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Ron, sorry for the late reply; and thanks a lot for sharing your insights. I’m somewhat in the same boat as you were. I really enjoyed the sound of the built-in DAC of the CXA80. However, I’m still curious about improving the sound by using a better DAC and the balanced mode. The good news, for someone like me who isn’t that interesting in streaming, is that, as Ashley mentioned (it was confirmed by CA as well), the Dac Magic Plus has the exact same DAC as the one used in the CXN. So I’ll probably go with that, especially with the sale going on eBay. Like you, I’ll also use it with my CD transport.Switch to Unstoppable by Lianne La Havas and not only is the drum-heavy track delivered with drive and precision, but the top-drawer midrange reproduction makes her voice sound textured and life-like. Hi Ashley, Thanks you very much for your reply and advices. I think I will get that 851W while the price still at bargain. But I think I will double check to make sure I get a perfect unit, not some “funny” one. Considering (I read it somewhere) that an amp will be good for a decade, two or even more, will consider this as one time spending. I don’t have ears of audiophile, but simply want to enjoy high quality decent music. With take my time to find and get a decent speakers. As for 851N, I think, I will enjoy my CXN for now, while waiting for another year or two. I believe Network Player tech is still and keep changing for the better. 851N is currently out of stock in my country (Indonesia) anyway…hehe. Saw that Cambridge Audio is launching Edge NQ, will see and monitor how it perform. Please do a review? Price seems too high though.

  1. yes, thanks. Indeed should be the same (I can never found better answer than should be). I wanted to make sure before I bought the device.
  2. Sikerült kölcsönkapnunk a hazai forgalmazótól a Cambridge Audio új CX sorozatának két tagját: a CXN hálózati lejátszót (ami mellesleg egy DAC is egyben) és a CXC futóművet
  3. Oh,I didn t think about that.I thought CXN could be match with any amp.Is there any rule or advice for choosing some amp for CXN(that is not from Cambridge range)?
  4. The CXN’s slick operating system, gorgeous design and sparkling sound quality make it a must-buy for any self-respecting music lover.

If only it were a Roon Ready endpoint (I could only use it with Roon via USB or via AirPlay) and if it had a headphone output for those into head-fi – this would be an almost perfect streamer! Cambridge Audio avait à coeur de marquer les esprits avec la nouvelle et ambitieuse gamme CX. Der Cambridge CXN definiert, was man von einem Netzwerkspieler für 1100 Euro erwarten darf..

I was a bit reluctant to buy the CXN because I liked the DAC in the CXA80. To my ears, the CXN’s DAC does sound better – I ran my CD transport through The CXN into the CXA80 and compared it with running the CD transport directly into one of the CXA80’s digital inputs. But it’s not so much better to justify spending another $800 or so. The CXA is an integrated amp – it includes the power amplifier, the preamp, and the DAC in one box. If you buy a separate preamp or separate DAC, then in a sense you’ll have wasted some of the money you spent on the CXA80.Most of my albums are a mix, 192/24 88. 96/24 44.1/16 You can also play dsd 64. Trust me the cxn sounds brilliant , Oh I don’t use airplay , I see it has pointless because if your streaming from iPhone etc. Your streaming aac which is compressed. Rip to flac.Cambridge Audio make several other streamers, including the high-end Azur 851N. This costs $1,500, to the CXN's $900. If we're honest: buy the CXN. It's just better. The 851N has a clunkier interface and is far too similar to CXN to justify an increased price tag. It's also older, having been released in 2016. The CXN does everything it does better, and we don't think there's any reason to buy the Azur 851N instead.Hi Ashley, Just bought a CXN and 851W online. I had to turn the volume to 15 out of 30, just to get a decent loudness. Is it normal? I asked seller about this, he simply say that I need to let it bright-in. Not sure what he meant by it.

Ron is correct above. If you’re not interested in streaming, there is almost certainly very little to be gained using a CXN over the DacMagic+. The DACMagic+ actually measures very well, among the best DACs out there.The initial impression after warming up for a couple of hours on BBC Radio 3 on vTuner was a big and fun sound – this streamer has a very lively presentation and there is nary a dull moment as you flit from track to track and genre to genre.

