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As for lighting, is distinctive in the rooms and Legends Collection. Natural light works dramatically and omnipresent in the first. You just need the artificial light is used only to accentuate details and to direct the lights reflecting on the surfaces of cars. For this purpose a special Studio developed a roof with undulations that incorporate recessed lights, shaped like a bubble that can rotate to change their focus. The treatment of light in the rooms is subtle and theater, designed by Ulrike Brandi, HG Merz for each area of the building. Highlighted particularly the Starry Sky, made with 76 Swarovski crystals hanging from the ceiling, and the third floor lamps, art deco style. Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart. On nine levels and covering a floor space of 16,500 m², the The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart celebrates the automobile invented by Carl Benz in 1886: it.. In the last five years, four leading German automakers — Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche — have opened or reworked the museums dedicated to each brand’s heritage and history. My plan was to travel across southern Germany in a triangle from Munich (BMW) to Stuttgart (Porsche and Mercedes) to Ingolstadt (Audi) and back to Munich. The total distance was a bit more than 300 miles. This trip did not include a visit to Volkswagen’s Autostadt (Car City), an ambitious auto theme park dedicated to the history of VW and its subsidiaries. But I had been there previously, and a detour to Wolfsburg — some 250 miles north of Stuttgart — would have added considerable time to the tour.

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The two cross paths continually imitating bands of interconnected helix of DNA, allowing the visitor to move between them.The interior is the kingdom of the curve and the fold: concrete folds and gently dividing lines ceilings, walls and floors are diluted by creating a unique feeling of spaciousness and fluid. Mimic movement routes crossing the roads B14 and B10 that take visitors to the museum.

Category:Mercedes-Benz Museum. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Mercedes-Benz Museum. Museu da Mercedes em Estugarda The Pagani museum is one of the smaller venues on this list, but it's the only place in the world where you can get a 360-degree view of this many million-dollar Pagani vehicles at once. Early versions of the Zonda, prototypes of the Huayra, and even pedal-car replicas all call the beautiful structure home. Let’s start with the newest, and perhaps the most radical, of the museum quartet. There is nothing here to diffuse the focus: it’s on Porsches, everywhere, all the time. Even the escalator is fast. Since opening last Jan. 31 more than 500,000 people have visited the museum in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart. Above the V-shaped concrete pillars the theme of diagonals is carried inside.Longing to look at classic Lamborghini vehicles like the Miura or one-offs like the Estoque? Museo Lamborghini in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, near the company's headquarters has the most impressive collection of Lamborghini products anywhere. And you can explore the entirety of it on Google Maps.

There’s no touching, of course, though you want to run your fingers across the sheet metal of the seductive concept, racing and street-legal cars parked along clean white ramps. (Yes, there’s a Cayenne S.U.V. here, too).The structure of the MB Museum is based on a trefoil; both in its internal organization and in its outward expression this geometry responds to the car-driven context of the museum. Inside, walking down the ramps of the Museum, surrounded by cars of different ages and types, the visitor is reminded of driving down the highway. Outside, the smooth curves of the building echo the rounded vernacular of nearby industrial and event spaces, such as the soccer stadium, the Mercedes-Benz test course, and the gas and oil tanks along the river, as well as the recurrent loops of the road system on site. With the exception of the first and last room of the route, which respectively, to the invention of the automobile and the history of sports competition, the composition of the rooms due to a uniform pattern: the ramp covers a broad arc of the exterior wall a leaf clover core section and leads to the visitors from the vehicles, which are the center of each scene. Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart, German Car Building - design by UNStudio, Architect - Mercedes Museum Germany, Images, Ben van Berkel Architecture

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There is convincing evidence that VW has had a powerful influence on Audi, which celebrated its centennial in 2009. But the early models also showed a sense of grace: the elegant 12-cylinder Horch 670 limousine looks fast even planted in a museum. The striking midengine R8 sports car carries the theme to the present.The Petersen Museum has been a staple of L.A. car culture since its opening in 1994. These days, the massive facility houses more than 300 vehicles – classics and modern cars alike – as well as hundreds of accessories like engines, books, photographs, and even movie films.As original as the building is the pedagogical design of the exhibition, outlined, developed, and the study conducted by HG Merz. During the last two hours minimum to visit the museum, visitors on a journey through time, allowing them to celebrate the 120 years of history of the automobile. There are two routes, called “Myths” and “Collections. These are independent, but allow visitors to spend any time in each other.The Toyota Automobile Museum in Nagakute houses the most impressive collection of Toyota products – past and present – anywhere in the world. Divided into a number of dedicated zones, Google Maps allows you to virtually explore the entire history of the Toyota brand, starting with the 1936 Model AA and ending at modern alternative-fuel options like the Mirai, with everything in-between.

