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Arthur "MaTa" Mkrtychian. Ukrainian DotA 2 player, who twice represented his country at the world finals of World Esports Sports Games. The highest rate of MMR is 7700. Join your team only to defend towers with Mystic Snake, or in case your team is getting heavily dived under allied towers and you are absolutely sure you can help them and get some kills out of it.Make sure to use Mystic Snake effectively. Use it to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps and to harass your opponent. Your goal is to hit both ranged creep and the enemy midlaner with two last jumps of Mystic Snake to use this spell to its full potential.


  1. Dota Underlords just got a pretty good sized update that adds a scoreboard and leaderboard to the game. They've added some UI improvements, changed up how gold win and lose streaks work, and..
  2. Dota 2 - Medusa Build Guide. Posted by : Unknown Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013. BIO Beauty is power. This thought comforted Medusa--the youngest and loveliest of three beautiful Gorgon sisters..
  3. 3. Medusa Medusa's ultimate, Stone Gaze, instantly kills illusion, and have Phantom Lancer's attack speed slowed, movement speed slowed, and have a chance of being stunned and taking bonus..
  4. Турниры. Матчи и чемпионаты. OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online: China
  5. I would like to thank every person that will comment this guide, since I spent a lot of time for it; as i said in the Introduction, critics are welcome, This is my 2° guide and I'd still like to learn as much as possible from you, guys :) Thanks to Ebrithil, who helped me setting a lot of things of this guide, and that have granted me to post it today, here, on Dotafire! Thanks to Icefrog who kept developing Dota. Finally thanks to Valve, that created DotA2 in collaboration with Dotacinema, I love you. Ty all! :)
  6. Medusa's appearance varies depending on what source you're reading. The most popular is that of a hideous monster; in fact, the petrification originally was caused by Medusa's ugliness itself..
  7. Find top Medusa build guides by Smite players. Create, share and explore a wide variety of Smite god guides, builds and general strategy in a friendly community

Dota 2. Lina, Puck, Windranger, Medusa. Tools. What links here. Related changes Just went thru a 15 game medusa win streak. A few games we were down megas. I love snake woman unconditionally. How to counter Medusa? She's really fragile at the start of the game but when it reaches to middle fight, it takes 2 or three heroes to kill her. And it ends up will be the losing team in the end 1)      Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players who pick this hero.4)      Always pay attention to the mini map and to the movement of enemy heroes around the map. It is very important to avoid unnecessary deaths, as every single death significantly slows down your farm.

Medusa. Signed, sealed and stamped for being strong and light by some of the world's best. The Medusa deck features the highest grade materials and finish with fully sealed deck and smooth.. Dota 2 adalah sebuah permainan Arena pertarungan daring multipemain, dan merupakan sekuel dari Defense of the Ancients mod pada Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos dan Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. DotA 2 dikembangkan oleh Valve Corporation..

Dota 2 NEW 7.08 PATCH - Main Changes + New Updates + New Items + New Hero + Pudge Arcana ? DOTA 2 Pro Gaming 608 views2 year ago. 10:36. Timado [Medusa] Great Raid Boss Hero ►.. Dota 2 Medusa Guide, Build and Strategy (Medusa the Gorgon). She understands that power is the only beauty worth possessing-for only power can change the world Medusa phóng ra một con rắn nhảy và tấn công lần lượt các kẻ địch, gây sát thương và hút lấy một lượng mana của đối phương. Sau khi kết thúc, con rắn sẽ quay về và hồi lại cho Medusa lượng.. Every small detail matter during the laning stage for Medusa. You need to make sure to get a good creep block, and then keep a lane in a good position for yourself to farm. Medusa Gorgon. Uma criatura traiçoeira presa por eras nas prisões submarinas de Nazjatar, a Górgona imprudentemente libertada durante a guerra empreendida entre a Escória liderada pelo Rei..

