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If you finished Netflix's true-crime docuseries Evil Genius and were left pondering a multitude of unanswered questions, you're not alone The twists and turns in the investigation of Wells’s death — or, as it became known in the national media, the pizza bomber case — make Evil Genius compelling. But its portrayal of Diehl-Armstrong, the mentally ill woman to whom the title “evil genius” refers, is what breeds the most fascination and frustration. Documentary following the police department in Flint, Michigan as they struggle with dwindling resources and crumbling infrastructure in a community crippled by violence and a contaminated water crisis.

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  1. “Evil Genius” spends a majority of its time on Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and Bill Rothstein, the two people who eventually became persons of interest in the Wells case. One of the reasons this investigation has persisted in various forms for the better part of 15 years is that these individuals (and maybe a few inside their respective circles) fostered a circuitous account of what happened on that August afternoon and who was responsible. Covering the tracks of the FBI agents and local law enforcement tasked with solving an escalating series of crimes only follows that same circular process.
  2. ds have changed and shaped the world. But when genius is used for evil, the results are some of the most twisted, inventive, and outrageous..
  3. American exchange student Amanda Knox is convicted and eventually acquitted for the 2007 death of another student in Italy.
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  5. Whether it’s the way the four-part series follows investigators’ deconstruction of the timeline, the perfunctory introduction of different potential accessories in the case, or the steady return to the same archival footage and mugshots, the show takes a conventional approach when it’s clear this story is demanding something different. “Evil Genius” wants you to be shocked when it introduces new layers to the case, but for a saga that’s billed as something wild and unbelievable from the start, the fact that this story goes deeper is rarely a surprise. As it becomes clear that the surprises are most of what it has to offer, this becomes more of a strict viewing exercise.

Netflix is a subscription-based video streaming platform. On Netflix you can watch your favourite TV We TechLaCarte warn those greedy/selfish users, Do you guys think that yourself a genius If you.. The story of Ron Williamson, a man who sat on Oklahoma's death row for 11 years for a crime he didn't commit. Based on John Grisham's "The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town." Evil Genius implies repeatedly that certain people get the benefit of the doubt in society and others don’t, and that’s not always about gender either. On more than one occasion, when Diehl-Armstrong is attempting to argue in her own defense, she plays up her status. “I’m an old, rich woman,” she says at one point, adding that it’s impossible to believe someone like her could have been involved in the Wells bank scheme. She also talks about the other women in prison with her as if they belong on a lower societal rung. While it’s true that Diehl-Armstrong came from a middle-class family and had a fair amount of money, most of which she kept stashed away amid the clutter of her home, little about her demeanor or life choices suggest she’s superior to anyone who’s locked up with her. In her skewed way, she is convinced that class can save her because it so often serves as a shield that protects a person from attracting suspicion. by Murphy Moroney 5 hours ago You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The high-profile murder trial of American novelist Michael Peterson following the death of his wife in 2001. Genius. 70%. Average Tomatometer Avg Tomatometer. A dramatic series about the lives of those deemed genius from Ron Howard and Brian Glazer A look inside the mind of serial killer Ted Bundy, featuring interviews with him on death row. Positiivisten reaktioiden perusteella Netflix-sarja on katselukuvapistooli, jota arvostetaan. Kolumnisti Marcel van Roosmalen kirjoittaa NRC: ssä: En voi kehua Netflix-sarjaa Undercover tarpeeksi

Information page about 'Bad Genius' (starring Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Chanon Santinatornkul, Teeradon Supapunpinyo and more) on American Netflix :: from MaFt's.. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above ☝️ So does race, a subject that isn’t addressed much in Evil Genius (all of the suspects and victims in the docuseries are white), with one exception: Diehl-Armstrong reportedly instructs Wells that, if he gets caught, he should tell the cops that two black guys put the bomb on him and forced him to rob the bank. Wells actually does say this, but the misdirect never leads anywhere. It’s telling that Diehl-Armstrong is so certain police will buy into the “African-Americans are to blame” theory while completely ignoring the “rich” white lady and her white accomplices. She is smart enough to understand how unconscious bias works, perhaps because she’s been a victim of it herself: not because of her race, but as a woman with a mental illness. She’s also mentally ill enough to believe that she can outsmart the cops forever. Which, she can’t.The series’ biggest weakness is when it tries to take on its own parallel investigation, tying its overall value to some exclusive breaks in the case. It’s not impossible for an effective documentary to have one of the filmmakers play a pivotal role in the case itself, but “Evil Genius” is a perfect example of why that’s almost always a detriment to the product itself. Co-director Trey Borzillieri’s disembodied voice hovers over the first two episodes, before the series finally explains his connection. As the number of people who can actually speak to the truth of that day of the heist dwindles over time, “Evil Genius” resorts more to voiceover and on-screen text to fill in the gaps that surveillance footage and interview segments cannot. Netflix. Netflix. Unlimited tv shows & movies. Try 30 days free

