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My recent experience with Polar Customer Support was the worst I have ever had with a new product. I purchased a Polar Loop Misty Blue for my wife from a retailer on eBay. It was brand new and arrived shrink wrapped, and when opened we found that the sizing band was not in the box.I’m still unable to pair the loop with the viiiiv a. It works perfect with the H7 Sensor from Polar but for any mysterious reason cannot be paired with the viiiiv a The Polar Loop 2 ($39.99 at Amazon) is a perfectly adequate tracker, but it doesn't bring any special features or style to impress potential buyers. The Loop 2 uses the same USB charger and syncing cable as the original Polar Loop, so if you're upgrading, you can keep your old charger as a backup At any rate, as for using it, it’s really rather simple – it just records your HR data from that point forward.  Unlike most sports devices, the Loop is indiscriminate and doesn’t know of a given starting point or ending point.  It just knows you’re wearing a strap and records the data from it. These do not influence editorial content, though Millennial Mind Sync may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. And with amazing new sample and loop packs dropping weekly by the awesome team at Splice, be sure to check out this page weekly for our latest rankings

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Out of the 500 or so comments, there quite a number that validate sensor support for other non-Polar sensors. Simply search this page’s comments section using the ‘Find’ option in your browser for the HR strap/sensor of your choice (most work just fine).But, with the addition of the HR7 chest strap and doing something more physically demanding than walking and breathing, you should be able to track your progress in terms of calorie burn and fitness level with precision.! 🙂

The Polar H6/H7 straps are quite good, but they are ultimately chest straps. Whereas teh Scosche is an optical arm band. I happen to prefer that, since I find it more comfortable. Additionally, in colder/dryer weather, I find that optical sensor is more accurate for the first portions of an activity when sweat isn’t yet prevalent.Now that we’ve got the physical pieces all taken care of, we’ll dive into the software pairing next.

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Thanks for the response. I now have the rhythm +, if I don’t get a polar loop, which android app is best to pair the HR strap to and then to sync calories to myfitnesspal? Thanks again, love this website! Smartwatch Charger for Polar M600/Polar Loop/Polar Loop 2,100cm/3.3ft Magnetic USB Data Sync Charging Cable Smart Accessories. SN.SU.SK Unisex Winter Women Men Face Mask Double-deck Polar Fleece Windproof Bicycle Camouflage Loop Scarf Male Warm Neck Am Ex Facebook Sync offer: Spend $25 at Dollar Tree ONLINE

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  1. It should pair with the TomTom HR strap (but not the TomTom Cardio GPS watch HR, since that doesn’t broadcast).
  2. HR monitoring is the best form of fitness tracking since it measures your actual physical output. The real benefit of the Polar Loop is the ability to pair with the H6 or H7 HR monitor. As I stated in my comment, I use the HR7 chest strap and my HR shows up on the Life Fitness treadmill and Elliptical I use at the gym so I don’t have to keep looking at my wrist. When I connect to the Polar Flow app, it shows a graphical review of my workout as shown in the review above.
  3. Polar showcases the Loop 2 in three colour variants, namely: Smokey Black, Sorbet Pink and Polar White. The Loop 2's wristband also comes in two variants Using an iPhone 5, we had encountered some problems as the initial sync kept failing. Once everything was in order, though, everything went..
  4. I’m eager to see the platform expand.  It’s new, and is pretty solid for something only a month old, but it still has a lot of catching up to do if they want to use it for sports devices going into the future.  Still, for activity monitor tracking it does well even if it lacks some of the social encouragement features of platforms like Nike or Fitbit.  The next piece will be adding in the connectivity to 3rd party platforms for Loop data, which will come as early as later this month according to Polar.

Polar Loop è un nuovo activity tracker caratterizzato da un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo e con interessanti caratteristiche distintive rispetto ad altri prodotti analoghi che abbiamo recensito in passato e che trovate elencati con relativi link in calce a questa recensione Polar Loop display will start showing the syncing sign. Unplug and plug your Polar Loop again if Polar FlowSync doesn't recognize it. The Polar Flow mobile app for iOS will automatically sync your activity data and settings with the Polar Flow web service when the app is running and you have your.. In addition if you use the Heart Rate Sensor for a workout daily you only get a couple of days before the strap memory fills up. In the world of gigabytes of storage in cell phones and MP3 players, it’s comical they would not spring for more storage so it support daily workouts or allow you to reduce the frequency of logging heart rates.