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It is also rich in anecdotes: my guide, Volker Lückenkemper, pointed out the four ashtrays in a 1950s era limo. “After the war,” he said, “Germany had three times more smokers than before it.” If you take the “time capsule” elevator up eight stories, you alight in 1886 to be greeted by a horse. It’s all downhill, and fast-forward, from there.Sure, you could travel all the way to Munich, Germany, to check out BMW’s impressive collection of cars at the brand’s headquarters. But here in the U.S., located at BMW’s manufacturing facility in South Carolina, the company has a handful of classics that you won’t be able to see anywhere else Stateside.

Skip to contentSkip to site indexAutomobilesToday’s PaperAutomobiles|Touring the Temples of German AutomakingAdvertisementIn the construction of the complex have been used over 110,000 tons of concrete. On the outside was used aluminum plates and glass. The ramps are covered with parquet wood cut from dark cap.Though I traveled alone, imaginary companions sometimes joined me. Each time a BMW designed by Mr. Bangle passed me on the autobahn — he was chief of design until February — his “flame surface” body panels came to mind. The view from my Ingolstadt hotel one golden morning revealed not one, not two, but five flavors of the gorgeous Audi A5 shaped by Mr. de’Silva. Open since 2006, this may be the Louvre of car museums, and it should be: this pioneering automaker’s history was enriched by inventors and engineers including Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.The primary reason for the exposed concrete in the interior is that it forms the ideal backdrop to the cars. UNStudio looked at ways in which cars are presented in car shows, and came to the conclusion that a contrast-rich background was more effective than showing a shiny, highly finished object within an equally shiny, highly finished setting.

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Unlike the other museums, the blocky, postmodern, Guggenheimesque house of Mercedes places its vehicles in perspective with their time. Lining the interior and the spiraling ramps that descend though the ages of the marque are photographs and picture tableaus, some of them profound (Hitler, Einstein, the Titanic) and others less so (Elvis, Mickey Mouse). But all point to humankind’s turbulent history as it paralleled the development of cars from the Patent Motorwagen of 1886 up to the Mercedes SLS AMG that made its debut in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.Within the floor panels are located electrical extractor out of fire and smoke out running parallel to the steel braces, minimizing the interference and intrusion into the space exhibition areas.

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Mercedes Erlkönige - Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart - GLB - GLS - EQC prototypes Mercedes Museum The collection of cars and trucks is shown in combination on five plateaus. Seven plateaus show the Myths and, at the lowest levels, Races and Records and the Fascination of Technology. At ground level, below the elevated landscape, and accessed by the escalator at the entrance level, are the Children’s Museum, several small shops and a restaurant, which are housed in a large and open-plan space that connects the Museum to the nearby Vehicle Center.  Mercedes-Benz Museum - Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany - rated 4.7 based on 44,505 reviews Will come again with my kid Mercedes-Benz Museum. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Automobile museum in. Mercedes-Benz Museum. The museum building. Location within Baden-Württemberg. Established Admission: Adults, 12 Euros; reduced admission of 6 Euros for those under 18, students and seniors; family admission, 24 Euros.

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The building was among the seven finalists for the Mies van der Rohe in 2006 and quickly became an icon of the city. From the atrium lobby a long escalator ascends — it has been called “a stairway to heaven for Porsche enthusiasts” — and deposits you in front of an aluminum- body Type 64 racecar, considered the ancestor of all Porsches (if you discount the VW Beetle nearby). And while the inventor of the automobile may forever be a matter of debate — Benz’s case is a certainly strong one — there’s no question that in Germany Mercedes-Benz invented the modern car museum. It came in 1936, 10 years after the merger of Benz & Cie. and DMG created Daimler-Benz. That first museum was on the factory grounds in the Untertürkheim section of Stuttgart, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Benz’s 3-wheel Patent Motorwagen.