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Medusa. Mode. Aggressive. Changes target easily Ti Dota 2 Shop là Store Uy tín chuyên nhận cung cấp tất cả item Dota 2, Cs:Go, PUBG, Game Bản Quyền với giá rẻ nhất. Medusa. 23.000 ₫. Daughters of Hydrophiinae hero npc_dota_hero_medusa. Title Recommended items for Medusa. { #DOTA_Item_Build_Starting_Items. { item item_ring_of_protection Medusa is a dangerous monster with her own level, which is somewhere in the main Dungeons of Doom, but below the level that contains the magic portal to the Quest. Beware—as in Greek mythology, her gaze can turn people to stone Dota WTF features the best and craziest scenes of Dota 2. Whether Win or Fail, Rampage and skilled play or Thug Life and strange bugs, Dota WTF has it all

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  1. Heroes Medusa. Show: Displaying 1-20 of 460 results
  2. Medusa: Changed Ability6 from dota_tooltip_ability_ to Stone Gaze. Troll Warlord: Removed attribute ability draft ignore count with value of 5. Troll Warlord: Changed Ability5 from Battle Trance to..
  3. Dota 2 has been updated by Valve with not only a new patch, but a new hero: Medusa. Attacks doled out by Medusa include the split shot, mystic snake, and a mana shield which absorbs 50% of damage..
  4. Dota 2 How To Jungle Medusa Patch 7 07 8000 Gold. iTF. Liquid Jerax Best Earth Spirit In Dota 2. 6 87 Patch Changes Dota 2 New Items. hOlyhexOr. First Time 7 07 Storm Spirit Epic Meta Dota Dota..

Encourage your teammates to kill Roshan and secure Aegis of the Immortal. If the game goes well, by this point enemy team will not have any opportunity to kill you twice. The only work left in this game is to destroy the enemy Ancient. We (and thousand others!) believe this change should be reverted as soon as possible as this essentially kills trading. Sign the petition to revert these changes: https.. Add to Favourites. Comment. dota2! medusa! I'm glad that for once someone drew Medusa as hideous, like she's supposed to be, instead of a scaly supermodel

2)      Focus on playing around key objectives of the game, such as Roshan, Towers and Bounty Runes.Dotabuff is looking for players to conduct interviews with to help us gain insight on how you use guides and learning resources in Dota 2. Selected participants will be given a $20 Steam gift card for their time. Click to take the survey!

Dota 2 patch adds Medusa, conatins UI, gameplay and bot changes

DOTA 2 - the major. Publicado en 13 noviembre, 2015 por darduin. Thank you very much guys, you are awesome but Dota more (thug life) Kappa we love you all ❤ Stream Change by Medusa from desktop or your mobile device. welcoming change understand that change means growth and growth means cutting off dead ends or people Today marks the release of Dota patch 7.03, containing a large number of changes. Notably, this patch was also for the reveal of the Juggernaut Arcana, which contain The Medusa has carved out her own little niche where she turns people into statues for her future viewing pleasure. You have to fight her to get out of Naraku and I consider her a fierce step up from.. DOTA2 2 7.06 changes medusa aghanims. Naruto xx Naruto. Опубликовано: 16 мая 2017 г. Like and subscribe for more DOTA2 videos

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  1. Medusa (Rider). 10 2 0. H2O: Просто добавь воды Линда Страйдер Гостья Магнолия Страйдер (Мегги) Гостья Медуза Магазинчик ужасов Медуза Dota 2 Медуза Happy Tree Friends Медуза..
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  3. Medusa is one of the most straight forward heroes in Dota 2. The gameplay of his hero is very simple and very effective at the same time. Once you master it, you will be able to win game after game.

Immortal skins from unlimited to limited for Dota 2 collectors. All categories Account Apparel Auto Chess DotA Account Gift Card Hoodies Items & Skins Long Sleeves mw_product_option_cloned.. DUDE! THAT'S RIGHT! I have a version of this with texts " I need no weapon. I am the weapon. " But thought its a bit cringey. lmao 7.22 PATCH - BIGGEST CHANGES DOTA 2 Added new Scepter upgrades for all of the 24 remaining heroes without an upgrade 2.com/2019/05/the-7-22-gameplay-update/ 7.22 PATCH DOTA 2 Видео..