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Question: Does a NAS / UpNp/ CXN v2 support ALAC (Apple Lossless)?. According to the CXN manual it will notIf that’s the word from the engineers, I wouldn’t argue with them. Personally I have no need for a balance control and didn’t use it when I had the sample so I can’t say either way.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If the CXA80 does have a preamp output, run its preamp output into the input of the 545 and then run the CXN into the CXA80 with its digital preamp mode disabled (using the CXA as a pre). Then use the 545 for the low frequency amplification and the CXA for the high frequency amplification. In this way you are horizontally bi-amping. Horizontal bi-amping is best when the 2 amplifiers don’t match, as one is being used to drive the lows and another amp is being used to drive the highs. The advantage to horizontal bi-amping is that any differences in the sound of the 2 amplifiers won’t matter. Vertical bi-amping would be used if one were to use 2 of the same amplifier. If I were to use 2 851Ws, I’d simply use one in mono mode to drive each speaker and let the crossover in the speaker do the frequency splitting. If I had 4 851Ws, I’d stick them all in mono mode and bi-amp using 2 for the lows, and 2 for the highs (2 amps per speaker). Now that would make an awesome system.

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I suspect your server issue has something to do with Windows 10. I’m afraid I’m not a windows user either. I’d advise reading This Article and checking that media streaming is correctly enabled. You may also need to locate your iTunes Music folder, right click on it and choose the ‘share’ option if there is one, or the ‘include in library’ option and include it in your music library. Welcome to the Cambridge Music Technology web site, where you can find out more about the studio services, workshops, and publications offered by award-winning engineer and best-selling author Mike..

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Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Firefox Add-ons Store. CAMBRIDGE AUDIO CXN (V2) network streamer. + Musical and thoroughly enjoyable digital preamp/streamer; a big and fun sound which only gives a little away to much more esoteric DACs..

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Other than that, accessories and packaging are minimal and straightforward. You get assorted cables with each model, including a handy, bright-orange RCA cable with the CXN. You also get that infernal USB dongle. It all works well, and there's nothing conspicuous by its absence.  This looseness in the audio detail should have been mitigated by the filters, but it wasn't. There are two on the front of the amp - one for treble, one for bass, along with a balance control. The treble and bass are indicated with a treble clef symbol and a bass clef symbol, which is something we have mixed feelings about. We also have mixed feelings about their effects. It never felt like we were improving the sound, just revealing what was already there. We tried to dial in a little more high-end detail, and quickly dialed it back.With regards the balanced connection, what you need is a pair of XLR cables. They’re used in pro audio, commonly used for microphones among other things. See Here or Here for a good example, note that they’re supplied singular so you’ll need two. As always no need to spend a fortune, audiophile nonsense is exactly that especially with balanced cables.This page replaces the old Stream Magic website. Service accounts from MP3 Tunes, Live365 and Pandora can be linked with your streamer, personal podcasts can be added using their feed URLs, and presets can be created and edited. As with the app, the configuration page lacks the ability to alter several of the CXN’s settings; a feature which I’d like to see, as it would negate the need to interact with the streamer itself at all.The CXN features a basic network setup page, accessible by navigating to your units IP address using a web browser. The page shows your currently connected network, device IP address and wifi signal strength if applicable. The page offers the ability to configure the device name, update the firmware (including the ability to opt into receiving pre-release updates) and alter the network settings

One weird thing: to connect your CXN to the Internet, you'll need to attach the included Wi-Fi USB dongle to the back. Unlike other streamers, like the $549 Bluesound Node 2i, you can't just plug it in and connect - you have to attach this little USB stick. We're sure there's a good reason for that, engineering-wise, but it's an annoying step that shouldn't be there. If other companies can get around it, there's no reason for Cambridge Audio not to do so.The CXN shares the same packaging as other components in the CX range. Its sturdy box is lined with large foam blocks to hold everything in place, with the streamer and the accessories encased in cloth bags. Those accessories include a CX series remote control, a control bus cable, some batteries, some documentation and a USB wifi antenna. As with all Cambridge components, the package includes both UK and European IEC power cable, packaged beneath the unit. An excellent first impression.I’m completely blind, and therefore unable to operate the streamer via its largely display-oriented front panel. that said, I was able to operate the streamer in its entirety via both this page and the app, so I give props to the Cambridge Audio team for, perhaps unknowingly, developing what is undoubtedly the most universally accessible streaming product on the market.I didn’t detect much difference in NAS streaming vs local storage. A NAS offers more flexibility to stream to other uPnP devices.Then I don t understand how we can talk about sound of CXN when it very much depends of amp and speakers? I mean the sound will be different in different amp-speakers combinations.

(Note: Our site won't let us show two star ratings at once - we know, lame - so we've combined them to give the rating below.)It's entirely possible to use the $900 Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) as a simple music streamer, connected to an amp and DAC of your choice. As we explain in more detail below, it handles just about any audio source impeccably, and will happily slot into an existing system. The CXA80 can be used in a similar way. It's a $799 80 watt integrated amplifier with included DAC, and it will work with any existing speakers or components you happen to have.