But what I keep thinking about is the courtroom sketch artist who was on duty when Diehl-Armstrong faced trial for her role in the Wells robbery. In an interview with Borzillieri, he says he initially drew her with lots of shading to emphasize “the evil” in her, which made me wonder how often courtroom sketch artists editorialize without us even realizing it. But as he began to observe her more and realize she was an actual person, he says he lightened up her features. Evil Genius Is the Most Utterly Captivating (and F*cked Up) Documentary on Netflix. After finishing the last episode of your new true crime obsession, Netflix's docuseries Evil Genius, there are very.. What happened to Diehl-Armstrong was terribly sad. Evil Genius acknowledges that, but at the same time, often casts her as the villain in a horror movie. Jerry Clark, the lead FBI agent on the case, remembers walking down a long prison hallway to interview her for the first time and talks about how the moment reminded him of a scene in Silence of the Lambs. The closing moment of the series, and one that appears in the opening titles, shows a picture of a bright, young, beautiful Marjorie morphing into the mugshot Marjorie, her smile turning to a frown and her eyes losing their spark in a matter of a few chilling seconds. It’s a really creepy image, and it’s the last thing the show leaves us to consider.A TV reporter also mentions that while taking the stand during her trial, Diehl-Armstrong says she was abused as a child. She’s prone to falsehoods, but I was still curious to know if there was some truth to that. If there was, it wouldn’t absolve her of her crimes. As a judge rightly states during her sentencing, there are plenty of people who are bipolar or have other mental-health issues and don’t do the kinds of things she did. But it would help explain, in part, what turned a woman who should have been an American success story into a tragic cautionary tale. Given how often troubled people snap in this country and wind up killing people, true crime shows like Evil Genius have a responsibility to dig into this aspect of their narratives. The twisting, turning, stranger-than-fiction true story of the Brobergs, a naive, church-going Idaho family that fell under the spell of a sociopathic neighbor with designs on their twelve-year-old daughter.

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“Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist” is now available to stream on Netflix. 2:28 PM. August 28, 2003. A man walks into a bank with a bomb locked around his neck. This is a true story. Watch Evil Genius, streaming on Netflix May 11th.. Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, in a scene from Evil Genius. Photo: Netflix/Netflix. This piece contains spoilers; proceed with caution if you haven't watched Evil Genius A seven-part docuseries about the unsolved murder of a nun and the horrific secrets and pain that linger nearly five decades after her death. Get the IMDb AppView Full SiteHelpSite IndexIMDbProBox Office MojoIMDb DeveloperPress RoomAdvertisingJobsConditions of UsePrivacy PolicyInterest-Based Ads© 1990-2020 by IMDb.com, Inc.

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There’s also a definite conversation to be had in how the media helped shape public perception. A notorious Fox News host comes in to bring some media frontier justice to this case — by the time he arrives, “Evil Genius” has sowed so much doubt, it’s easy to see how he could makes things look like even more of a debacle. A montage of news outlet reactions in the final episode is the closest “Evil Genius” comes to taking a look at how people outside the suspects and the investigators themselves shaped the conversation around guilt and innocence. Even that feels like a slapped-on segment to pad the areas around the unstable people at this story’s center who were trying to divert attention elsewhere.As fascinating as Evil Genius is, it misses a real opportunity to further explore the underlying “how” question in this story: How did Diehl-Armstrong go from being an intelligent, admired young woman to a murderer who would ultimately die in prison in 2017 and get buried in an unmarked grave? Some answers are provided. Her mental illness got worse with age, and it’s obvious that she didn’t get the kind of treatment she needed. Borzillieri interviews her father and notes that her parents never seemed to grasp the severity of their daughter’s illness.

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  1. Netflix. 6.3 2019. Fractured
  2. Netflix. Unlimited tv shows & movies. Bad Genius. 2017TV-MA 2h 9mThai Movies. A top student gets pulled into a cheating racket with increasingly higher risks and even higher rewards
  3. 'Evil Genius' review: Netflix documentary series could be next true-crime obsession, chronicling the 'pizza bomber heist' in Erie, Pa
  4. I remember when this happened in 2003 but never realized what had conspired and who was responsible. This is how all docuseries should be...4 episodes, instead of dragging it out for 10 hours. There are so many twists and turns that you are left thinking "this can't be true", but it is. Imagine having a bomb locked around your neck and the cops trapping you and there is no way it can be removed. This shows depicts just how evil and deranged people can be. Something that I continue to think about is how this poor guy goes into the bank with a collar bomb around his neck and yet he grabs a free sucker in a bowl on bank counter, unwraps it and puts it in his mouth and walks out of the bank like he's strolling in the park. Like nothing was wrong. Weird. Anyway, it's bizarre and disturbing but well done and worth the time to watch it.
  5. imized, too. In episode three, we learn that several female inmates told Erie police that, while in prison, Diehl-Armstrong said she shot Roden because he had threatened to reveal her involvement in the pizza bomber case. One prisoner, Kelly Makela, even played the James Comey in this situation, taking detailed notes about everything Diehl-Armstrong said to her and passing them on to the cops. All of the information gathered from Makela and others was shoved into a folder called “Snitch Letters” and never shared with federal investigators, who didn’t uncover them until years later. Jason Wick, an ATF agent who worked on the case, says in Evil Genius that the letters may have gotten buried because of the traditional mistrust that often develops between local and federal officials. Sure, that may have been a factor. I also have to think that the fact that all the sources were women made it easier for cops to discount what they said as mere gossip, confessions from “snitches” that could easily be shoved away in the back of a desk drawer.
  6. ing subjects at the center of it, who are fundamentally at odds with what a doc like this is usually trying to do. Part of the paradox of “Evil Genius” is recognizing that it’s trying to wedge an unusual case into a familiar framework.
  7. In video taken by cops who searched both Rothstein’s home and Diehl-Armstrong’s, Rothstein acts almost like a tour guide, providing all kinds of information, but of course, nothing that could implicate him. Police come across as deferential to him, at least in the footage we see. Granted, Rothstein had never been convicted of a major crime, whereas Diehl-Armstrong had already gone on trial once before for murder (she was acquitted) and was linked to other suspicious events. There is good reason for investigators to think she’s responsible. Still, it’s amazing to watch how skillfully Rothstein is able to divert police attention, at least initially. It’s also revealing to listen to the language he uses to describe her.

