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San Junipero is widely regarded as the most optimistic episode of Black Mirror, and it may well be. But what makes it so? In light of this, the central technological premise of San Junipero - the creation of a digital afterlife in which we might live indefinitely - is questionable The two actually meet thanks to nostalgia therapy—in a kind of virtual-reality version of Second Life, where they can play in the simulated beach town San Junipero—in whatever year they want. When they die, they can each choose to either die as normal or “pass over,” uploading their consciousness and living in San Junipero permanently. In the end, they both choose the latter.MBATHA-RAW: I’m just intrigued, the whole building of the pyramids thing, Cleopatra… I’m sure there was a ton of slavery and it was horrendous for people, but I would be fascinated. An era that was really so ahead of its time.

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BROOKER: It’s an interesting puzzle. It’s a constantly interesting puzzle to write the lines. Because they have to converse, but they can’t sit there and say what you might well say, which is “where are you from?” And everything has to play out. There’s clues that hopefully rewards a rewatch. Like Davis, who’s the arcade player, when says to Yorkie’s character, “this was kind of the first videogame to offer a two-player role at the end,” he says it in the past tense which is slightly odd –And so, somehow, Black Mirror—a show that usually teaches us to fear what technology can do in our own fallible hands—created one of the most gorgeous love stories of 2016. As always, there are some skeptics who will question that happy ending, but we’ll have none of that. This has been a very long year, and we all deserve to inhabit a world in which Kelly and Yorkie will live together for all eternity.COLLIDER: Like many fans of Black Mirror, I loved this episode that you guys worked on together. I actually watched it again last night, and it’s even more interesting watching it a second time, knowing the twists. I don’t know if you’re aware but there’s kind of a current obsession going on online, there’s so much depth in this episode, it could almost be an entire series.

BROOKER: Is he an NPC, a Non-Player Character? The logic that I settled on [is that] he could be a moderator, so he could be somebody controlling it and checking that things don’t get out of hand. On the other hand, it’s eternity. You might want to work behind a bar.MBATHA-RAW: And also credit to our director, Owen Harris, because we did talk about that we didn’t have to play the ending. And that’s how beautifully it’s written it’s structured in such an organic way. In terms of working with Denise Burse [the older Kelly] and having the ability to gauge that you are actually playing somebody else. Someone who the audience sees but I’m playing her hidden depth. And for me, I was personally choosing lines that come from a deep place and accentuating the times where she’s being deliberately superficial, flippant and playful. It was really fun to kind of not feel like you had to play both people all the time, but be really specific about that placement of her true self and her tourist self. So San Junipero, the fourth episode in the new season, out this month on Netflix, came as a welcome relief, a warm bath of love and '80s music. The practical question is, what level of physical, biological matter do you need to be able to simulate or replicate to reproduce a consciousness It’s still pretty rare these days to see same-sex couples on TV, let alone female same-sex couples. But even when lesbians and other queer women make it on-screen, they tend to get killed off or treated as tragic figures. So it’s no wonder that the episode, in which both women technically die but also become immortal together, has already attracted a small cult of fans. The funny thing is, Brooker initially imagined the starring couple as heterosexual. His reason for making the change? Let’s just say we hope the rest of Hollywood’s screenwriters are taking notes.

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The following week Yorkie tries to dress up, before settling on similar clothes to the week before. She again spots Kelly, this time flirting with a different man, and follows her into the bathroom. The two kiss, and then go to Kelly's bungalow where they have sex. Yorkie reveals it was the first time she'd had sex, with anyone. Kelly shares that she is bisexual and was once married to her husband. The scene ends abruptly when the clock hits midnight. For all of its uncharacteristic elements—the sunny atmosphere, the portrayal of a hopeful, positive use of technology, the period setting—most fans have fallen in love with “San Junipero” because of one thing: its refreshingly casual, magnetic portrayal of a same-sex couple.Sign InSubscribeSearchSearchHIVEBusinessTechnologyPoliticsThe PlayersHWDMoviesTelevisionAwardsReviewsVANITIESCelebrityFashionBeautyRoyalsCOMPLETE ARCHIVENow on NetflixInside “San Junipero,” Black Mirror’s Uncharacteristically Beautiful Nostalgia TripCharlie Brooker and Gugu Mbatha-Raw explain the choice to focus on a same-sex couple without giving them a tragic end.By Laura Bradley