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You’ll rarely ever see things be exact on these, as various conditions such as steps, quick turns, etc… can be measured differently by different devices.  That’s generally what I see across the board with activity trackers.  Instead, you’ll want to focus on them being more of a gauge of distance than an exact measurement.  Still, I think the value is there for getting healthier, or determining whether you really did have a ‘very active’ day, or a ‘very passive’ day.I believe the goal changing item is something Polar is working on for all their different activity monitoring products.My H7 has worked flawlessly (and often) With my Loop for over six months. I’ve been through three Loops but the H& has worked like a champ will all of them. Just wet it and forget it. If the problem continues, check support.polar.com/en/support/FlowSync for more information. Close FlowSync by right-clicking / secondary clicking the icon on your computer If the flowsync.exe/Polar Flow Sync process is running (i.e. is on the list), select the process and click End Process If you want to disconnect Polar Flow and TrainingPeaks, just click the Disconnect button in the Polar Flow settings. After disconnecting, your training sessions aren’t synced to TrainingPeaks. Disconnecting also deactivates the data sync to TrainingPeaks from Polar Flow app.

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Hi! Great review…thank you… I feel I understand the concept much better…..but….hahaha ..should my phone always be on when I have the loop on if I am just going about my normal day? …I find that the polar flow website is not easy for me to understand. how does it know what activity I was doing? What is a target? do I download polar flow or polar beat on my iphone?? LynnHere you can see the different zones as well as a summary at the bottom of me hitting my goal for that day:Great review as others have mentioned! I do have an update for you that seems to have gotten overlooked.As you’ve seen throughout the review there are numerous compatible accessories for the unit. I’ve consolidated them all into the below chart, with additional information (full posts) available on some of the accessories to the far right. Also, everything here is verified by me – so if it’s on the list, you’ll know it’ll work. And as you can see, I mix and match accessories based on compatibility – so if a compatible accessory is available at a lower price below, you can grab that instead.Thanks for reading!  And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible.  And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below.  Thanks!

Now, this doesn’t mean this is all the bugs out there.  This is just the ones I saw during my running and/or use.  As a single person I can’t possible test every possible feature in every possible combination to reproduce every possible scenario.  Sure, I’d love to – but companies have entire teams of testers and they still miss things.  So I do the best I can to note what I’ve seen above. The Polar Loop connects to PC (Windows XP and later) or Mac (OSX 10.6 and later) computers via a custom USB cable and links via Bluetooth Smart to iOS mobile devices (iPhone 4S and above, iPod touch 5th generation and newer). You can sync your data with either the mobile app or the USB cable.. It’ll give me another field then displayed as ‘TO GO’, which means how much more activity till completion of my goal.  It presents a few options like walking or jogging, and the amount of time required for that activity.  Though while it says ‘Walk’, that basically translates to low-intensity activity.  Versus ‘Jog’ means high-intensity activity.  If you see the words ‘Up’, it just means to get off your lazy butt and do something.  Anything.  The manual suggests starting by playing darts.The unit will also display two variations of what it thinks your effort is, in two categories: “Fat burning” or “Fitness” mode.  Basically in fat burning mode it implies that your HR is within a zone that burns fat.  In my testing, I’ve found that zone roughly corresponds to any HR that isn’t in the ‘Fitness’ zone.  In other words, if you’re alive, you’re in fat burning mode.  Unless you’re at the top end, in which case it’s fitness mode.

Lastly, there’s the display for calories, which is shown as ‘CAL’.  This includes your baseline basic metabolic calorie burn that you’d have just for being alive.  So basically it’s giving you the total calorie ‘allowance’ for eating ice cream for that day.  At least, that’s how I look at it.Hi Rebecca, thanks for the reply. Most of my other devices are Garmin… I happen to have gotten this Loop from an event as well as the Tickr X and thought I’d give it a try, particularly trying to synch them. Have you tried synching the Loop to a non Polar bluetooth smart HRM and successfully done so? If so, can you kindly advise what I should do to make that happen? Thanks very much. The Polar Loop 2 activity tracker is made of soft silicone with an appearance that's one step-up from plain, owning a touch of style without looking ugly or garish. While the Loop 2 can sync data through its USB cable, most users will opt for the convenience of Bluetooth wireless connectivity via the Polar..

Get started with the Polar Loop 2 activity tracker: www.polar.com/loop2 This video will get you started with The Polar Loop Activity Band is available at Fitness Town and gives you everything you need to keep Recently got this problem/bug with the device. While charging it displays the battery is at 90.. Any ideas on how to get rid of the “MEM. FULL” message on the Loop? I synced it to my computer but all it did was upload the incomplete workout I had just finished. The application downloaded, polar flow sync works very well.... but we need to synchronize the peripheral (polar loop) with the application, but seems I had the same problem with ricoh (but some Ubuntu release later, this is automatically embeded and works well.) Maybe I need wait but I'm little bit.. The Polar Loop requires a PC or Mac to sync the band, and has an optional iOS or Android apps. There didn't appear to be any way to share your workouts on social media which, while it wasn't a problem for this group of reviewers, is still something almost all of the other bands we looked at give..

