false information and false science you could easily go on and think that your logic is right. It is call Logical Delirium when one use a logical deduction and built a theory on false premises. Each point here do not resist the scrutiny of exact and verifiable science, mathematics and trigonometry.

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Investigations of specific claims of evidence that show the Earth is flat, a globe, or some other shape. New threads and posts must follow the Posting Guidelines. Please ensure you read these guidelines.. We can see all sides of all planets and moon EXCEPT our moon. We only see one side of our moon because it orbits around us at the same rate as it orbits around its axis A flat texture on the other hand has no visible shadows, and thus looks pretty dull on it's own. It's highly recommended to use a Normalmap or Bumpmap with flat surface textures, but this requires.. It should be noted that time lapse photography has shown that the curvature of light rays across long distances can be a regular occurrence. Since ancient times, mankind has used this inconsistent effect as a primary piece of evidence that the Earth was spherical 1.

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  2. 5 x Flat Earth Maps and Posters -Collection Gleason, Orlando Ferguson, Neuville, Flammarion and Flat Earth Map ' Poster by Michael Kessel. Old world map of Atlantis. The sea parts are drop offs and..
  3. 5) Rename Zetetic Council Forum to Flat Earth Projects. Place the Earth Not a Globe Workshop as a subforum within Flat Earth Projects (Ideally, not seen on the main Table of Contents page)
  4. - Tieteellinen tieto ja sen perustelut ovat usein abstrakteja ja vaikeatajuisia, humpuukitieto taas konkreettista ja yksinkertaista. Numerot, riskitasot tai vaikeatajuiset termit jäävät helposti toisarvoiseen asemaan.
  5. On paljonkin asioita, joita sopii epäillä ja joista tieteelläkään ei ole täyttä varmuutta, Esko Valtaoja muistuttaa.
  6. Distance to diameter ratio for the moon 0.009 : 1 Distance to diameter ratio for the sun 0.009 : 1 Bit of a coincidence ! Diameter of body’s divided by their distances from earth, distances and diameters provided by science.

Science has been replaced by mathematics that don't apply to earth . Research FLAT EARTH. Can you afford a coffee? I'm trying to release a book about FLAT EARTH but need help with some of.. Flat earth theory is an archaic conception the earth is shaped as a plane or a disk. The idea was first raised in ancient cultures, including the Romans, until the classical period. The theory is generally..

Flat-Earthers, ignoring facts about planet Earth, provide plenty of bizarre explanations for their theory: they don't trust NASA, think satellites are a hoax, dismiss gravity, and say Earth is a disc-shaped.. Hänen mukaansa vallanpitäjät eivät halua myöntää megaluokan valhetta, koska silloin pitäisi myöntää monta muutakin valhetta. Hän uskoo, että suurta valhetta ylläpidetään tiedeyhteisön lisäksi esimerkiksi viihdeteollisuuden voimin.This is the home of the world-famous Flat Earth Society, a place for free thinkers and the intellectual exchange of ideas. This website hosts information and serves as an archive for Flat Earth Theory. It also offers an opportunity to discuss this with the Flat Earth community on our forums.      HTML | CSS | Based on design by styleshout © 2016 Flat Earth, Inc

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“People still believe the earth is flat!?” We maintain that the earth is flat and stationary, but we weren’t born into this way of thinking. Like you, we grew up believing in a heliocentric globe-earth model. After extensive experimentation, analysis, and research, we have come to know that the truth of our cosmology is not that which we’ve been told.1) The horizon always appears completely flat 360 degrees to the observer, regardless of how high you go up. Any curvature you think you see is from curved airplane windows or Go Pro cameras and fisheye lenses (which NASA loves to use). The reality is that the horizon never curves because we are on an endless plane. On a globe with 25,000 miles in circumference you would see a noticeable disappearance of objects the further they are as they would be leaning away from you and dropping below the constantly curving horizon! Completely flat horizon from the stratosphereWe've made some changes to the forum's password security. This is a proactive move to resolve a potential SMF vulnerability which the software's original maintainers appear to be ignoring. I've covered this in slightly more detail in this Technology & Information thread.While this may be old news to our followers on Twitter, it is my pleasure to announce that as of a few days ago, the Flat Earth movement's own football club is ready to kick off!