I understand.All you said is probably the reason why is the experience of reviewer often different from the experience of ordinary user.The second reason,I would say,is the wrong choice of partner to match with,that can make the sound quality not to be as expected,even with some great product in the system.That is my biggest hi-fi fear.Of course,I know that careful listening is a good way for right decision,but most users don t have the oportunity to listen some product combinations for a long period.Also,it is not the same when you listen some system in your room,in relaxed atmosphere,and in some room with dealer who just wants to sell you some product. 1099 €. Cambridge Audio CXN v2 Võrgustriimer. UPnP, USB, Airplay, Spotify Connect, nutiseadmega juhtimine, LCD ekraan ja palju muud

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Diccionario Bilingüe Cambridge Compact. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary 4th edition. All the audio for the Workbook can be downloaded from here in mp3 format Not necessarily. Other amps may use different remote control codes, and it’s unlikely that the CA control bus will be compatible with another manufacturer’s amp either. I did once get a Stream Magic 6 to control a Marantz PM-6004, but it could only control the volume, not the power, and I’m not sure if the newer models would work in the same fashion. When you connect the control system of one product to an unsupported product, you run the risk that the 2 products may not be electrically compatible which could result in damage being caused to one or both that would not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. CXN. Network Player. Ultimate digital convenience and quality. Built on our multi award-winning 'Cambridge make some of the finest music systems around, and the CXN network is a fine addition to.. Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Black. (KDV Dahil). Havalede %8 indirim. Stream music from your favorite networked audio sources with the silver Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Network Audio Player There's also an app you can use, available for both iOS and Android. It's quick and responsive, and handles all aspects of the systems well...but we found we didn't use it much. It felt quicker and more natural to activate Spotify or Tidal on our phone, and simply tell it to play via the CXN, than it did to pull up the Cambridge app and ask it to access a streaming service. We're not exactly faulting Cambridge here - this is, we've found, an issue with music streamer apps in general. It's a good backup to have, and makes things like entering Wi-Fi passwords easy.

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  1. Thanks. So is there a difference in sound quality for using the NAS which additional cost would be incurred. What is the benefits if any for using the NAS?
  2. + Musical and thoroughly enjoyable digital preamp/streamer; a big and fun sound which only gives a little away to much more esoteric DACs; great connectivity and very easy to use; can act as a single-ended or balanced preamp into a power amp; all the digital connectivity you might want or need. – Only decodes up to single DSD; lacks a headphone output; not Roon Ready; not as detailed or transparent as the best digital sources. Sound: 7.5/10 Value: 9/10
  3. The CXN comes with a multipurpose remote that controls any component in the CX range. It’s a high-quality zapper that feels weighty in the palm, with a stylish brushed-black finish and tactile rubberised back end. The buttons are solid and satisfying to press and each one is clearly labelled. Top work.
  4. Back to my listening notes, the CXN really shows the skill with which the designers have tailored their polynomial digital interpolation filters (named ATF2), which up-samples all the inputs to 24-bit/38 kHz PCM and then are then converted to the analogue domain by dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs.
  5. The CXA80, on the other hand, has its own set of inputs and outputs: USB, a set of analog inputs, a control bus, a subwoofer output, as well as TOSLINK and S/PDIF inputs. We are not joking when we say that you can put any audio source through these. There's a comprehensive selection of outputs on both products, too, including a subwoofer out on the CXA80, meaning you can turn this into a capable 2.1 system. There are also two speaker outputs, letting you connect two pairs - even if you don't test audio gear for a living, as we do, then this will have you punching the air. The labels on each input and output are also written right-way-up and upside-down, perfect for when you're leaning over the amp or streamer, trying to attach a cable.
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Alternatively, you can control CXN using the Cambridge Connect app on your smartphone. Its simple, spacious layout is easy to follow, allowing you to control playback, explore the settings or switch inputs easily. But the app really comes into its own when browsing music libraries, which is much quicker than using the remote or front panel controls. A playback queue function lets you replay tracks you’ve just heard.My apologies, you are of course correct. I was under the impression that when using Spotify connect, your app settings would apply however that is not the case. After a bit of research, a moderator on the Spotify Community forums confirms that the set quality on pretty much all connect-compatible hardware is 320KBPS for most tracks, so I assume the CXN to be the same.