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Today, the most common units in this category (clip-on) would be the variety of FitBit units (Ultra, One, Zip), as well as the Withings Pulse, and then a small collection of units from Sportline as well:The biggest issue is that you can’t adjust the activity goal on a reoccurring basis for a goal other than the one it calculates for you. The idea is to use this as a workout tool, not just a monitoring device. Search Fixya Press enter to search.does anybody know why the loop or better said the software is not able to show the amount of steps during a herat rate training? Would be nice to see, how many steps i have done during a tennis match or so.I seemed to get the idea that the loop only count steps and not distance. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I see that in your comparison chart under distance, it says “app only”. What do you mean by that? Thanks

This video will get you started with your Polar Loop 2 activity tracker. It shows you how the fitness tracker works and how to setup your Polar Loop 2 with the Polar Flow web service to get Aleksandra Bliźniak 1 рік тому Valentina Sulbarán it's a year after your post and the problem is still going I have a Galaxy S4 and here’s what I do: when I’m doing a workout using RunKeeper (hike, run, etc), I turn OFF bluetooth on my phone, and use the Loop with the H7 strap to track my steps and calories, and RunKeeper just to track the time and distance.– The touch button doesn’t always respond: Sometimes I press the button and nothing happens.  Or, I press it a lot and nothing happens.  There appears to be some sort of timeout, likely to save battery, but it’s kinda annoying.First you’ll grab that card from the package.  The card is actually your ruler.  So go ahead and separate it:What features is the Loop lacking that other devices have? (I’m not up to speed on any other devices, so I’m asking genuinely, not trying to be argumentative.)

Automatic upload to TrainingPeaks supports Swim, Bike, Run, Crosstrain, Mtn Bike, Strength, Xc-Ski, Rowing, Walk and Other as sports activity types. Polar Flow sports are automatically changed to sports available in TrainingPeaks. You can also change the sport manually in TrainingPeaks.You are correct. Wearing a HR chest strap will accurately reflect your workout. Since the wrist band uses a series of movement sensors to determine you are ‘walking’, it can be fooled several ways, including not actually recording your ‘steps’.You can sync training sessions that have been done with a newer Polar training device or with the Polar Beat app. The Loop in its current form is a one year old devise. Its a bit aging now and definitely felling behind the others for the lack of features. Don’t get me started with the apps (both on web and on phone)

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I recently bought the loop and am generally pleased with it. However, I use an Schwinn indoor cycle with wind resistance which increases with cadence. There is a calibrated display and according to this, even when wearing a Polar H7, the calorie estimate by the loop is consistently about 30% LOW. This would be no major problem if Polar Flow had the facility to amend some elements of the recorded exercise to show the actual calories burnt (according to the Schwinn. It would also be useful to be able to change the exercise title to show ‘indoor cycling’ (or anything else for that matter e.g.: “Schwinn”. Is there a particular communication channel / forum with polar where I should register this as a suggestion for improvment ?? The Polar loop is perfect for my needs. I owned the original Polar Loop and didn't have any problems with it but when I saw this model alert about texts and phone calls I really If your a patient fitness person this might be a better fit as the software takes time to sync and update over blue-tooth

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The Polar Loop is the very first daily activity tracker on the market that not only counts steps, but also connects to a separate heart rate strap – providing you with heart-rate based calorie information for activities.  This changes the landscape a bit from existing activity trackers where the units provided a complete guesstimate for calorie burn while you were out exercising.  But does it provide that perfect nirvana of the two types of monitors?  Over the past few months, I set out to find out. The Polar Loop syncs via Bluetooth with Polar's new Polar Flow web-based monitoring tools and iPhone app, automatically updating your data every Polar Loop: battery life. We managed around six days from a single, full charge, which is in-line with Polar's claims, and on occasions ours even went.. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? No problem, here's the platform I use - you can too!

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Thanks for the detailed and step-by-step guide to using the loop. I’m looking for a low range fitness tracker that tracks distance and heart beat. I was tempted to get the Nike+ Fuel Band but read a lot of bad reviews about it plus it doesn’t track heart beat e.g. when a person is driving, the accelerometer tracks it as a step.I’ve partnered with Clever Training to offer all DC Rainmaker readers an exclusive 10% discount across the board on all products (except clearance items).  You can pickup the Loop below (as well as the Bluetooth Smart HR straps). Then receive 10% off of everything in your cart by adding code DCR10BTF at checkout.  By doing so, you not only support the site (and all the work I do here) – but you also get a sweet discount.  And, since this item is more than $75, you get free US shipping as well.