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The series third season being aired all at once on Netflix—the streaming service that gave the original Channel 4 mini-series a huge eyeball boost outside of the UK—has of course pitched the buzziness at a higher level. But it’s not just instant gratification that’s making episode 4, “San Junipero”, become a new obsession. The episode plays with nostalgia, particularly 1980 through 2002, in a story that takes more than half an episode to reveal how its narrative fits into the future. So, with “San Junipero” you spend half an episode with two truly appealing characters as they fumble about a new romance—before the mirror starts to crack and reveal what’s really going on.Yorkie continues searching for Kelly in San Junipero, seeming to have traveled time. She eventually finds her in 2002, playing Dance Dance Revolution. Kelly brushes her off, and Yorkie is hurt and leaves. Feeling bad, Kelly goes back and finds Yorkie on the rooftop. She confesses that she is dying and that she only meant to have fun, and not make connections while in San Junipero. The two sleep together again, and Kelly tells Yorkie she wants to meet her "in real life", implying that they are actually in an alternate reality. Yorkie begs her not to, but after some persuasion, she tells Kelly where she is in California.

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Wanna marry me instead? - San Junipero (2016) dir. Owen Harris. gugumbatharaw Oooo baby do you know what that's worth?!? It's always throwback Thursday in San Junipero! Heaven is a Place On Earth #BTS in beautiful Cape Town “That felt much richer,” Brooker said. “And then, I don’t know, I just sort of really liked the characters so much, I thought, Well, let’s just give them the happiest ending I can think of.”Usually, Black Mirror episodes tend to, as Brooker put it, “power down at 200 miles an hour towards Dark Town.” But “San Junipero” ends with Kelly and Yorkie getting married and permanently passing over—driving into the sunset to the winking tune of “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.”That’s because San Junipero is a virtual world, a massive database in the cloud that people’s consciousness can be uploaded to, guaranteeing virtual immortality to the dead (who make up 80 percent of the population). Yorkie and Kelly are both tourists, allowed only to visit for a few hours every week. In the real world, Yorkie is a paralyzed gay woman who never got to live a real life because of intolerant parents and a tragic accident. Kelly, on the other hand, is an older woman who recently lost her husband; he refused to enter San Junipero, finding the entire concept of virtually cheating death fundamentally inhuman.MBATHA-RAW: It actually is really deep. This episode is somewhat shiny on the surface, but the more you think about the implications, it gets really emotional and difficult. Charlie has made something with many facets.  

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What makes San Junipero work, and what makes Yorkie and Kelly's eventual decision to be together so effective, is its performances. Davis and Mbatha-Raw have such instant, lived-in chemistry, and convey a whole lifetime of angst and desires in just a few interactions TwitterEmailBlack MirrorCourtesy of Netflix.FacebookTwitterEmail“San Junipero” is not your typical Black Mirror episode. The sunny installment in Charlie Brooker’s typically gray, murky dystopia has no sense of foreboding. There’s no dubious technical advance threatening to destroy anyone’s life as she knows it. There’s just a beautiful love story, heartwarmingly portrayed by Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis. The episode has been lauded not only as one of Black Mirror’s most accomplished yet, but also as a rare find among TV offerings in general: a story starring a same-sex couple that doesn’t end in pure tragedy.It’s this kind of thinking that could probably lead to the best L.G.B.T.Q. representation—or really diverse representation in general—in media going forward. It’s perhaps also worth noting that Mbatha-Raw’s and Davis’s characters, Kelly and Yorkie, are also an interracial couple—and, as the twist reveals, that they’re actually elderly women. (Brooker noted that there’s a subversive element, too, in depicting two (internally) elderly women “having loads of sex.”)San Junipero is revealed to be a synthesized afterlife option. There's no real city called that, and, obviously, no such afterlife technology exists like the one shown. There was a real Spanish saint named Junípero Serra who founded missions all over California — and with the beachy setting, it's possible that the fictional San Junipero is a California town. But it has no obvious inspiration. The aging and the infirm are able to visit on a trial basis, to see if they'll opt for it in the end. It appears that most San Junipero residents choose the era when they felt young and invincible, so presumably Kelly and Yorkie were in their early '20s in the late '80s. The carefree nature of the place obscures reality. For Kelly, it's that her husband of 49 years passed and passed on San Junipero because their daughter died young and didn't have that option. And for Yorkie, it's that she came out to her parents as a young woman, was rejected, and got into a terrible, life-changing accident immediately after.In 1987, a shy young woman, Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis), visits San Junipero (a so-called party town) for the first time. One of the first people she sees is Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a vivacious party girl trying to lose Wes, a man she had a fling with. Kelly talks to Yorkie to ditch Wes, pretending they are old friends, and then compliments her "authentic" look and invites her to dance. Embarrassed to be seen flirting with Kelly, Yorkie runs away. When Kelly comes after her and propositions her for sex, Yorkie is intimidated, tells Kelly she is engaged, and reluctantly leaves.