Thanks Ron for your clarification. I agree with you on the fact that buying an external dac or preamp might be unnecessary since the CXA80 already have those built-in. However, I’ve read in the CXA80 manual that to get the best performance out of it, it’s recommended to used the balanced mode. So with my limited knowledge, I’ve been trying to find a way to do that, perhaps by upgrading to an external balanced DAC (obviously better than the one inside the CXA80), like the DacMagic Plus or something else. Anyway, recommendations are welcome. Thx!It is designed to allow for a better sound stage and rather than eliminate the audio signal it is just lowered. This helps with the brains processing of the audio signal and stops the minor confusion that can happen subconsciously due to the inter-aural components of the ear and brain. Kind Regards, Troy (surname removed) Cambridge AudioLooking at the specifications, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was simply a Stream Magic with a prettier front panel; and indeed the 2 are fairly similar. They even appear to share the same aluminium top case, minus the raised Cambridge Audio logo found on the previous models. Inside, the CXN features the latest Stream Magic module and a DAC based on 2 Wolfson WM8742 DACs and featuring Cambridge Audio’s proprietary 2nd-generation ATF2 upsampling technology to upsample the incoming audio to 24-bit, 384KHZ. Последние твиты от Cambridge Audio (@CambridgeAudio). Great British Sound Since 1968 - Hi-Fi and Lifestyle Audio Products delivering an authentic and pure 'British Sound'

CXN (V2) and CXA80 Looks and Build Quality

THE LAST WORD From a value for money perspective, the CXN is a no-brainer – it works and works very well. It’s musical and fun to listen to and for most people with real world hi-fi systems, it’s all the DAC or streamer that they will likely need. If you have a more esoteric system, there are DACs and streamers which will show your system off to better effect, but the CXN will not be embarrassed in that company.Hi,Ashley!From your review I read that CXN has great display.If it is matched with some amplifier,is it possible to use only the CXNs display for all controls and informations,and to turn off the amp s display?

by Cambridge Audio. Be the first to review this item. OGG Vorbis and dsdx64 via audio input USB, easy to control thanks to the display and the app CXN network player Dual Wolfson WM8740 24-bit.. Shop the Cambridge Audio CXN, CXA60, CXA80 and CXC online. World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer of Cambridge Audio with 60 day returns and free shipping B&W 805s Amplification recommendation. Needs an Amplification that delivers very good bass (like classe 2100 or higher wattage) Any recommendations?

You probably know that Cambridge has replaced the CXN with the CXN v2 with a faster processor and slightly lower price. But I wanted a network streamer, and The CXN was highly reviewed and it matched my other Cambridge CX components. I’ve been happy with it. It does make my CDs sound better than they ever have before.

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La nouvelle gamme CX vient remplacer la trs populaire ligne Azur, et apporte avec elle des performances amliores ainsi qu'un design plus lgant encore, en aluminium. Le chssis de chaque lment a galement t revu pour rduire les rsonnances et offrir une exprience musicale plus pure. Cette nouvelle gamme fait un pas en avant dans l'audio dmatrialis comme en atteste la connexion rseau sur la majeure partie des lments, la nouvelle application Cambridge et l'intgration du Bluetooth.I have the cambCambr cxn, but find it too bright with my music, Rock and symfonic Metal. I was thinking to replace this for the Marantz ND 8006. What do you think? My system, tannoy xt8f, mf m5si amp. Or better replace the speakers for q acoustics concept 40?Cambridge AUdio’s control apps are the best in the business; and this is no exception. It’s extremely stable and just works; though it does have a few limitations. Perhaps the most annoying of which, at least in the case of the iOS app, is the inability to stream content from your mobile device with the screen locked or with the app running in the background. This means you’ll only be able to stream content for as long as your device can keep the screen powered up (usually a matter of hours), and you can’t use your device for anything else while you listen.

I appreciate your article information.It was so informative for everyone. I upgraded my system through Asus router high speed internet connection.Hi I have the cxn. Streaming quality from the cxn is around 320. Sound really good. Obviously you have to subribe otherwise you stream a lot lower.Have you tried its digital outputs? I want to bypass the DAC and it’s up-sampling and stream out to my active monitors.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Cambridge Audio

Aided by a large colour screen, intuitive app and well-thought out remote, it’s a joy to use, while its classy floating design is sure to set tongues wagging in any living room.The USB input can operate in both USB audio class 1 or 2 mode (though windows users will require the class 2 driver, offered as a free download on Cambridge Audio’s website). In class 1 mode, the streamer supports file formats at a resolution of up to 24-bit, 96KHZ, and in class 2 mode 24-bit, 192KHZ formats are supported. There’s also a ground lifts switch to eradicate hum should it become a problem. The optical and coaxial inputs support resolutions of up to 24-bit, 192KHZ.A couple of years ago I reviewed Cambridge AUdio’s award-winning Stream Magic 6 network player. At the time this was Cambridge Audio’s flagship streamer; and it’s safe to say I was a fan thanks to its exceptional sound, extensive feature count and fantastic control app. Since then, the Stream Magic 6 was upgraded to V2 status (encorporating an entirely new stream magic module along with many other alterations), and more recently our old favourite has been retired to make way for Cambridge Audio’s new premium streamer; The CXN; which sits as part of their CX range just below the flagship 851N.