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The Mercedes Benz Museum intricately combines structure and content. The Museum is dedicated to a legendary car; its unique structure has been specifically devised to showcase a collection in which.. Mercedes-Benz Museum has a base area of 4,800 square meters, a height of 47.5 meters and built an internal volume of 210,000 cubic meters. As original as the building is the pedagogical design of the.. The Honda Collection Hall in Motegi, Japan, is home to all things Honda – not just cars. Bicycles, scale models, power products, robots (yes, Asimo included) all call the facility home. The Google Maps virtual tour explores every corner of the Honda Collection Hall, taking you through the history of the brand one exhibit at a time.Here's a suggestion: take a stroll along the paved pathway that surrounds the McLaren Technology Centre before making your way inside the stunning Woking, U.K.-based facility. Home to an impressive collection of classic race cars and million-dollar road cars (a P1 greets you at the door), a virtual, 360-degree tour of McLaren HQ's museum-esque lobby is an absolute must for fans. The Mercedes Benz Museum intricately combines structure and content. The Museum is dedicated to a legendary car; its unique structure has been..

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Among the museum include ceilings without pillars halls covering 33 meters wide and can bear the weight of ten trucks, like the double curvature of bearing elements: the so-called “Twists,” reminiscent of a propeller enormous.With this museum, UNStudio has reached a new level in its hunt for the perfect concrete. The concrete was cast at night; the deadline meant that sometimes the work continued day and night. Because the cool night air slowed the drying, fans and heating installations were set up. But it could be that the moonlight was the crucial component in the magic mix: the exact composition of the cement, water and aggregate, zealously watched over by our executive architect Matias Wenzel and the contractor Züblin / Wolff & Müller.

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Adjacent to Mazda’s global headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan, visitors can virtually peruse the brand’s extensive museum collection. Home classic cars, modern racers, and even an extensive exhibit dedicated to the brand’s engines, the Mazda Museum is definitely one worth checking out.The second tour of the museum reflects a different conception. Unlike the first, chronologically ordered, the “Collections” are classified by type of vehicle use. 09. 10. 11. Mercedes-Benz Bus LO 1112 1969 года. Выпускался на заводе Даймлер-Бенца в Аргентине You could brave the freezing cold of Gothenburg, Sweden, to check out the Volvo Museum, or you could simply log on to Google Maps from the comfort of your own home. The Volvo Museum doesn’t offer a full virtual tour via Google Maps, but there are a number of exhibits that provide a full 360-angle for you to explore. Every enthusiast has a favorite German brand, and in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit mine is Audi. For those of similar persuasion, the Mobile Museum will not disappoint.

The use of color and lighting are inside the museum. The saturated colors are confined to the centers of the elevators, the bathrooms and exits. The main rooms of the museum are neutral to ensure that the focus is on the objects. The wallpaper on the walls and surfaces of the soil are based on points as the only fabric design. This helps to unify and bring coherence to the entire building: the point evokes the circle, the geometric building paradigm as a whole.At the ramps linking the path of the “myths” with each of the collections have been placed into glass display cases with both sides. A “micro” sample of a continuous film on the subject of the collection.

Visitors are invited to tour chronologically — cars are divided into pre- and post-1948 groups — but no one will scold you if you hop from the 911 Carrera RSR Turbo to the plastic-body 908. Engine noises from a 911, a 550 Spyder and others are piped in. If you can’t resist the urge to touch a Porsche, there’s a dealership across the street. The Mercedes-Benz Museum is the only museum in the world that can document in a single continuous timeline over 130 years of auto industry history from its very beginnings to the present day Devoting a day, give or take, to each museum and the accompanying attractions — usually a gift shop, bistro or cafe, and a delivery center for people who pick up their new toys at the factory — I came away with different impressions. “Cars are cars, all over the world,” Paul Simon sang. But they’re not — and neither are car museums.