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If there’s a pain setting (in the simulation), then I’m sure there’s a temperature setting.BROOKER: Yes, suffragettes and cavewomen! The renaissance! But the logic for me, in writing it is that the different areas or different years are almost like different rooms. I was thinking of things like Grand Theft Auto, and then there’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which was like an ‘80s re-skinned version of Grand Theft Auto—and how they all exist concurrently. But people gravitate towards their own era, nostalgia therapy is a real thing that’s being tinkered with. So for them, it’s an era that for them was very special. Welcome to Midnight City San Junipero! The Ending Of San Junipero Explained | Black Mirror Season 3 Explained - Продолжительность: 8:58 Bryce Edward Brown 483 592 просмотра AdvertisementAnd indeed, the storytelling possibilities for a time-hopping lesbian couple do seem more profound. For instance, the two can get married in the San Junipero version of 1987—which would have been legally impossible in the real 1987. San Junipero is a computer-created afterlife that elderly people can upload their consciousness to — for five hours a week while they're still alive, and permanently after death. Be Welcome

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  1. g out to her deeply religious parents. Her nurse Greg shares that she communicates via a comm box and that she has been trying out San Junipero's 5-hour weekly trial, but is now ready to be euthanized and spend her afterlife in the virtual reality system. Because her family has staunch religious objections to signing the papers allowing her to die, she plans on marrying Greg (her aforementioned fiance), so that he may legally override their authority. Not wanting Yorkie to marry someone she doesn't love, Kelly enters San Junipero with her for 5
  2. San Junipero. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. What we do. Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. Quite the same Wikipedia
  3. The very upbeat ending to San Junipero has stuck with me and I think it dares you to find worrying implications somewhere. That wouldn't be the Paradise that San Junipero promises. TCKR can make anything seem incredibly real, can't they simulate Kelly too

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Obviously I didn’t know the twist when I was watching it the first time, but when I was watching it the second time, I thought, “why would someone be a bartender in this world?”But unlike that episode, where a woman revived her dead boyfriend by using his social-media history to rebuild his personality inside a synthetic clone, “San Junipero” isn’t a sad ballad of well-meaning tech gone wrong. It’s the story of a different kind of world, one we might eventually arrive at, that will have its own flaws and limits as well as a uniquely powerful purpose. There are a lot of ways Brooker could have approached writing this episode, but his smartest move was to focus on the budding romance between Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) while slowly, but surely, building out the mysterious world of San Junipero around them.MBATHA-RAW: Hayley Atwell and Domhnall Gleeson. That one reminded me a Roald Dahl; it had a Tales of the Unexpected vibe to it. And I loved it because it was emotional.

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San Junipero imagines a world where people can upload their brains into computers. Old people can live out fantasies in the virtual reality city of San Junipero. Even what they call hard science fiction tries often to get the physics or get the science right, but they're usually just laughably wrong about.. BROOKER: But where would you plug your iPhone in? Ancient Egypt with iPhones would be fun. [laughs] Really? Ancient Egypt? San Junipero is the fourth episode in the third series of the British science fiction anthology television series Black Mirror. Written by showrunner Charlie Brooker and directed by Owen Harris.. Saint Junipero Serra, Spanish Franciscan priest whose missionary work among the Indians of North America earned him the title of Apostle of California. Our editors will review what you've submitted and determine whether to revise the article. San Buenaventura Mission. San Antonio de Padua

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The following week Yorkie searches for, but cannot find, Kelly. Spotting Wes at the sex club Quagmire, Yorkie asks him where she is, but he tells her he doesn't know although she should try looking "at the 80s, 90s, and in the 2000s". First time watching it, I spent the first half asking myself, “how does this fit into Black Mirror?” Because it seems so separate from what we’re used to from this series. And I’m loving the look but anticipating the tech. But in re-watching it, that bar scene—where you’re both talking about wardrobe—is done so well, because you are talking about it naturally in a way that sounds normal to people who don’t know the twist but has extra texture when you do know the twist. And it still sounds natural! When you’re writing and performing, how do you juggle withholding something big but still making it feel natural if the audience watches again?