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  1. g atmosphere has the power of making polar regions vulnerable to different changes. As the average temperatures in the Arctic rise at an increased speed, the threat of the..
  2. Will it be possible for you upload a screenshot or send it to me to see it? Just one graphic? For instance: Polar Loop worn from waking up till 18:00. Polar V800 worn from 18:00 till next day. Just one graphic as if you were wearing and obtaining measurements just from one device? Is that what you mean? Thank you so much beforehand!
  3. That’s exactly what I do with the HR7 and the loop, like you say, General question, has anyone out of curiosity worn the loop AND the hr7 for a full day? You know, for a comparison on the readings of the loop in 24h only (standard accuracy) and loop+hr7 (improved accuracy) but with same activity levels.
  4. ds me of the old-school S-Video cables from years past.
  5. Hopefully you found this review useful.  At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device.  The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so it’s a fair bit of work (and labor of love).  As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well.
  6. And, I dove down as deep as I could…repeatedly.  Which, admittedly, probably wasn’t all that deep.  But the point being that days of salt-water on end, and daily showers with it hasn’t killed either device I’ve had since September.
  7. My biggest complaint (and yep should have read the specs) is not being able to use the appp because I have an Iphone 4 and a Samsung that’s not big enough

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  1. e is).  I’ve checked with another friend using a Loop, and no notification love their either.
  2. Now, there’s a few other display messages you’ll get – generally around battery usage.  Also, you can flip the unit into flight mode (turns off Bluetooth) by holding down the button for 10-seconds.
  3. e calorie burn, rather than just pure steps.  That’s important because in the case of cycling – I’d have no steps.  And in the case of running, there were some portions of that run that were harder efforts, which can result in increased calorie burn.
  4. what are your thoughts on Polar Flow? The only problem I have as Iam sure you do is that the app will not combine loop activity with that of polar beats for a combined calorie burn. I switched from the RCX Series watch because I was always brining my phone anyway. Granted I can’t look at the data while running…I can while biking. But ultimately if Polar Flow is the default landing place for all polar device data, the app should aggregate and provide a single dashboard of combined fitness. Next would be Android integration for myfitnesspal and their mission is all but complete.

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from Polar about 2 weeks later informing me that the repair would be $23.50 and how would I like to pay? They told me that even though I had a receipt and it was new, it was not covered under their warranty since it was purchased from eBay. The Polar Loop tracks steps, calories, activity and sleep quality. It can also show your heart rate if you also have a Polar H6 or H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor. Syncing and using the app is easy enough, but the one feature that I was actually looking forward to most doesn't seem to work My wife went ahead and tried to size it… but she miscounted the number of holes, and it wound up too small.Step counter accuracy is always a test I do, though, it’s not the easiest (or greatest) test to work from.  First, I start off with a simple 100-step test just to understand how things correlate.  This is flat great and easy to follow.  Except, one problem.  The Loop doesn’t appear to calculate steps instantly, like every other tracker.  Instead, there’s a delay.  Roughly seems to be between 30 and 60 seconds delay.  Except no matter how many times I tried doing my walk test, nothing ever quite lined up – was usually off by half or more.  Making me think there may be a greater delay there.For Android apps, if you’re using the Polar Loop, I’d really just focus on using their Android app with that.

Yes. I tried everything! Changed the battery in the monitor, etc. Ended up getting a new monitor and it worked again. Faulty/broken heart rate monitor.Thus, I gave up and moved onto looking at longer term full-day tests.   In all these scenarios I did NOT include any sort of running or other workouts.  If I did ride a bike share bike around town (errands), I just left as-is, since that seems like a very reasonable task for many people to do.

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1 – Nope, the display only stays on for a few seconds at a time, but if you are able to reach over and tap the button, it will show your heart rate as long as you stop on the HR function without scrolling to other views (calories, steps, etc).At this point, the data is viewable on the phone.  You’ll see two different variants of any given day’s view.  The first is this 360* view showing how much time spent in each ‘zone’, whereby the zones are colors, and darker is better.  Along the bottom you’ll see little icons indicating what it thinks you were doing.  The second view is a clock view of the day, shown as a single 24hr loop.  Honestly, I find this view really confusing compared to bar-charts that most other fitness trackers do.  In part because this 24hr clock has the hours of the day all mis-aligned as a single 24hr day, rather than a typical 12hr clock.Now, if you click on some random person, you’ll see detail about the activity in a little musical mash-up.  All of these activities at present are coming from the Polar Beat app, since they have location information with them (the Polar Flow activity monitor does not include said location information).  It even shows you the exact Google Streetview locale of the start of the route and random points along the way.With that, I’ve covered everything you can tap on in the app, so let’s move on.  Note, the Android app is not yet available at this time, and Polar is targeting a March/April 2014 timeframe for availability there.