The cornerstones for me are the 1) NASA fraud. Any 1-2 hour video on that can convince an open mind, and then there is this… The LLA to Flat Earth block converts a geodetic latitude (μ¯), longitude (ι¯), and altitude (h) into... Reference geodetic latitude and longitude [deg] Direction of flat Earth x-axis (degrees clockwise from north

Michael Hughes - inventor, daredevil, and a self-proclaimed madman, has taken one final leap into the sky in a self-constructed steam-powered rocket as part of a Science Channel series he was to star in. He lost his life in a tragic accidentMoni asia kuitenkin tiedetään maailman kaikkeudesta suurella varmuudella ja tarkkaan, esimerkiksi maapallon pyöreys, maan kierto auringon ympäri, evoluutio ja alkuräjähdys, hän listaa.

For questions pertaining to ticket purchase, conference information, contact Rachel Davidson of Kryptoz Media, FEIC event planner, by email: flatearthconference(AT)gmail.com 2. To remind the people of Earth that we share this planet, no matter of national boundaries. Centered in the flag, seven rings form a flower - a symbol of the life on Earth. The rings are linked to.. The flat earth is a constructed religion. Constructed religions are amongst the least known arts, but It asserts that the Earth is a flat disc. People who believe in this defend their assertions by calling any.. “Will I fall off of the edge?” No. Though there are varying models within the flat earth community, the most commonly depicted model of our earth is that of a circular disk with Antarctica serving as an ice wall barrier. Example: Näillä sanoilla Litteä Maanpiiri - Flat Earth Finland esittelee Facebookissa, miksi koko maailmalle on valehdeltu, että elämme pallonmuotoisella planeetalla

3) The natural physics of water is to find and maintain its level. If Earth were a giant spinning sphere tilting and hurling through space then truly flat, consistently level surfaces would not exist here. There would be a massive bulge of water in the oceans because of the curvature of the earth. If earth was curved and spinning the oceans of water would be flowing down to level and covering land. Some rivers would be impossibly flowing uphill. There would massive water chaos and flooding! What we would see and experience would be vastly different! But since Earth is in fact an extended flat plane, this fundamental physical property of fluids finding and remaining level is consistent with experience and common sense. The water remains flat because the earth is flat! Illustration about Finland on 3D Earth model with visible country borders. Finland on 3D Earth. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview Flat Earth, Soul Awakening & Spiritual Transcendence with Santos Bonacci. We are the ones we have been waiting for Eilish De Avalon talks to Santos Bonacci Flat Earth Check out our flat earth selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our t-shirts shops

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  1. Liikkeen sisälle on syntynyt näkemyseroja ja jopa omia jäseniä koskevia salaliittoteorioita, mutta yhdistävä voima on näkemys siitä, että maa on litteä.
  2. Questions have come up about the light experiment at the end of the film. We point to the following from an account of a self-proclaimed Round Earth proponent who was present at the Jeran event [archive link] :
  3. I acknowledge that the last line of my post above is brutal. I would apologize for verbally clubbing you in the head with a baseball bat, but I understand that you are fully self-anesthetized by cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. My bat will bounce off your head without you feeling a thing.
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  1. Find images of Flat Earth. Free for commercial use No attribution required High quality images. 17 Free images of Flat Earth
  2. The flat earth model contends that the Earth exists on a giant, flat plane, with the Arctic (or North Can the flat earth model support existence of extraterrestrials? How do they fit into the equation
  3. Why do you only see one side of these so called round planets and stars and not the backside of the moon, planets etc.. We would see the backside of the moon at least once.
  4. I can see that you are in that difficult early stage of reckoning with this, going back and forth between clinging to the old and dancing with the new. I still have to pinch myself and go back through the many things I know in my heart to be true every now and then to stay firm, and so you should know that all the people who have woken up to this have been right where you are and few came to this without considering for quite some time the evidence for flat and against globe.
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  6. I do understand that human perception is very subjective and we tend to decide what we believe and then select for it in our perceptual choices. And, of course that works in both directions, with the globe getting quite a head start regarding our conditioning.