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With style in abundance, intuitive operation and entrancing sound quality, the CXN deserves a place at the top of your streamer shopping list We continually check thousands of prices to show you the best deals. If you buy a product through our site we will earn a small commission from the retailer – a sort of automated referral fee – but our reviewers are always kept separate from this process. You can read more about how we make money in our Ethics Policy. Trusted Reviews Live PricesI think you’d hear an improvement, but I wouldn’t spend too much on a new DAC until you do upgrade the amp and speakers. However if you do decide to spend on a DAC, one of those mentioned will be good enough for a new amp and speakers when you upgrade.

It’s rich and full-bodied but leaves enough space for each instrument to shine. Play a high-resolution file and CXN takes things to the next level, teasing out the extra sonic detail in a way that’ll send shivers down your spine.Grand frre du Stream Magic 6, incorporant les caractristiques de la gamme CX, le CXN est un lecteur rseau audiophile qui vous permettra d'couter vos musiques depuis n'importe quel support dmatrialis.

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I do certainly hope to review the edge if I can get hold of one. It’s a new price point for Cambridge but is a cost-no-object design.One glance at the CXN and we’re smitten. It’s a gorgeous piece of kit, sporting an elegant silver finish (also available in black) and an upward-slanting ‘floating’ chassis. Switching to the Bill Evans Trio’s seminal 1963 live recording of Sunday at the Village Vanguard (24/88 FLAC), the upper registers show good delicacy and shimmer on Paul Motian’s brush work on the cymbals, and good height and projection over the top of the speakers. Soundstage depth on those tracks also was good, with the diners in the Village Vanguard placed in context to the musicians.Evanescence’s ‘Hello’ is as haunting as The All American Rejects ‘Can’t Take It’ is dramatic. Fed by the CXC, shinedown’s ‘State of My Head’ from their recently released ‘Threat to Survival’ album thundered from the speakers, before I switched to streaming from a UPNP server and began streaming Ed Sheeran’s ‘Small Bump’ from his debut album ‘+’.

2 results for cambridge audio cxn. Save cambridge audio cxn to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed Hi,Ashley!My device is Denon DM 41.I connected it with pc via internal music card.I consider to upgrade it with some good external DAC like CXC,Cambridge Magic Plus or Arcam DAC II,but I am not sure would it be huge upgrade in sound quality,or good DAC requires much better amplifier and speakers than Denon DM 41?

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CXN (V2) Interface and Operating System

The unit can be used in digital preamp mode to directly feed a power amplifier. In this mode, the volume is controlled by the DSP (digital signal processor) and the signal is kept in the digital domain until the last possible moment.Play Peaches N Cream by Snoop Dogg via Spotify and there’s a palpable snap to the drums, while the bubbly funk bassline is punchy and agile. The tightness and timing of the sound makes it hard not to nod your head.Since the release of the CXA80, Cambridge Audio have updated their line. The newer amp is the CXA81, a $1,299 stereo amp with some subtle changes. The biggest change is the DAC, which is now the very capable ESS Sabre ES9016K2M. This means that the CXA81 can handle file sizes up to 32-bit/384kHz, which is excellent. There’s also less expensive CXA61, which we actually prefer, as we think it has a more lively sound that is less analytical than the CXA81. If you already own the CXA80, there’s no need to upgrade – and if you are thinking of buying, you can save yourself a significant amount of money by going for the older amp. For now, the streamer side of things remain unchanged. The CXN (V2) is still the leading streamer on the Cambridge line-up. We will update this review if they release a newer model.  This is going to be an unusual review. For the first, time, we're reviewing two products at once. Cambridge Audio's CXN (V2) streamer and CXA80 amplifier may retail as separate products, but we've never seen another pair that work so well together. In this review, we break down the sound, design, packaging and accessories, specs and more of the CXN (V2) and CXA80. We'll be showcasing more alternatives in our roundup of the best music servers, coming soon.  Connectivity is generous with network, optical Toslink, co-axial SPDIF and USB Type A and USB type B inputs, and outputs are also well specified with Toslink out, SPDIF, analogue single-ended and balanced.