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Bad Genius. 2017TV-MA130 min. A top student gets pulled into a cheating racket with increasingly higher risks and even higher rewards. Added to Netflix:June 1, 2018 Netflix Lyrics: Letra verificada de Netflix com Jé Santiago / As foto que cê ia tirar amanhã, liga lá e cancela (Cancela) {{:: 'cloud_flare_always_on_short_message' | i18n }} Check @genius for updates

“You know what manic depressives are?” he asks cops while being interview, explaining that Diehl-Armstrong has the condition. At another point, Rothstein describes her end of a conversation by saying she went into “histrionics.” The subtext of the way he talks about her has a ring of “You know how crazy women are” to it. Clearly, Diehl-Armstrong didn’t do herself any favors: In the only on-camera interview with her, she comes across as easily agitated and often does not sound anywhere close to rational. But the system in place — a bunch of male law enforcers who may be inclined to trust Rothstein and mistrust her — also seemed designed to work against her.Even though “Evil Genius” uses many of these agents as guideposts to understanding how these investigations played out the way that they did, the rest is a scattershot approach to exploring the various offshoots of the story. When a true crime show returns to its own evidence wall graphic, it’s usually a means for showing where a focused part of the show’s attention plays out in the bigger mystery. “Evil Genius” takes the idea of an interconnected web and decides to follow every thread at once, bouncing back and forth between storylines with a criminally short attention span. There’s something to be discovered in this case, but the show never stays in one place long enough to get a good sense of what it’s actually presenting. Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? Netflix Users Netflix Hacks Netflix Codes Netflix Movies To Watch Netflix And Chill Shows On Netflix Nice Movies To 17 Tips Every Netflix User Needs To Know. Alohomora the secrets to streaming

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  1. Netflix uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. By interacting with this site, you agree to our use..
  2. Filmed over a 10-year period, Steven Avery, a DNA exoneree who, while in the midst of exposing corruption in local law enforcement, finds himself the prime suspect in a grisly new crime.
  3. The extraordinary story of the "pizza bomber heist" and the FBI's investigation into a bizarre collection of suspects.
  4. 'Evil Genius' Review: Netflix's Deeply Frustrating True Crime Series Gets Confused by Its Own Bizarre Story. This four-part series about a chilling 2003 bank heist bomb plot never escapes the muddled..
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  2. Netflix. Unlimited tv shows & movies. Try 30 days free. Sign in. Genius. 2018TV-14 1h 36mSocial Issue Dramas. Extreme pressure from his father to excel at school during childhood has..
  3. Share This Article Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk “Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist”
  4. g intro. When “Evil Genius” backs off the ever-present o
  5. Metacritic TV Reviews, Genius (2017) - Season 2, National Geographic's first scripted anthology series from Brian Grazer Your score has been saved for Genius (2017). Would you like to write a review
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  7. When the world's most controversial guru builds an utopian city deep in the Oregon country, conflict with the locals escalates into a national scandal. A true story.

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  1. “Evil Genius” is vexing in an entirely different way. In telling the story behind a 2003 incident in Erie, PA in which pizza delivery man Brian Wells was used as part of a twisted, convoluted bank robbery scheme, this series attempts to piece together a fraught chain of events that lead to that day. It’s a saga that involves death and obsession and illness and rejection: all the puzzle pieces you’d expect to go into a story befitting this one’s title.
  2. Crime stories are never meant to be easy. The ones that end up the subject of documentaries like the new Netflix series “Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist” get reframed as pieces of entertainment, largely by virtue of the unknowable. One of the biggest variables is how the storytelling approach of a series or film takes something unthinkable and gives whoever’s watching it a better sense of meaning beyond what transpired. There’s a certain level of frustration that often comes with watching these, a desire to know motive or arrive at some sense of justice that a show isn’t guaranteed to provide.
  3. The show's got everything: violent explosions, hoarders, bodies in freezers, and one of the most revoltingly magnetic alleged serial killers in modern crime history, Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong. Once you begin watching, it's hard to tear your eyes away from the series . . . but you'll want to, if only to read these Twitter reactions from other intrigued Netflix viewers.
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