With so many devices on the market these days, I figured it’s probably worthwhile showing a bit of a comparison of where things stand.  Ultimately, virtually all on-market devices today fall into one of two camps: Wrist based or belt/clip based.  First up, the belt/clip based units.Why after a training session, the “Training Benefit” field (cake graphic in polarflow web site) is empty? It says 100% sessions without training benefit. In open loop systems, endstops are an inexpensive way to establish the actual position of the carriage on all axes. In the procedure known as homing, each axis is moved towards one end until the endstop switch is triggered, at which point the machine knows that the axis is at the endstop (home) position Next, there’s ‘Time’.  It’ll show the time of day, relative to whatever you’ve set on your computer or your phone.  This is automatically kept in sync as soon as you synchronize data – handy if you travel and cross time zones.

The Polar Flow website shows training sessions recorded through the Polar Beat app but that activity doesn’t add to the total tracked by the Loop. So you either decide if you want accurate daily activity count and pair the H7 with the Loop (and forget Beat app) or you set the Loop in flight mode and pair the H6/H7 to your phone and record the session with the Beat app (recording more detailed data like speed, track and HR). In the second case the session will show in the Flow website and also on the app, but it won’t add to the Loop activity total; anyway if you go running the activity recorded by the Loop is probably reasonably accurate (you still take steps…); if you practice other sports (eg. biking) you shold probably avoid the app and let the Loop track the activity using the HRM. We compare G-Sync versus FreeSync to find out whether Nvidia or AMD's adaptive refresh rate technology is best for your PC monitor. Before Adaptive-Sync technology appeared in the form of Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, the only thing performance-seeking gamers could hope for was a.. So, going back to performance over my first few days. I have no lag in step counts to screen and honestly, who cares if there is a lag. I mean come on, who is walking and staring at their wrist. Keep your head up, look around, take in the sights and check your wrist when you come to an intersection….or the next intersection if you think it is a bit behind. So far for me, on gap. At first I was thinking I wanted continuous heart rate readout, I don’t, see my comment on immediate step gratification. It shows you your heart rate with a touch of a finger, it is easier to read than the black on grey continuous read out and how long does someone really keep their head down staring at their heart rate at a single time. A touch and a glance and away you go.

Automatically syncs to free Polar Flow app and training community via Bluetooth Smart. There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Polar Loop is perfect for anyone who wants to track their activity 24/7 and get guidance to reach activity goals To do that, we’ll go grab that metal doohickey in the box and poke out the pins of the strap clasp: Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker Constantly stay in touch the smart way with the Polar Loop 2. This activity tracker built. Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker. Shop All Polar

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If you need to contact support to get this handled, I suggest the telephone instead of email. My last email to Polar was answered 90 days later and that was not an answer. It was a apology for the delayed response.AA/ Assuming that basis age/gender/weight & height I have a BMR of 2000 daily just to breathe and function, can somebody specify how will this appear on the Loop itself? gradually or in one go? Does the Loop have to be synced with the Flow first on a new day (ie on 01:00 am) and afterwards these 2000 calories will automatically be added? OR would this take place at the end of a day, ie when from 23:59 it hits 00:00? For example, today is September 8th, I went to bed around 0100 and kept moving till then. Right now it’s 0916 am and I’m shown 745 calories burned in my Loop. What does this figure represent? Sleep calories? total burned from 00:00 till 09:16? any portion of the 2K BMR calorie amount included? If not, when will they be added?(sorry for the …summary but I want to be as specific as possible).

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Additionally, you can also use Amazon to purchase the unit or accessories (though, no discount).  Or, anything else you pickup on Amazon helps support the site as well (socks, laundry detergent, cowbells).  If you’re outside the US, I’ve got links to all of the major individual country Amazon stores on the sidebar towards the top.  Though, Clever Training also ships there too and you get the 10% discount. The Loop syncs to Apple smartphones via Bluetooth with its companion app, Polar Flow. If you're also after a heart rate monitor, the Loop can be combined with Polar's H6 or H7 heart rate sensors for that purpose when it arrives next month in black with a pink version set for release in 2014 Sync Your Data Sync your activity to the Polar Flow web service regularly and follow your achievements. You can sync your data automatically Sync via Web Service Every time you plug in your Polar Loop with the Polar custom USB cable to your computer, the activity data is transferred to.. Thank you for the comprehensive review. I am really enjoying my Polar Loop an have just invested in the H7 HRM. One question: how do I track my weight changes correctly so that it displays graphically? I am focusing on weight loss and after dropping a few kgs I changed it within my profile. Net result, a flat line reflecting new weight. Am I doing something wrong? Read numerous reviews and the user manual. Many thanksI’ve been using the loop for about 6 months and it’s still frustrating as an almost there product.