Cambridge Audio, London, United Kingdom. 59,633 likes · 217 talking about this. Without music, life would be a mistake - Friedrich Nietzsche Welcome.. Yes, they should. They can supply 1A of current (that drive requires about 900MA), and Cambridge Audio Confirm that high capacity drives are supported. The drive must be formatted as either FAT32 or NTFS. If you’re in the market for a drive, I’d recommend the alternative Western Digital option for reliability reasons.Terry, I owned both CXN and 851 N. The CXN is more airy and the 851 N is more refined and robust. both use same interface and they sound excellent. Nice comment and very good when using Hard Drives or Nas, but the drawback with Cambridge streamers is that TIDAL (FLAC) does not work the same way as SPOTIFY (MP3). Spotify is build in to the streamer so no problem there, but TIDAL needs another UPnP compliant DLNA server to be able to do this. In my case I use bubbleUPNP that i have to admit I am not very happy with. Other manufacturers have Tidal and Qobuz built in. This is the way Cambridge needs to go.

In that case I’m not sure what to suggest. I forget whether the CXN has a setting to enable or disable the balance control (I suspect not). I’d ask your dealer for adviceThe Marantz ‘signature sound’ is much warmer and richer, so the 8006 should sound less bright than the CXN. Perhaps try to get a home demo? Your amp has a bright signature too from memory.LISTENING I tried the CXN principally as a streamer in a pre-amp configuration into an Audiolab M-PWR power amp and KEF LS-50 speakers. But I also tried it as a source into my main rig with an EAR 859 single triode amp and Audio Note AN-E speakers to compare versus my own Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ and a Chord Hugo2 on loan. My listening notes are largely from the first system. I tested it mostly in a balanced configuration which was superior to the single-ended outputs.I must admit I haven’t tried it. I would imagine it will just downsample them. If I can find a file I will try it on my 851N and let you know.

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View and download the Manual of Cambridge Audio CXN Audiosystem (page 7 of 8) (English). Also support or get the manual by email Thanks a lot.Probably,you don’t think about this,but you help a lot to people,making our enter in the hi-fi world much easier.I think you are a good man.I wish you all the best for Christmas Holidays!Hi Ron – Excellent choice in the CXN. With regards wired VS wireless; providing you have a good signal, there will be no audible difference between the two. Without getting too technical, the same data packets flow to the same places regardless of how it is connected and anyone who tells you the two will yield a different result is talking nonsense regardless of whether they genuinely believe they can hear a difference. Providing you do have a strong wireless signal in the area in which you use the CXN, you will be fine. The only issue you can really experience are signal dropouts if the wireless signal isn’t good enough.Ashley is correct (of course!). I own a CXA80 and some other gear. The preamp built into the CXA80 is quite good for the money. You’d have to spend a lot more on a separate pre-amp to improve on the one in the CXA80. I bought a CXNv2 based on the strong reviews of Ashley and a few others, and connect it to my CXA80 with XLR cables. To my ears, this does sound a bit better than using RCA cables.

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  1. Check the sound settings of your TV and ensure the sound output is set to stereo PCM. The CXN can’t decode multi-channel or dolby audio streams which is probably what your TV is trying to send out.
  2. It makes no difference. In both situations you’ll be playing back the same digital file. If your network has enough throughput to handle the files you’ll be playing (which any modern home network will), there will be no audible difference.
  3. g the same steps you took to alter the code. One of these methods should work.

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I’m not sure you can with that setup. I don’t recall the CXA80 having a preamp output. But why bother? If you like the system as is, stick with and enjoy it.The CXN supports MP3, WMA, AAC (including AAC Plus and HE AAC), OGG, ALAC, FLAC and WAV file formats at up to 24-bit, 192KHZ. Over 20,000 radio stations are onboard as well as Spotify connect, Appel Airplay, and built-in USB and UPNP media streaming. ASX, M3U and PLS playlists are supported; though despite the CXN having a queueing feature, playlists created on the unit cannot, for now at least, be saved for later recall. Like the Stream Magic units before it, the CXN offers 2 power modes. Network standby mode keeps the network and micro controller circuits active allowing the streamer to be power cycled via the app, while an eco mode shuts down all circuits, reducing the streamer’s stands power consumption to a an eco-friendly 0.5W and requiring the streamer be brought in and out of standby via the remote control or the front-panel power button. The standby mode can be configured in the settings. Network standby mode is active by default; in this mode, a long press of the power button will shut the streamer down entirely. As with the rest of the CX range, an automatic power down feature puts the streamer into standby mode after a period of inactivity, configurable in the settings.