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  1. Earth free icon. 264,398 downloads. Report this icon. More icons from Earth Icons pack. View all icons
  2. Hän ei halua esiintyä jutussa omalla nimellään, sillä hänen mukaansa litteään maanpiiriin ”uskovat” ihmiset joutuvat kohtaamaan paljon solvauksia, ilkkumista ja jopa avointa vihamielisyyttä. Hän sanoo kertoneensa ajatuksistaan perheenjäsenille ja joillekin ystäville. Jos aihe ei ole heitä kiinnostunut, asiasta ei ole puhuttu enempää.
  3. I like how you think gravity does not apply to air planes and that they can just casually fly away from earth. How do people like you even know how to breath?
  4. It's flat Getty. If Earth really was a globe, rivers such as the Mississipi would have to flow uphill to If Earth really was a globe, airline pilots would constantly have to adjust their controls so as not to fly off..
  5. Flat Earth is a religion with entrenched dogma. No argument is convincing enough when the believer is entrenched and closed off to evidence, logic and reason. Some evidence and arguments are intrinsically nonconclusive one way or the other, while others are irrefutable when scrutinized impartially by a rational observer.
  6. Viime vuonna julkaistun tutkimuksen mukaan salaliittoteorioille ovat muita alttiimpia niin sanotusta ylivertaisuusvinoumasta kärsivät ihmiset. Heillä on paha tapa arvioida omat tietonsa ja taitonsa rajusti yläkanttiin.
  7. Download this Free Vector about Set of earth in flat design, and discover more than 7 Million Professional Graphic Resources on Freepik

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  1. Monet pienet lapset uskovat maan olevan litteä, toteaa Helsingin yliopiston psykologian laitoksen lehtori tohtori Marjaana Lindeman. Sellaiseltahan se omissa silmissämme näyttää.
  2. Here I found that simply thinking through the implications of a 1000 mph spin (and all the other motions in other directions that the globe model throws at us), was enough to call BS. You said yourself that the difference between spinning and stationary and curved and flat are huge. Everything points to flat and stationary. The dynamic aspects of curve and spin should be seen EVERYWHERE and yet cannot be seen, measured or felt.
  3. Introduction. Earlier this year, I published an article on the flat earth. In that article, I. Noted a sudden, rapid increase in the belief of a flat earth. Commented on possible reasons for this recent trend
  4. Personally, I find this all fascinating. For well over 20 years, I have used a “follow the money” philosophy regarding any and all conspiracy theories. I believe that humanity has largely been deluded by the “Powers that Be”.

- Siihen ollaan muka uskovinaan ja sitä puolustetaan. En usko, että sieltä kovin montaa sellaista mielenterveytensä normirajoissa olevaa löytää, joka litteään maahan todella uskoo. The belief that the Earth is flat has been described as the ultimate conspiracy theory. Flat-earth believers are not relegated to the hidden corners of the universe: Plenty of celebs have been quite.. . . . aka . . . Confirmation Bias is the enemy of Truth and Reality . . . whatever the hell THAT might be.Lindeman kertoo, että monet lapsuudenaikaiset virheelliset uskomukset vaikuttavat syvällä alitajunnassamme. Vanha usko litteään maahan saattaa syttyä uudelleen, jos joku uskottava ”asiantuntija” kertoo, että näin on. Internet on saanut aikaan sen, että ”asiantuntijana” on entistä helpompi esiintyä.