This video will get you started with your Polar Loop 2 activity tracker. In this video you will also learn how to use Smart Notifications with Polar Loop 2. Have more questions about the Polar Loop 2 Within this view I can view the session I did with a heart rate strap.  I can tap on the session and then get a little HR chart, as well as detail about it if I slide lower in the app:Somehow, I can only pair my TICKR RUN via Time function on the Loop. Sometime it takes a couple of rounds. I normally get to the Time and leave it there. HR magically appear 🙂 I have also noticed that Loop needs to be reasonably charged.Overall I really like the direction Polar is going here, both with the hardware (Loop), and software (Flow).  It clearly shows the company is rethinking their entire strategy away from devices that look (physically) and feel (online) like they’re from the 1990’s, and instead these devices feel current and in-line with other competitive offerings.Hi dcrainmaker, I have a Polar Loop (v 1.2.16) and a Tickr X (v 1.7.6) and was hoping to sync them but they aren’t recognising each other, even when detached from mobile app. Can you please advise what I can do? Thanks.

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The cool part though is that Polar has predicted this little situation.  So you’ll notice on the session the option to slice off the beginning and ending chunks, thus giving you just the actual activity portion:With upload complete, let’s head on to the data provided by the unit to the web service: Polar FlowUse the H7 if you are not one of those chest strap phobics. It is an extraordinary HR sensor. The Mio—not so much.I’ve had my polar loop and heart rate monitor for about 1 1/2 months. It worked like a charm the first month but at this time I can’t get them to sync. I am a spin instructor and if I don’t have them working it gives me little credit for a very hard workout. The monitor syncs with the spin bike so I believe it to be working and the polar loop does everything except sync with the heart rate monitor. I’ve tried more water behind the strap, holding the loop close to the monitor for extended periods of time. Normally I hold it close for 10 seconds and it would sync. Changing batteries just in case……can you offer any help? Thanks.

The numbers you see represent how many ‘chunks’ you’re going to cut off from each side of the strap. Balance, Loop, Loop 2, Loop Crystal, A300, A360, A370, M200, M400, M430, M450, M460, M600, V650, and V800 all sync with the Polar Flow app using Bluetooth Smart. Polar Flow app allows you to share some of your wellness data with Google Fit. This includes details of your training, your heart.. Any one knows how the Loop set its goal. I gave one to my wife for Christmas on we have not figurit out how it does… We not is not from how many steps you make (like vivosmart or Vivofit) because several time she mad more than 10000 steps and still behind the goal… At ideas?Ok……just wondering, has a firmware update on the Polar Loop, removed support for other BLE Heart rate monitors? Cant for the life of me get my MIO Alpha to work again?!?!!Upon the completion of the synchronization, it’ll provide you with a summary of your upload.  In general, this only takes about 30 seconds or so (and, is sometimes a fair bit quicker than via Bluetooth).

The real benefit here is for activities like cycling.  In this case, most traditional activity trackers (FitBit, Nike Fuelband, etc…) all would basically be blissfully unaware of the effort you’re putting out.  That means in the case of the ride below, I was able to get actual calorie information because it was using the HR data instead of just no-step data.So I was thinking it is more likely I would have the HRM synced to that, and then have the Loop on during the day for tracking. Won’t the data all merge anyway? Here's The Big Problem With Sony Releasing The Interview On Demand Finally, here’s that card I was talking about.  The card turns into a ruler and instruction set.  Eventually it’ll end up being two cards – one part ruler, one part instructions.  So be sure not to throw it away until you’re finished with the arts and crafts project section.Windows phone has a few running apps, Runtastic, MapMyRun and SportsTracker for a few. I do an intense 30 min workout during lunch and a 1 hour walk after dinner and try to remember to get off my butt during the day while doing server support work. This seems to work pretty well. Anything that helps remind you why it’s important to move is an investment in your health. It can be your health companies nurse advisor that they have scheduled for you, your FR620 sitting on the coffee table or your LOOP or Vivofit on your wrist.

With that out of the way, here’s how things stand up (note you can mix and match other units beyond this pre-selected list here): G-Sync is Nvidia's variable refresh rate technology, and (unsurprisingly) requires an Nvidia graphics card in order to work. That's generally not a problem, given the sheer number of people who own Nvidia graphics cards according to Steam's regular hardware survey results, but what is slightly.. I had them return as is, and I now have too small Polar Loop sitting in a bag, and Polar has lost a long time customer.