The CyberBlack Mirror and Mr. Robot Had the Perfect Responses to Yesterday’s Internet OutageAfter hackers temporarily took down part of the Internet, the Internet struck back.Sophie, I agree that “Shut Up and Dance” was nightmarish—but it certainly left me scratching my head. If the point was simply to dramatize the terrifying grip of online surveillance, there was nothing innovative or surprising about the technology on display. If the grander concept was about internet witch-hunts, or people’s propensity to dispense justice when they only have bits of information at their fingertips, then why were the protagonists seemingly guilty of such heinous crimes? Perhaps Charlie Brooker just wanted to avoid any easy judgments: Even if the main characters of “Shut Up and Dance” were bad people, their treatment was excruciating all the same. That sort of “slippery slope” metaphor can only get me so involved, though I admired the episode’s execution.Another refreshing part of the episode is how well written Kelly and Yorkie both are. Their sexualities do not define them or their stories. “That’s what I thought was beautiful about the episode,” Mbatha-Raw said, “that it transcends any labeling. It’s really about human beings being human beings in love. And I think that, hopefully, we’re at that place now. Things don’t have to be an ‘issue.’ You know, it’s nice to see people just being who they are.”

Eventually, Kelly's condition in real life worsens. She finally decides to be euthanised and have her body buried with her family; however, she also decides to "pass over" her consciousness to San Junipero, where she and Yorkie continue to live happily ever after. Now on NetflixWhat Black Mirror’s “Men Against Fire” Tells Us About the 2016 ElectionE.P. Annabel Jones and actor Michael Kelly break down Season 3’s haunting war episode, in which a fight against “others” rings a stark political truth.

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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Episode 8 Recap and Review: “The Vat of Acid Episode”We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters@theatlantic.com.Mirror Mirror10 Cloverfield Lane Director Dan Trachtenberg on His Easter Egg-packed Episode of Black MirrorWill video game culture eventually take over all of film and television?But you do flip that tragic narrative on its head with “San Junipero”. What were you both exploring with the sexual fluidity of this story?

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MBATHA-RAW: And that’s sort of the beautiful thing about the characters—in relation to their sexuality—is it’s really not about that, it’s not an issue, it’s not a problem. Obviously they all have their own relationships, how they’ve come to be in San Junipero and their own histories, but I think it’s about human beings and love and souls. And it’s not about it being a problem. That wasn’t the focus of the story and I think that’s actually really refreshing. So, with San Junipero you spend half an episode with two truly appealing characters as they fumble about a new romance—before the mirror starts to crack and reveal what's really going on. BROOKER: Like an idealized version in the way that San Junipero is

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  1. Yeah, there are many doorways to open, such curiosities. For instance, I’m wondering if, 1980 is the earliest year in simulation, and if so is that because that’s as far back as nostalgia goes for the populace of that time?
  2. Speaking about eras, when Yorkie saw Kelly in 2002, she was almost disgusted that she were there: “this is not your era.” What were the implications of that judgement?
  3. San Junipero is also one of the new Netflix episodes featuring American talent, which came about because of its invocation of pop culture from the 1980s Calibrating the execution of those twists is a complicated process. Often it changes quite a bit in the edit, as to what point you want to reveal and..
  4. And for Kelly it’s also about learning to carry on with her own tragedy. They both have tragedies, but we learn about Kelly’s much later.
  5. There's nothing holding Yorkie back from choosing this consciousness. In San Junipero, she's able-bodied and unconstrained. And she had no family she feels guilty about abandoning in death. It's different for Kelly. Though she'd experienced attraction to women too, she loved her husband devotedly. It feels like a betrayal to choose some engineered happiness over the nothingness that he picked.
  6. BROOKER: I did have an idea of what I wanted to do at one point, but it was too complicated.There was a moment where I wanted the end to go through lots of different time periods: [we same them as] flapper girls and in the ‘60s—
  7. Wait, what even are San Junipero and Black Mirror? Since none of the episodes are directly related to each other, you can pick any to start with. Talk to fans of the show, and they'll tell you that San Junipero (Season 3, Episode 3) is the best of the season. What makes it so great? It's a love story..