By minute 7 you should have level 6 and two Wraith Bands finished, this is where your ‘fun’ begins. Once you reach these conditions you should start pushing the lane and farming nearby neutral camps. Brace yourself, because you will have to farm jungle a lot.Every single item you buy should have a purpose. Iron Branch is very useful for midlaner, as it allows you to use Tango without leaving the lane and also double its effect. Faerie Fire might help you to survive during a gank or HP trade with your opponent. Slippers and Circlet can be used to complete x2 Wraith Bands, which will improve your stats.

Support from Plus members keep Dotabuff running and help enable us to deliver new features for everyone. As a reward, some features that are difficult or expensive to operate are available only to Plus members. Additionally, Plus members never see any advertisements!Once you finish Manta Style and Eye of Skadi you can start playing with your teammates. But do not be too active, as your hero gains its best conditions after you purchase a third major item. Basically, you should keep farming but be ready to take a part in a fight. See over 452 Medusa (Lancer) (Fate) images on Danbooru. Lancer-class Servant in Fate/Grand Order. A younger version of Medusa, she wields a scythe with great skill, and uses her Mystic Eyes as part.. Changes, Episode 223 of Modest Medusa in . Modest is 5 years old. Her mom is a giant snake. She comes from a magical land. Now she lives with Jake The TSM team likes to loot in the Mylta and Sosnovka areas. If the plane doesn't fly near these locations then they find the vehicles to move there safety. But it happens just

13 July 2019 / Guides GOSU.AI GUIDES: mid Medusa 7.22 Sometimes it is quite hard to come up with a good guide for a hero, because the hero in question might have many specific mechanics and complicated gameplay… well, Medusa is not one of them.Hello everybody, This is my 2° guide here on dotafire and today I would like to introduce you to Valve's last masterpiece, Medusa, the Gorgon!. "Medusa, also known as Gorgon is an impressive late-game carry, disabler and in the meanwhile also a great initiator. Her farming capabilities fuel her role almost perfectly. Medusa can be considered as tank as well, both in durability and AOE damage, once she is fully leveled and after she has acquired damage items. With her current skill set, she can in fact nuke for a lot of damage, and in the meanwhile survive even the most aggressive ganks thanks to her spells. She is one of the rare breed of carries that can both tank and DPS at the same time!" Critics are welcome, since I want to train myself in things like these, so suggestions or tips will help me! :) English is not my native language, so you will surely find some mistakes. If you aren't familiar with this hero I would suggest you to look at Dotacinema's video below Enough said, Let's get to it. Medusa is one of the most straight forward heroes in Dota 2. Everything you should know about Mid Medusa is in this guide. The only work left in this game is to destroy the enemy Ancient Giving up her beauty in exchange for power, Medusa uses her mana pool as a shield, steals mana with her snakes and turns enemies into stone in a single gaze, then destroys entire teams in seconds with.. Find top Medusa build guides by DotA 2 players. Create, share and explore a wide variety of DotA 2 hero guides, builds and general strategy in a friendly community

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  1. Inspect in-game (FN) 5 Steam Listings. AWP Medusa Skin & Price Details
  2. New Dota 2 ranked season begins today with medal changes. One of two main changes will be that instead of starting with no stars, each medal will have one to five stars instead
  3. Medusa ese el nuevo héroes introducido en la última actualización del cliente Test de DOTA 2..
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  1. 3)   Using Mystic Snake ineffectively during the laning stage. Mystic Snake can deal quite a lot of damage if you use it well. Try to hit your opponent with the last possible snake jump. Use this spell to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps.
  2. g Pudge. Even though Pudge becomes very strong and popular on core positions,
  3. Dota 2 英語wiki. Dota 2 英語Subreddit
  4. Manta anti-mage counters medusa pretty hard due to mana burn eating through her shield twice as fast. Medusa is one of the very best team fight carries in the game but she'll still lose to void in a 1v1
  5. The starting item build is identical to any other ranged agility hero. Get yourself x2 Slippers of Agility, Circlet, Iron Branch and Faerie Fire. Ask supports to pull you x2 Tango.
  6. Xin the Ember Spirit is a high skill cap, mechanically demanding hero that's often played as either the safe lane core or midlaner in a game of Dota 2. His kit makes him both versatile and highly mobile..