Näin toimii aivopesu. On myös kiistatonta, että kuussa ei ole käyty. Jo tästä vinkkelistä luottamus Nasaan on pyöreä nolla. Flat Earth - We Are Being Lied To. Gyroscopes Prove Flat Earth - Case Closed? If Space is a Vacuum, Why Doesn't it Suck All the Air Off Our Planet

Airplane Flights In Southern Hemisphere Prove The Flat Earth

Yhdysvaltalaisen Leigh’n yliopiston psykologian tutkijat havaitsivat, että mitä kauempana ihmisen käsitys omista tiedoistaan oli todellisuudesta, sitä todennäköisemmin hän uskoi johonkin salaliittoteoriaan. FlatEarth101.com is dedicated to unmasking the truth that our world is flat and motionless. Contained within this site is enough Flat Earth material to help jump start your own research, keep in mind every.. Access 130+ million publications and connect with 15+ million researchers. Join for free and gain visibility by uploading your research Thank you sincerely for taking time for such a rich and thoughtful reply. I truly appreciate the time and effort you invested in alleviating my ignorance.All of science to this day has only one factual experiment, which science claims as proof that the earth is spinning ! The Foucault Pendulum Experiment. Examination of this experiment proves that is is fataly flawed and therefore all other heliocentric theories are flawed !

A large area of flat landSatellite Map of Oulu

Video: Flat earth stock vectors and royalty-free illustrations Depositphoto

Flat Earth for LARGEST. Visualizations by Greg Shirah Released on September 21, 2009. This still of the Earth with clouds is intended to be wrapped to a sphere. The look (i.e., appearance of the.. - Tänä päivänä tiede on hyvin pitkälti uskomuksiin perustuvaa eli pseudotiedettä. Nasan kuvat maapallosta ovat järjestään kuvamanipulaatioita. Miksi? Miksi emme saa nähtäväksi 24 tunnin kuvaa kokonaisesta pyörivästä maapallosta?9) If “gravity” is really a force strong enough to hold the world’s oceans, buildings, people and atmosphere stuck to the surface of a spinning ball, then it is impossible for “gravity” to also simultaneously be weak enough to allow little birds, bugs, and planes to take-off and travel freely unabated in any direction. If “gravity” is strong enough to curve the massive expanse of oceans around a globular Earth, it would be impossible for fish and other creatures to swim through such forcefully held water.To everyone reading this, no matter where you are, what shape you think the Earth is or what your opinion of our organisation, we invite you to raise a glass to these accomplishments, and hope you'll be a part of making the next five years even better!

A group of people known as Flat Earthers actually believe that the Earth is flat, regardless of what science - or their eyes - tell them. They've grown so distrustful of science that they believe that.. Five years ago to the minute, I asked for help in building the best damn Flat Earth discussion forum on the web. The growth and success we've seen since then is more amazing than any of us ever could have hoped for. FE101 Channel tidak memperoleh manfaat ekonomi dari berkembangnya topik Flat Earth, bahkan mengeluarkan biaya. Silakan share agar bermanfaat bagi yang lain

6) If we were living on a spinning globe airplane’s would constantly have to dip their noses down every few minutes to compensate for the curvature of the earth (with a circumference of 25,000 miles the earth would be constantly curving at the speed of an airplane). In reality however, they never do this! They learn how to fly based on a level flat plane. Also if the earth was spinning the airplane’s going west would get to their destination much faster since the earth is spinning in the opposite direction. If the atmosphere is spinning with the earth then airplanes flying west would have to fly faster than the earth’s spin to reach its destination. In reality, the earth is flat and airplanes just fly level and reach their destination easily because the earth is not moving.I sincerely hoped this made someone reconsider their belief of a flat Earth. If just one person is able to see the evidence and see the Earth is round, then this hour of my time has been worth it. However, if there is really not a single person I have convinced, I have lost my faith in humanity.Here are some links (whether you want to believe them or now): http://www.popsci.com/10-ways-you-can-prove-earth-is-round http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/7-diy-experiments-b-o-b-the-earth-is-round/ http://nerdist.com/8-reasons-we-know-the-earth-isnt-flat/ Flat Earth Clues is here to expose the greatest fraud of all time - the earth is not a sphere. Millions have already woken up to the globe hoax..