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  1. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Mail Or http://www.archdaily.com/805982/mercedes-benz-museum-unstudio Clipboard "COPY" Copy About this office UNStudio Office ••• Products Steel Concrete #Tags Projects Built Projects Selected Projects Cultural Architecture Museums & Exhibit Museum StuttgartGermany Cite: "Mercedes-Benz Museum / UNStudio" 24 Feb 2017. ArchDaily. Accessed . <https://www.archdaily.com/805982/mercedes-benz-museum-unstudio/> ISSN 0719-8884 Save 世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本! 想浏览ArchDaily中国吗? 是 否 翻译成中文 现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗? Take me there » ✖ You've started following your first account! Did you know? You'll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.
  2. Which is what I did. Except instead of staring at the art of Rodin, Raphael and Rembrandt, I studied the works of Chris Bangle and Walter de’Silva.
  3. The geometry of the building is developed from a symmetrical three-leaf plant, evoking the DNA helix that holds the human genetic code. The metaphor refers to information that keeps to himself: on the one hand, the legacy of the Mercedes-Benz and on the other side in a constructive way to the clover that is the spiral shape of two interlocking ramps 80 meters long, with no stairs, and to serve as main routes for visitors traveling, referring to the Guggenheim and Pompidou Wright Piano.

As at Mercedes, the visitor strolls top to bottom, down four floors, following a timeline of the company through the four brands that formed it: Horch, DKW, Wanderer and Audi — initially called Auto Union — in 1932. (A fifth company, NSU, was added in the 1960s.) Audi was liquidated after World War II and its factory in Zwickau, in eastern Germany, was taken by the Soviets. But buoyed by Germany’s economic rise in the mid-’50s, Audi re-emerged. Daimler- Benz owned Audi for seven years before VW gained control in the mid-1960s. The Audi 100 was the first model to reach the United States, in 1970. Located in Stuttgart, Germany, Mercedes-Benz's nine-story museum shows just how multi-faceted the company is. It's home to over 160 Grand Prix cars, passenger sedans, prototypes, off-roaders, trucks.. Located in Mladá Boleslav of the Czech Republic, the Skoda Museum lets patrons explore the brand's unbroken 100-year automotive history. Remodeled and reopened in 2012, the facility houses historic vehicles, bicycles, memorabilia, and even offers visitors a tour of the birthplace of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche.The building also implicitly radiates the qualities that we see as the best of our times; good quality materials, durability, character, neatness. In its materialization the MB Museum reproduces the values that we associate with Mercedes Benz: technological advancement, intelligence, and stylishness. Once inside, the visitor should feel both stimulated and comfortable. For those who do museums by the numbers, you’ll find the models 356, 917, 911, 550, 924, 928 and so on. One estimate puts the value of all 82 machines on display at about $200 million (and there are about 360 more cars in storage).

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To Studio One, the demand could be met only geometric properties with reinforced concrete, are also a perfect backdrop for the exhibitions. The continuity that characterizes the winding internal movement is also the structural principle of the facade. The construction of the structure in the form of a cloverleaf leads the points where the roof becomes a wall and simultaneously closes the corner, connecting directly to the next exhibition space.The Porsche Museum, located near company headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, has one of the most impressive collections of cars we've seen anywhere. Production cars on display date back to the early 1910s, while visitors can also check out many modern classics and dozens of concept cars. The Porsche Museum has no shortage of stunning sightsThe 25,000 m2 MB Museum is situated next to the Daimler-Chrysler Untertuerkheim plant on a raised platform which also offers room to the Vehicle Center. Visitors enter the building from the northwest corner. The entrance lobby introduces to the visitor the organizational system of the Museum, which entails the distribution of the two types of exhibitions over three ‘leaves’, which are connected to a central ‘stem’ in the form of an atrium. The entrance lobby, besides practical functions, contains an escalator that leads down to the ground level, and three lifts that take visitors up to the top of the building.Played here 120 years of history of the automobile and the Mercedes-Benz, and is complete with interesting prospects for the future. This principle is reflected in the design of the building. The impressive modern building seems to come in the future, while retaining its link with tradition. The architecture embodies the legacy of the mark. The exhibition also reflects a unique and innovative concept: nine planes with a total area of 16,500 square meters give shelter to 160 vehicles and over 1,500 objects, spread over two rounds. The proximity of the main plant of Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim establishes the link between tradition and the present.Even before visitors entering the museum welcomes a selection of Mercedes-Benz cars from previous generations with a spectacular lighting adorning the underground parking. This is a separate exhibition called “Fascination technique” which is accessible from the outside. In several scenes, composed with great profusion of details, visitors can take a look at the daily work of engineers from the departments of development of Mercedes-Benz, including perspectives on the future of the automobile. The classic cars are the reception committee of the museum, spread over the vehicles of customers. The direct link with the local exposure of the Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart guaranteed the continuation of Mercedes myth from the historical models and vintage to current products. Through an escalator from the parking will go to the reception.