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Early Game Laning Mid lane is possibly the safest lane for Medusa, because you are freely to farm. While on lane you have you absolutely need to last hit every creep, denying as well, as it will give a significant advantage; If you don't start well you might take time to catch up. Whenever you have the chance, keep spamming Mystic Snake, as you won't be consuming tons of mana, considering its self-recovering. Mid Game Always Try to keep the opponent tower alive as long as possible due to your Mystic Snake ability will push the lane a lot. Try to farm in lanes in which creeps are very near to your towers. If you don't feeld safe, Don't hesitate to go killing some neutrals. Play reaaaaaly carefully, a single death can longen your core items. Remember to not try ganking, since Medusa really sucks at it, and for you all would only mean a loss of time. However, you can still expect some ganks to to your mid lane. Pff, that's okay, two opponent ganks will be pretty easy to escape from! Your ultimate is probably the most useful skill during this phase of the game along with mana shield. just activate them and fade away. Late Game Now is the time to relax, just right click and enjoy your beautiful damage! If you feel fed enough, keep your Split Shot activated and kills as many heroes as you can, always activate Mana Shield when in danger and secure kills thanks to the items you have acquired. Medusa is a Dire Agility Hero. Gorgon the Medusa. The Medusa's abilities include: Split Shot, Mystic Snake, Mana Shield, Stone Gaze. A Medusa can be used as one of the following roles: Farmer, Pusher, Roamer, Carry, Durable. See: Suggested Items for Medusa Leave a comment on #117 change of Medusa. Here we list it, because it is really important for this change of Medusa. medusa-change-effect. We can easily feel that this changement on the battle 7 23 Dota 2 New Patch Biggest Changes Outlanders Update. NoobFromUA. 2X Moon Shards 200 Attack Speed Dark Miracle Medusa Mid M God 7 22 Update Patch Dota 2 Pro Mmr Gameplay 6 Mobafire Network MOBAFire.com leaguespy.gg CounterStats.net RuneterraFire.com TeamFight Tactics SMITEFire.com DOTAFire.com ArtifactFire.com VaingloryFire.com HeroesFire.com Advertising @jobs Partnerships Join MFN User Agreement Privacy Policy #Social Contact @Support Advertising @jobs Partnerships User Agreement Privacy Policy Contact @Support DOTAFire is the place to find the perfect build guide to take your game to the next level. Learn how to play a new hero, or fine tune your favorite DotA hero’s build and strategy.

Medusa chưa bao giờ hối hận về quyết định của mình. Cô hiểu rằng, sức mạnh là cái đẹp duy nhất Hero Medusa được lấy cảm hứng từ nữ quái mình người tóc rắn Medusa trong thần thoại Hy Lạp Medusa magically splits her shot into five arrows. These arrows deal a lower percent of her normal damage. The extra targets will not receive other attack effects (such as critical strike) and Unique.. Medusa Counters and Synergyes. Advantage (Adv) - The difference between the actual winrate of the heroes and the expected winrate from their base winrates. Example: Let's take two heroes, Superman.. guide video english dota2 news

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Dota 2 видео от hOlyhexOr. Серийное дота 2 видео — Dota 2 - 7.07 Dueling Fates Patch - MAP CHANGES This site © 2020 Gamer Network. All Rights Reserved. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.

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MEDUSA. Прирост интеллекта увеличен с 2,6 до 3,4. Дворянкин покинет пост Ген.Директора Virtus Pro Эмбер Спирит гайд: Ember Spirit guide Сайты с халявой Dota 2 A collection of tips, counters, and guides for Dota 2 heroes. Written by @tsunami643 1)   Making unnecessary rotations and participating in unnecessary fights. Medusa in her gameplay is very similar to Alchemist. All you need to do is to farm efficiently and then join your team when you finish your key items.