This chapter of my life is coming to a close. Though I will always hold the flat earth to my personal convictions, I do not foresee it becoming a primary focus in business or ministry in the immediate future. Thanks again for all of your support and love over the last few years. It always brought such joy to my wife and me to hear and see what FEIC did for the community and individuals across the world.  I will miss everyone but this is not goodbye. Based in Helsinki, Finland, FLAT EARTH is anything but your run-of-the-mill 'supergroup FLAT EARTH is recording its debut album at Finnvox in Helsinki with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, who has.. Thanks for the suggestions for my further flat earth study. You are obviously an educated, intelligent observer, so I feel obliged to listen to your counsel. Download 140,431 flat design free vectors. Choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide The human psyche is amazing. We are each one equipped to believe virtually ANYTHING we want to believe simply because we WANT to believe it for whatever reasons happen to appeal to us. Once we decide what we WANT to believe, our perception filters kick in and without even trying, we automatically and uncritically cherry pick any and every shred of info that supports our chosen belief, while simultaneously and automatically filtering out and rejecting all evidence to the contrary.

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9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet Find over 35 Flat Earth groups with 2565 members near you and meet people in your local Find out what's happening in Flat Earth Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones.. Sure ask the astronauts, and what do you think they will say? Did you ever see a picture of a satellite from the ISS circling the globe? There are many pics of the supposedly satellites but how many have you seen from the many ISS photos where they are seen in orbit? Satellites are not sone 3ft by 3ft objects. Is the ISS really 17000 miles up in the Van Allen Belt? Really 17000 miles up in the most radioactive part of our orbit in Earth? Nasa has said themselves they have to figure out a way to get past the belt before they can go any farther and our moon is past the belt. Yet we have a Space station engulfed in radioactive area of the belt where astronauts are living day to day and doing spacewalks in this environment with a vacuum of space. Really?! Fiji finland france french guiana french polynesia french southern and antarctic lands gabon gambia, the gaza strip georgia germany ghana..

..Finland France French Guiana French Polynesia French Southern Territories Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Greece Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guernsey.. I won’t take time to rebut your other observations. Some of them are easier to rebut than others, but all of your arguments are ultimately flawed, either because they are logical fallacies, presume facts not in evidence, or the alleged physical evidence in support is erroneous. Example: I agree that NASA dispenses BS to the public. Some NASA photographs are fake. The moon landings are probably fake. Fake photos do not prove the Earth is flat. Fake photos only prove that NASA is a fraud, which it most certainly indeed is. In the hope of facilitating more constructive and honest debate, we will be restructuring the forums tomorrow (2018-06-24, 09:00 UTC) while down for maintenance. To minimise confusion during the transition, you will not be able to access the forum while the changes are being made.Jo antiikin ajattelijat oivalsivat, että maan on oltava pallo. Siitä huolimatta usko litteään maahan on säilynyt, viime vuosina kenties jopa voimistunut. Sosiaalisen median kautta on syntynyt suoranainen ”flat earthers” -liike, jonka jäseniä yhdistää vankka usko maan litteyteen ja epäluuloisuus melkein kaikkea muuta kohtaan. Thread ini saya edit, sebelumnya saya mohon maaf sebesar-besarnya kalau di awal saya menulis thread ini tidak adanya penjelasan asal muasal mengenai teori flat earth..

Please note my comment that “level” airplane flight does not prove or disprove anything regarding the flatness of the earth. Flying along a path of constant barometric pressure as indicated by the altimeter would look and feel the same for both flat and spherical earths. The curvature is too subtle to be noticed by a pilot in a small airplane.So what’s the tin foil rebuttal to the Lake Michigan city lights mirage, a product of the curvature of the Earth? Mike, instead of calling you an idiot I’m going to ask a question. What formula, what “math”, did you use that puts the sun and moon equal distance from Earth?If the earth is flat as you say why can’t I see Mount Everest? And when I am out at sea on a very clear day, I can’t see the tall skyscrapers despite it also being very cloudless at the city?6 miles is only 0.025% of the Earth’s surface, nowhere near far enough to notice a curve. This hurts to explain.

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