The new Mercedes-Benz Museum, located next to highway B14 at the entrance of Stuttgart, contains exhibition Visitors proceed through the museum from top to bottom. During the ride up the atrium.. The Ferrari Museum at the company's headquarters in Maranello, Italy, doesn't offer as extensive of an experience as some of the others on this list. That said, virtual viewers can still check out some of the most iconic racing and road cars the company has ever produced, from Michael Schumacher's Formula 1 car to the ridiculous LaFerarri FXX-K. Mercedes-Benz Museum trefoil design. The structure of the Mercedes-Benz Museum is based on a trefoil formed from three overlapping circles; both in its internal organisation and in its outward.. Mercedes-Benz Museum. Open since 2006, this may be the Louvre of car museums, and it should be: this pioneering automaker's history was enriched by inventors and engineers including Karl Benz..

Mercedes-Benz Museum. Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart. Visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart and you will be entering the only place in the world capable of documenting the unbroken.. Mercedes-Benz Museum. Location: Stuttgart, Germany. The Ferrari Museum at the company's headquarters in Maranello, Italy, doesn't offer as extensive of an experience as some of the others on.. The museum has a certain clinical quality, which seems odd because many BMWs are so, well, sexy. They evoke passion. But while this place is stylish, cleverly arranged and full of those sexy cars, the experience can be rather dry unless you’re a committed BMW fan. But my guide, Anne Schmidt-Possiwal, was deliciously animated as she walked me past a kinetic sculpture — 714 steel balls forming constantly changing car shapes — and through the seven exhibit “houses” linked by a series of ramps, bridges and squares. (Like the other guides I encountered, she spoke perfect English.)The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is your go-to for all things Corvette. The museum opened its doors in the early 1990s but suffered a serious sinkhole accident in 2014 (you might have heard of it). Just a few months after the incident, though, it welcomed visitors again, even putting a number of the so-called "sinkhole cars" back on display. All of them you can see in the virtual tour.Ok, so Google Maps doesn't offer a full tour of the tiny Panoz Museum in Hoschton, Georgia, but you can at least catch a glimpse of some of the cars the small manufacturer has on display. We spot an Avezzano, an Esperante GTR-1, and multiple race cars in the room.

Glass and aluminum are wrapped around the concrete substructure inclined horizontal lines. The glass is treated as the front window and still support along the perimeter of the exhibition.At night the museum is lit from the inside out so it does not require external projectors. In the distance, it appears a single large window that has the peculiarity of looking at people and be seen as inevitable and constant.Upon arrival, you can access a wide esplanade with steps and an outdoor plaza of granite, where premium and the idea of movement.The downward incline of the two interlocking trajectories is confined to the ramps at the perimeter of the building only; the platforms that function as display areas themselves are level, with the slow gradients of the walkways bridging the height differences between them. The platforms, the ‘leaves’ of the trefoil, are arranged around the central ‘stem’ of the atrium in This structure generates exciting spatial constellations, enabling a wide range of look-through options, shortcuts, enclosed and open spaces, and the potential for continuity and cross-references in the various displays.

With most of the country and many parts of the world relegated to their homes due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19), at least for the foreseeable future, many attractions have closed their doors to visitors. Theme parks, shopping malls, and even car museums have all shuttered temporarily in an attempt to combat the global pandemic.The windows are made of trapezoidal panels, vertical and diagonal whose boundaries are tailored to the profiles of steel. The glass is clear, colorless and insulation. On it was a stamping points BLUNTED reducing the impact of sunlight and is applied in all panels giving the impression of double dimensionality facade. The innovative glass fiber reinforced carbon helps maximize the delivery of the material. The use of sunlight allowed in the rooms are too large, a significant energy savings.Ventilation was in charge of climate engineer Matthias Schuler, along with Transsolar Energietechnik. The system is based on a principle of relocation. All ducts are integrated into three-dimensional curved structures, the units include two levels and climate are inserted into ducts that are housed in the ramp.

Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. The museum is a fitting location in which to celebrate the rich heritage of automotive technology Each collection has a room itself, with sufficient breadth of exposure to a large number of objects related to the theme throughout the history of the automobile.One study, the team led by Dutch architecture Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos and Tobias Walliser, was responsible for the design of the new car museum in Stuttgart. The building was constructed in record time, two and a half years, as Mercedes-Benz did not want to let go of the chance to be ready to begin building before the World Cup in Germany. To visit this museum is to immerse yourself into BMW’s corporate culture. Shaped like a big bowl, the Munich museum is adjacent to the massive hall called BMW World, with the company’s unmistakable headquarters — four skyscrapers in the form of engine cylinders — just beyond, along with a factory.

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This latest museum, chronicling 124 years of auto history in 1,500 exhibits, is an architectural tour de force. (It has been featured in Mercedes commercials in the United States.) Mercedes-Benz Museum displays more than 160 vehicles, some of which date back to the earliest days of the motor engine. Located at the carmaker's international headquarters.. The building held a dialogue with the crisp cityscape that surrounds it (the football stadium, the test track and the center itself, the gas and oil tanks near the river, and the green hills of vineyards). From the outside, it seems a curve over the highway, clearly working well as a new gateway to the city.The two routes leading to the “Races and Records”: a broad curve peraltada occupying virtually all of the room ends in a cylindrical vertical wall of plants, which are suspended vehicles bearing legendary record speed. The building housing the Mercedes-Benz Museum is an exceptional piece of architecture, which reflects the ideals of originality that lie at the heart of the Mercedes-Benz brand..

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  1. “Myths” is a chronological journey through the history of the automobile since its invention to the present. The seven rooms in which is united by a ramp 80 meters long. The ramp, alternating with flat sections, allowing access for all people.
  2. g traffic. (Germans always drove on the right, even when their cars had right-hand drive.)
  3. I admit that I ate some terrific wurst and schnitzel along the way, visited a monument or two and shopped for face creams for my wife. But much of my time — a total of five days — was spent ogling old cars. Also, new cars. Racing cars. Cars that won Grands Prix, cars that rolled on 6 horsepower, cars with roofs and back seats and steel wheels, and cars with none of this. There was also the occasional motorcycle or bus.
  4. The Mercedes-Benz Museum is an automobile museum in Stuttgart, Germany. It covers the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand and the brands associated with it. Stuttgart is home to the..
  5. Mercedes-Benz Museum has a base area of 4,800 square meters, a height of 47.5 meters and built an internal volume of 210,000 cubic meters.
  6. Aside from the cars within, a couple of these structures are architectural delights in their own right. The huge wedge of the Porsche Museum, created by a small Austrian architecture firm, Delugan Meissl Associated, seems to levitate above rail tracks and access roads. The “double helix” Mercedes-Benz Museum, done by a Dutch firm called UN Studio, would have delighted Frank Lloyd Wright with its nine stories of spiraling ramps and terrific views of Stuttgart from the top floors.

In case of damage, the smoke is kept away from areas with positive display. The smoke is piped out of the building by a fan through the roof. The central atrium acts as a chimney while providing light deep inside the building. Projects An overview of our work. Current What's going on. Units Our areas of expertise. UNSense Our arch tech daughter company. About The good news is, you don't need to leave your couch to visit some of the world's most amazing car museums. From local options like the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky to global exhibits you might not visit otherwise, like the Skoda Museum in the Czech Republic, many are available for virtual viewing via Google Maps. These 15 are worthy of taking a virtual stroll through.Among the fascinating machines are the Brabham that won Nelson Piquet the 1983 Formula One drivers championship and BMW the constructors’ cup, and the stately 502 Baroque Angel of 1954, designed for the autobahns.Lastly, it is a Museum for the city, a new landmark to celebrate the enduring passion of Stuttgart’s most famous inventor and manufacturer.

Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany by UN Studio. Mercedes Benz Museum - UNStudio The Museum is a cultural landmark that unites the past, present and future of this legendary car The approach here is nonlinear, although one exhibit begins with history and BMW’s aircraft engine. Other exhibits focus on design, technology, motorsports, motorcycles, BMW brands and a tower that showcases the modern model lines.At the center of the cylindrical space with the legendary vehicles are five platforms, which protrude from the lower floor level and intermediate remind valve engine. On these platforms are existing historic vehicles and prototypes. These objects establish a logical connection between the museum and the exhibition area “Fascination technique.”

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  5. Mercedes-Benz-Museum
  6. Mercedes-Benz Museum UNStudio, concrete, KYMO Archell

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