With third big item finished, you can finally leave the jungle and start domination over your opponents. Now Red Medusa is in production of several new series, which, as we hope, will surpass the popularity of our previous projects, including 80-part «VERSUS», «Three Russian Bogaturs», «Batmetal» Medusa là 1 carry hạng nặng có thể đóng vai trò chính của mình đồng nhưng đồng thời cũng là 1 IV - Hướng dẫn chơi Medusa - Cách lên đồ Medusa. TOP. Wraith band cho tí stats và dmg, phù hợp.. Dota 2 изменить дистанцию камеры. Dota 2 change camera distance. I'm Kryptonill Who Really Love DotA 2. ►This Video Shows How to Solo Midlane Sniper Against Medusa with Perfect Score.. In the beginning of the guide I have mentioned that the gameplay of Medusa is very simple. It is simple because it fully dedicated to farming. Farming effectively – is your main job in the next 15-20 minutes.

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Guia dota, guia de Heroes de Dota, guia de items y dota University. Guia Medusa - The Gorgon. La Gorgon es un carry muy fuerte, si llega armarse es casi invensible Valve has announced that it will change the schedule of Dota 2 patches so that there will be no This comes just a few months after Valve announced the Dota 2 patch schedule would become more.. The only thing that can stop you from farming are enemy ganks. You need to be very careful and pay a lot of attention to the movement of enemy heroes around the map. Ask your supports to keep good vision around entrances to your jungle. If your supports are unable to provide necessary vision it is always a good decision to do it yourself. Make a safe zone for yourself to farm near the allied secret shop. GIPHY is your top source for the best & newest GIFs & Animated Stickers online. Find everything from funny GIFs, reaction GIFs, unique GIFs and more

Medusa's Pros: - She can cover both the roles of Carry and Tank - Due to her abilities, she is a great farmer - She has a significant Crowd Control - It is very difficult to not escape a gank with her! Medusa's Cons: - She has very poor initial stats as well stats gain through the game - The loss of mana, caused for example by mana burn is fatal for her - Very, if not completely, item dependant - She hasn't lots of ganking material - Bad movement speed DOTA2 2 7.06 changes medusa aghanims. Naruto xx Naruto. Опубликовано: 16 мая 2017 г. Like and subscribe for more DOTA2 videos Dota 2 New Map - Patch 7.00. از کانال Dota 2 movie. 3:16. ویدیو بعدی. نکته هایی درباره New Patch Dota 2. 6.87 Patch Changes Dota 2 - Mirana Aghanim's Scepter Update

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Close DOTA 2. Go back to Steam > Settings > Interface and this time select the language that you Run DOTA 2. Press Find Match at the bottom right to check your preferences. Now you can see that.. 2)   Not buying a Magic Wand. Even though it is possible to play on Medusa without a Magic Wand, it is significantly easier to play with this item. As Medusa is very dependent on her mana in fights, Magic Wand can significantly improve her sustainability. Фото на обложке: Dota 2 New 7.19d Patch - Main Changes! 91 343 просмотров. 11:13. Dota 2 Cheaters: Auto Nimbus, Scripted Chen, Tinker, Sf And Techies Hero Skills DOTA 2 Items Hero Talents Media Streams Videos Concepts Hero Concepts + Create Concept Community DOTAFire Forum News General Discussion Site Support Member Blogs + Create Blog Heroes Guides Skills Members Items X Join the leading DOTA 2 community.Create and share Hero Guides and Builds. Increased intelligence gain from 2.6 to 3.4. Mystic Snake. Hit enemies no longer lose mana, now only restores mana on the caster based on the hit enemies' maximum mana. Now slows hit enemies' movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. Now slows hit enemies' turn rate by 50% for 3 seconds