POLAR LOOP 2 Your Polar Loop 2 keeps track of all your activity and guides you towards reaching your daily activity goal. POLAR FLOW APP View your activity, training and sleep data at a glance. The app syncs data wirelessly from your Polar Loop 2 to the Polar Flow web service BB/ My PC and my tablet have the same time. Whenever I bluetooth sync to the tablet, the time shows up correct in the Loop. When I sync it to the PC, the Loop always shows up one hour behind afterwards. Why??? Polar Loop 2 Announced. 15 July 2015. tfk, the5krunner. No Comments. Reading Time: 4 minutes. Polar-Loop-2. Easy wireless sync via Polar Flow app with Bluetooth® Smart Custom USB connector for charging and data sync with PC or Mac via Polar FlowSync Bluetooth® Smart Polar..

On a curious note; I bought a Polar Loop for my wife this Christmas. After a couple of days it started showing erratic numbers. Between 10 and 15,000 steps off. My wife is a master knitter and that turned out to be the culprit – the delay stemming from a short Christmas knitting hiatus. The knitting movement triggered the step counter. Although not being able to suggest a remedy other than taking it back, even the Polar guys chuckled at this. So, the activity bands appear to be excellent digital stitch counters for knitters. Who could have guessed?My issue here is that they have a policy stated on their web site that they will replace the band if cut too short, they told me to send it in after speaking to me, and then tried to charge me another $23.50 afterwards. The listed policy on the site does not say anything to the effect that it must be purchased at a specific place, and the rep that told me to send it in did not state that either.If I tap the little three lines on the upper left, I can get a drop-down menu to access other portions of the app.  in this case, I’ll go ahead and switch to the training summary view: Get started with the Polar Loop 2 activity tracker Have more questions about the Polar Loop 2? I even delted and re-loaded the Polar Flow app and I still can't get the Polar Loop 2 to sync with my iPhone 6. It doesn't even sync with Polar Flow sync unless I use the cable

Is there a problem with my loop? My battery drops to 10% in less than 2 days. Without any syn with heart rate monitor or phone. Thanks.I thought I wanted GPS to map everything but after a lot of self deliberation (see vegetative state above) I realized I didn’t want that in my device that is tracking my real workouts. I have used them before and I can’t even count how many times I forgot to stop/start it or thought I had started the gps for my exact workout AND then you find out that you tracked an entire day and you have to try to go back and calculate the burn, HR, etc. for your workout session, what a pain that was for me, maybe not for others. This thing rocks because you can click on any workout and see your HR for the entire workout. Even if you wear it all day it is not confused by the fact that you left it on for a drive in your car, like a gps exercise app, and you can accurately assess your exercise. I do use mapping from my phone when I think it might be interesting to see the distance, elevation gains, etc of a particular route, but I only need to do that once. After that I just want to see how I do that exact same route again and again, tracking my heartrate, time, etc. People say there is not timer but if you start and stop your workout based on when you click in your Bluetooth HR device or take your loop off of airplane mode, then you get the exact duration of your workout forever in your calendar along with all of the details.

Note that Bluetooth Smart doesn’t allow multiple devices to connect to the HR strap at once.  This means that if you have a phone app that’s otherwise using the strap you’ll need to disconnect that app from using the strap.  The inverse is true as well if you want to use it with your phone, you’ll need to disconnect it from the Loop.  That’s a bit more tricky.  So it’s easiest to simply go toss the Loop in the room next door, and then let the app pair and secure/hold the Bluetooth Smart channel.In recent reviews I’ve been adding a bugs section to cover things that I stumbled upon.  Because I’ve had the activity tracker for a bit now, I’m really only focusing on bugs that I’ve seen on the final firmware.  Remember a ‘bug’ is different than ‘by design’. For example, the lack of a feature is something I highlight within a given section is considered ‘by design’, whereas something not really working right is listed below.Perhaps my second favorite feature of the Loop is that it’s ‘properly’ waterproofed to 20 meters deep (that’s 60+ feet).  Now, it’s unlikely that you’d routinely be wearing it down 60ft below the surface, but, the point is that it’s truly waterproofed.  Most activity trackers are barely even rain proof, let alone the lame IPX7 standard (which is 1 meter for 30 minutes).  In my case, I was happy to test this out.  So, I went into the ocean and did a bunch of swimming for numerous hours. Good-Loop Ltd. Polar Mobile Group Inc. G2 and FaZe4 cold and rain problem18 botky and awp18 Bad players in good teams.70 Spanish police entering home illegally173 Germany and France33 This is one reason you should wear it on your non dominant wrist, so it isn’t affected by your dominant hand movement like swinging a hammer all day!