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  1. escent voice on Hey Now by London Grammar (24/44.1 FLAC from HDtracks), the solidity and projection of her voice in the context of the other instruments is painted in an enjoyable manner. Imaging is solid and stable, without any smearing or drift as instruments scale up and down their tonal range.
  2. Home IELTSIELTS Books [Latest] Cambridge IELTS Series 1 - 14 (PDF + Audio). Referring to Cambridge, anyone who has ever taken IELTS will have to acknowledge the values that the father..
  3. CAMBRIDGE DACMAGIC 100. Pour connaitre notre prix, ajoutez le produit au panier. 190 € 350 €. CAMBRIDGE CXN V2. 1 150 €. Détails

Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Lecteur réseau. Cliquer sur l'image pour l'agrandir. Lecteur audiophile. Le CXN intègre 2 DAC Wolfson se chargeant de convertir les données pour leur propre canal Listening to GoGo Penguin’s Prayer on Tidal CD quality stream, deep bass opening is rendered in a solid fashion, though it does give away a little to the more architectural bass which I have heard from DACs such as the Chord Hugo2. But rhythm and pacing are good, and conveys the rhythm of Dave Brubeck’s Take 5 (Single DSD rip from SACD) in a convincing manner.It's the Cambridge Audio CXA80 that makes the noise here. The CXN (V2) may decide what audio is playing, but it needs an amp like the CXA80 for you to hear it. It is, as we mentioned, an 80 watt integrated amplifier with an included DAC. Whether you use it separately from its twin CXN, or together, you'll get to experience the absolutely fantastic sound quality it puts out. And it all starts with the bass.Unfortunately I don’t have the unit with me any more, so I can’t measure this. But I didn’t notice very long load times when I was using Internet Radio to warm up the unit.We tested this amp with a variety of speakers, ranging from simple Audioengine HDP6 speakers (full review here) to some $1,000-plus floorstanding speakers from companies like SVS and ELAC. While there were differences with every system, we consistently felt like we weren't seeing the whole picture. The bass was crazy, but we wanted just a touch more excitement up top.

Cambridge Audio (@CambridgeAudio) Твитте

hi there, I am using an optical cable from my Panasonic smart tv to the CXN, using it as a dac to my Marantz pm14s1 (analog only amp) I can play the TV free to air but when I change the TV to Netflix I don’t get any audio.CXN is supporting HLS and Dash-Mpeg that is supposed to give better internet radio experience. Can you tell actual about load time for internet radio? Usually there are 5-10 seconds buffer time to load an internet radio station (e.g. BBC) on my Raumfeld Connector even on a very fast broadband connection. I recently tried a Sonos system that had very fast load time – almost immediately. Curious how CXN would compare to that. Email Address

Difference between Cambridge Audio CXN and CXN V2 and other

  1. CXN. Network Player. Ultimate digital convenience and quality. Built on our multi award-winning 'Cambridge make some of the finest music systems around, and the CXN network is a fine addition to..
  2. AH, I think there’s some confusion as to the purpose of a preamp. The preamp stage is responsible for volume control, input source control etc. You can certainly connect a CXN to a CXA80 and run the CXN with its preamplifier disabled. This will give you a noticeable upgrade over the inbuilt DAC of the CXA80, as would the DACMagic+. The purpose of the preamplifier setting of the CXN is to allow it to directly feed a power amplifier that does not have a volume control or input switching. The CXA80 is an integrated amplifier, with both a preamplifier and power amplifier in one box. Thus if you were using a CXN, DACMagic+ or any other DAC / source with it, that source does not need a preamplifier function. In the case of the CXN and DACMagic+, the preamplifier function can be disabled and the two run as line-level devices into your CXA80.
  3. While we may have misgivings about the sound, there's no question that both the CXN (V2) and CXA80 look absolutely magnificent. Cambridge definitely has a house style - with their brushed metal and hard angles, you can recognize one of their amps from a mile away. That's definitely the case here. Both products are heavy, machined blocks of metal. While only the CXN has a digital display, the CXA80 has a black central control section that echoes it. If you aren't yet convinced that these two belong together, their design should do the trick. While it would have been nice to have the CXA80 slightly more digital, perhaps with its own display, that would have added to the cost, and would have been a touch pointless.

Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. We’ll always tell you what we find. We never, ever accept money to review a product. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor.Thanks.If I understand correctly,you think that it is better not to by some expenssive DAC,untill I upgrade my system with better amp and speakers?