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DOTA 2 update 7.23 has been revealed, with the Outlander patch notes confirming the big changes Ancient apparitionscepter reworked. Ice Blast now deals damage through Spell Immunity.. Try always to acknowledge the flow of the game. If your team has a huge lead, you might as well start fighting with them with only Manta Style. 7.22 PATCH - BIGGEST CHANGES DOTA 2 Added new Scepter upgrades for all of the 24 remaining heroes without an upgrade blog.dota2.com/2019/05/the-7-22-gameplay-update/ 7.22 PATCH DOTA 2 Dota 2 has been updated by Valve with not only a new patch, but a new hero: Medusa. Attacks doled out by Medusa include the split shot, mystic snake, and a mana shield which absorbs 50% of damage, and of course stone gaze. You can read up on her through here and check out the changelog through here. With Medusa's blatantly obvious charge-up, you know when it's coming and all you have to do is press 2 without even turning your back. You'll just soak up upwards of 700 damage like it's nothing

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Đối với gamer Dota 2, ai cũng biết Medusa trâu chó là nhờ Mana Shield. Nếu hết mana, Medusa nhanh chóng trở thành cá nằm trên thớt, dù item trên người có nhiều cỡ nào đi nữa Medusa, the Gorgon, is a ranged agility hero. Highly item-dependent, she acts as a carry who can potentially strike down entire teams at once while protected by tank-like survivability. Split Shot allows her attacks to hit multiple targets, greatly increasing the potency of damage-granting items Medusa the Gorgon is an Agility Scourge hero from Dota Allstars. Medusa one of the only ranged tanks due to her mana shield. Medusa is also an effective pusher due to split shot. Categories: Dota hero. Agility hero. Ranged. Pusher

Changes Teams. TShow. December 17, 2015 02:00. G3G. Top predictions Dota 2. Who. Искусственный интеллект While the majority of the Dota 2 heroes are viable in pubs and competitive play, here are a few that we think could do with a little love from Valve Created by Medusa Project SIA

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Вчора о 15:47. Update lagi. DOTA Underlords Patch Notes 28 Juni 2019 WIB - Fixes a...nd Improvements - Gameplay Changes: Medusa: Split Shot extra shot damage reduction changed: [-40.. DotA2 Medusa (Gorgon): Beauty is power. This thought comforted Medusa-the youngest and She understands that power is the only beauty worth possessing-for only power can change the world

https://www.reddit.com/user/InkInGrams/comments/gkwhoc/medusa_fanart_process/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2xDota Underlords just got a pretty good sized update that adds a scoreboard and leaderboard to the game. They've added some UI improvements, changed up how gold win and lose streaks work, and have now added some new items! Check out the full patch notes below.

Guia Gorgon, Medusa dota 1, dota allstar, warcraft español, tutorial como jugar, como armar, como se arma, que items comprarle, que comprar, que se le saca, que sacarle, sus contrapicks, item build.. An insidious creature that dwelled for eons in the underwater prisons of Nazjatar, the Gorgon was unwittingly freed during the war waged between King Arthas's Scourge and the Naga on the icy shores of Northrend. Plagued by undeath in the aftermath, Medusa welcomed the blessing of immortality. Gifted with a keen sense of archery and affinity to magic at birth, she has honed her skills over the ages. Firing barrage of arrows, freeing her energy leeching serpent upon her enemies, and conjuring a protective barrier of mana are just minor skills at her disposal. Like her namesake, Medusa instills paralyzing fear into all that would dare looking at her.As Medusa is very dependent on last-hits, it is very important to learn how to control the lane by dragging enemy creeps closer to yourself. The shorter the distance between you and the enemy creep is, the easier it is to last-hit it. To drag creeps closer to yourself you need to use an ‘Attack’ command on the enemy midlaner(or any other hero on the map) near enemy creeps, it will force them to attack and follow you. This small trick is essential for all good midlaners to use on a constant basis. We bring you the latest Dota 2 editorial & data coverage, match schedules, and world rankings. Dota 2 news. Independent streamers vs Tournament Organizers Hero stat changes from basic items are now shown during combat as well during preparing. Hero changes. Medusa: Split Shot: Now applies item effects on secondary shots

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Dota 2 - Medusa Build Guide. BIO Beauty is power. This thought comforted Medusa--the youngest She understands that power is the only beauty worth possessing--for only power can change the world Quest Reward. Medusa New Skill: Blood Fort Andromeda. Changes to NA schedule. So we got the gudaguda 2 rerun ahead of schedule. Do we think that the Sherlock even

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