Polar Loop 2 keeps track of all your activity - every step and jump throughout the day - and shows how it's. good for you. It'll reward you when you've done enough and help you Use it for charging the battery and syncing data between your. Polar Loop 2 and Flow web service via FlowSync software Any idea if Polar is planning to release Loop ‘2’ soon. The list of new features I would like to see is quit long. Just look what others offer now.In the event I haven’t yet completed enough activity for the day, it’ll give you a bunch of options for how to accomplish that goal.  Some of them are actually pretty funny:Polar does this via the ‘Polar Flow’ app, which is what you’ll search for in the stores.  This app is your connection point to uploading data to the Polar Flow website.  Polar Flow is Polar’s new website that all the Polar Loop data gets sent to.  Additionally, all data recorded on the Polar Beat app (which is Polar’s GPS tracking app with heart rate/footpod sensor support) gets sent there as well.  I reviewed the app a bit ago.  Going forward, all new fitness devices will use the Polar Flow site instead of the older Polar Personal Trainer site.

Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back. No cost to you, easy as pie!Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web.thanks, Dennis. I think one of these is in my holiday future. I really like the Polar Beat app for my Nordic Track and bicycling workouts. I like seeing the target zones and the large visible heart rate is great for my 60 year old eyeballs. I got the same problem. Sync between OP3T and Polar A360 not working at all. Is there anything like a bugtracker where we could report the issue

Has anyone experienced the loop showing a heart rate when the strap & sensor are not even being worn or synced? I woke up & said I had a crazy heart rate. Went on like this for over an hour until I plugged the loop in to get it to stop.Am R. I’m not a big fan of the Loop myself. Having said that, I love the H7 and what you are describing sounds to me more like pilot error than a hardware malfunction. The reason I say this is because the fitness machines and your Loop operate on different frequencies and should coexist simultaneously. As such, it is not a Loop OR Machine choice that the H7 makes.Hello gwiazdor, I have tried your advice many times, but pairing my Wahoo TICKR RUN is unsuccessful . I tried it again with new LOOP firmware 1.1.9 (released today), but it is always the same – without success. Polar Loop 2 - Design and Features. The Loop 2 is a spitting image of the original Loop. This won't be a problem is you spend much of your time in gym clothes, but the watch will look out Once you've set up a Polar account and synced the Loop 2, you're free to download the app to sync and view data It’s also worthy of note that in the app you can change which wrist you wear the unit on, which can in turn flip the display orientation.  Polar recommends wearing it on your non-dominant hand.  Basically, if you’re right handed wear it on your left wrist, and vice versa.  We’ll get to the app in a bit, hang tight.

Then, wrap it around your wrist to measure yourself.  I assure you, doing this and taking a photo of it is one of the more difficult photos I’ve taken during a product review.  Especially when you’re too tired to setup a tripod:You would probably be better off with a Scosche Ryythm +. It works flawlessly with all of my Garmin products and my iPhone. Haven’t tried with the Loop as I retied it to the junk drawer a while back in favor of the Vivofit but it should work fine. The mio has a reputation for frequently losing HR and for poor range.

I’ve had no issues in connectivity between the strap and the Loop while wearing it, including under multiple layers of clothing.so sorry, I didn’t even look to see that I asked this before and you answered. oopss…… The Polar Loop has a great hardware design, tracks motion and sleep, and can be worn while swimming and bathing. Unfortunately, the software side needs some serious work. {.intro} Worn like a traditional watch band with a clasp, the Polar Loop is comfortable and stylish all in one I had the FT7 for years before getting the loop, and you could see HR continually and I believe set alerts, but it just lacks all the other great features of the Loop like overall activity/calorie tracking, mobile and web syncing, etc. I do sometimes miss the easy glance of the FT7, but most of my workouts are ones where I can easily press the button to see my HR when needed. Polar Loop needs either FlowSync software (PC/Mac) or Flow app (iOS/Android) to sync activity data to Flow web service. How often do I need to sync? For example, Polar Loop 2 has the memory capacity to store either 12 days of activity and 4 one-hour training sessions with a heart rate sensor or.. One question, I’m Polar V800 owner and its size doesn’t fit quite well when wearing a shirt or dressed in a business suit. If I were using LOOP and then change to V800 for training, will the measurements combine? Will I have just one graphic in my profile with 24/7 information given by LOOP and then the one given when exchanged LOOP for V800? I’m unable to wear my V800 with a shirt, it doesn’t fit! Thank you for your thoughts. Great review!

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