I also have a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ and as a DAC the Mytek wins on almost every category – comparing it would be somewhat futile. But for a 2nd system, the CXN is very good – musical and easy to listen to and use. I would recommend it for a 2nd system. Especificaciones Cambridge CXN (V2) DAC: Dual Wolfson WM8740 24-bit DACs. Compatibilidad: UPnP, medio local USB, USB audio 1.0 y 2.0, S/PDIF Toslink y Coaxial, Airplay, receptor BT100..

It hails from Cambridge Audio’s CX series of hi-fi components, which also includes the CXA60 and CXA80 integrated amplifiers, the CXC CD transport and two CXR AV receivers. CXN uses the same core technology as Cambridge Audio’s Stream Magic 6.Price: £799 Malaysian price: RM4,999 Malaysian distributor: Perfect HiFi (+603-5882 1693) / Find your distributor.Lecteur audiophile. Le CXN intgre 2 DAC Wolfson se chargeant de convertir les donnes pour leur propre canal. De mme, il accepte tous les formats numriques standards (MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, AAC, WMA, etc.) et les sur-chantillonne sans exception en 24bit / 384kHz. Les musiques au format DSD sont prises en charge via USB-B 2.0. The site owner hides the web page description

A review of the Cambridge Audio CXN network player by Audio Appraisal. Inside, the CXN features the latest Stream Magic module and a DAC based on 2 Wolfson WM8742 DACs and featuring.. Many thanks Ashley I already have my library stored in iTunes for my iPod classic, so the idea would be to re-rip lossless to the NAS drive specifically for listening on the surround sound system. It might be more convenient to use ALAC but I always thought that this format was still compressed. Sound-wise are FLAC and ALAC identical? I was thinking about going back to the older Pioneer as I still have it and the sound quality playing the iPod through it with a cabled connection just seemed better than the Yamaha…would the Cambridge CXR 120 essentially be an AV receiver with a CXN built in? The overall decision would be whether the Pioneer/CXN combo sounds as good/ better than the 120…so experimenting with some FLAC rips may work although I can only currently do that with the Yamaha ( or I could take a CXN on trial from Richer Sounds, or even a cxr 120 – do you think that’s a better strategy?) MikeLionel, first of all, forgive me if you know some or all of this stuff already, I haven’t read through the entire thread of comments. The CXN includes a CX system remote control, the same as that packaged with the CXA amplifiers and CXC CD transport. The remote resembles that supplied with the new 851 series components, with the same central section comprised of a selection of raised clicky controls which feel great to press. The remote has a rubberised rear panel offering better grip, and takes 3 AAA batteries which slot into the compartment at the rear.

Cambridge CXN (V2) è un lettore di rete con capacià di DAC USB. Grande qualità e facilità d'uso. L'audio digitale è disponibile da molte fonti e il CXN (V2) è in grado di offrire da chi ami di più ..networked audio sources with the black Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Network Audio Player. any home audio system, the CXN V2 has a balanced XLR pair and a stereo RCA audio output, as well as.. Let's think about an all-in-one comparison - in other words, a single box containing both streamer and amp. Linn seem like the obvious choice here. Like Cambridge, they're British, and like Cambridge, they make incredible stuff. Their latest is the Linn Selekt DSM, an upgrade on their old Majik system. It's super-expensive, even for streamers - how does $6,825 grab you? That's a good $4,925 more expensive than both CXN (V2) and CXA80 combined. All the same, it's worth it. You get DAC, streamer, preamp and power amp, all of the highest quality. We've heard it and it's...wow. Just wow. On the other hand, the Cambridge products offer better value, so you don't have to stress if you can't afford the big Linn.

Cambridge Audio Network Player CXN. Its wireless playback capabilities include Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Airplay, NAS drives and UPnP servers, and aptX Bluetooth.Whatever input the.. Yes it will give you the quality. I would rip your files to flac which is lossless. I have the cxn , I use an hardrive connected to cxn. Quality it perfect. I would rip them with dbpoweramp , or jriver. I assume your ripping cd quality 44.1 16 bit. The cxn will upsample all inputs to 384kHz.Cambridge did mention to me that it down samples dsd to 192, and yet most sites who are selling them state , that it plays via dop. If this is so, would it sound identical to dsd??Either way, these look great, and they are built like tanks. We adore the little touches, like the motorized volume knob on the CXA80, and the handy physical controls discreetly placed alongside the CXN's screen. Generally speaking, streamers and amps in this price range tend to look pretty good - with the exception of amps from folks like Yamaha and Pioneer, which elicit winces whenever we bring one into the office. But the Cambridge models are much better than several more expensive streamers - just take a look at the $2,900 Moon by SimAudio Neo Ace, and try not to to wince. Moon and/or Simaudio make superb gear, but they're no lookers.

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