BROOKER: We had a lot of debates about that and you’ll notice that we don’t show the bartenders in any of the other eras because that was where we hit up against a logic problem. So if you go into Tucker’s in 1980 but then go into the future is “Blondie” behind the bar in 2006 or is he not?“I’d read some people going, ‘Oh, it’s going to Netflix; it’s all going to be American now. It’s all going to be little kids playing baseball.’ And I thought, Ah, fuck you, then, O.K. California. Haha!,” Brooker said with a laugh.Though it also works well for the show's creepier narratives, Black Mirror's method of handing the audience the science fiction conceit of the story piece-by-piece is incredibly effective in a love story. With no context for why Kelly (Mbatha-Raw) and Yorkie (Davis) were concerned about a countdown clock that ends at midnight or what a setting that's clearly meant to represent the 1980s is doing in a show that's usually about humanity's future, I was free to focus on the actors and their chemistry — the magnetic pull between wild, confident Kelly and reserved, nervous Yorkie. 'Black Mirror: San Junipero' stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw & Mackenzie Davis discuss movie's social relevance and experience on sci-fi sets. It's a complex place, South Africa in general, but certainly for what we were doing with San Junipero, pretty much everything was shot at night, or dusk

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  1. It may sound grim, but this a surprisingly upbeat tale, one that doesn’t make an easy judgment about what any of the characters decide to do with their lives and their afterlives. Yorkie is of course thrilled to enter San Junipero and embark on a new life with Kelly; Kelly is more cautious, worrying that the virtual immortality it grants will eventually hollow out her soul as she endlessly searches for new experiences. It’s the strange paradox of the copy-pasted brain, one that a lot of science-fiction has explored recently (like the wonderful film World of Tomorrow and the terrific video game Soma).
  2. Check out our san junipero selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our prints shops. There are 138 san junipero for sale on Etsy, and they cost $20.49 on average. The most common san junipero material is metal
  3. San Junipero is revealed to be a synthesized afterlife option. There's no real city called that, and, obviously, no such afterlife technology exists like the one shown. Episodes like this are exactly what Black Mirror needs to stay fresh and surprising. San Junipero is a hopeful deviation from the usual..
  4. g that San Junipero is a town and a consciousness that they're both just visiting. Yorkie is reluctant, fearing that the magic won't extend that far. Will Kelly even like her? She consents eventually, and the plot resumes in a more familiar world. Kelly, an elderly woman with ter
  5. I was talking with a coworker who loved the ending and saw it as happy, and I just thought it was so much more sad, her speech of 49 years and how difficult it is for Kelly to make a decision—to not have her husband in an eternity setting would be more bizarre than just starting fresh with no attachments.
  6. San Juan was the seventh of nine missions established under the direction of this indomitable Spaniard. Born on Spain's island of Mallorca, Serra entered He arrived at the point of death. The outcome was substantially what Junipero sought: the famous Regulation protecting the Indians and the missions
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The filming location for San Junipero. I am finally getting around to watching the third season of Black Mirror after previously watching the first two and fourth. The third season is plagued with extremes from social violence to romances provoked in computer simulation of what can only be described as.. Brooker said that in writing “San Junipero” he aimed “to upend the notion of what a Black Mirror episode was.” The show started out with the goal of telling a wide variety of stories, after all. San Junipero is not your typical Black Mirror episode. The sunny installment in Charlie Brooker's typically gray, murky dystopia has no sense of Brooker said that in writing San Junipero he aimed to upend the notion of what a Black Mirror episode was. The show started out with the goal of telling.. Brooker and Mbatha-Raw sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss the episode, Brooker’s choice to focus on two women, and what it was like to bring the story to life. But before you read on, make sure you’ve seen the episode. Spoilers a-plenty ahead.BROOKER: I was actually thinking that in reality, Kelly would have been older than the clientele in 2002. But I think that would be a thing people might do, revisit eras that they missed at the time because they were living but not immersed. But chiefly, she’s kind of just hiding there.

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MBATHA-RAW: And I think the idea of loss is so universal regardless of your sexual orientation, gender, race. I think so many people can relate to that. I remember even reading that speech and it really touched me, but it was something you said you just wrote it.Yorkie is happy in San Junipero, but frustrated that Kelly is only able to join her for 5 hours a week. She impulsively asks Kelly to join her in the afterlife, but Kelly is torn as she was married to a man she loved previously for 49 years, and he did not want to live in San Junipero. When Yorkie accuses Kelly's husband of abandoning her, Kelly reveals that they had a daughter, Allison, who died at 39, before the technology of San Junipero was available. Rather than live in a San Junipero that didn't contain Allison, Kelly's husband chose not to be uploaded; although he wasn't convinced there was an afterlife, he hoped he might be reunited with his daughter. Though Kelly doesn't believe in an afterlife, she decides she doesn't want to be uploaded to an eternity without her husband and daughter, especially since she promised her husband she wouldn't. Frustrated by Yorkie's request, Kelly drives away and purposely crashes her car. Just as Yorkie appears and tries to help her up, Kelly's weekly expires, and she disappears.

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