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The USB charger is also carried over. It works, but it’s a bit finicky compared to chargers for the Garmin Fenix 5 or the Suunto Spartan family.The receiver is smaller and not easily removed from the belt. Since it’s waterproof to 30m, I’m not concerned about hand-washing it daily during my post-run shower.Note that you won’t get a map on the screen, rather, just pointy directions as to where to go via a little arrow at the edge of the unit.  Like a kid riding training wheels on the bike, you’ll want to keep the little digital arrow between the digital lines:

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Skipping and jumping, even 360 spinning, just amazed to be fit and free and having fun, in God’s amazing creation?@Erik: When GPS is on while the SAC pod is connected, the pod is preferred for speed and distance over GPS. But only, if the wheels turn and the magnet triggers a signal at least every ~5 seconds or so. So, when you, for instance, carry your bike, speed and distance is measured with GPS, although the pod is connected. This leads to the problem, when you are stopped at a red traffic light and you have a poor GPS signal, the watch tells you that you are moving when you aren’t. These”movements” are counted as speed and distance in the log.The strap pod is slightly smaller than previous straps, and also has a different connector than in the past, which is not compatible with other 3rd party straps:

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At the same time, any lower than this level I tend to see a bit less accuracy with the strap.  So it’s sorta a crap-shoot.  For women, this isn’t an issue at all, because most of you are wearing some sort of top while swimming – which the strap sits below and covers from water pressure.  If you’re not wearing a top, I’d like to kindly be invited to your swim sessions.After you’ve connected your watch via Bluetooth Smart to the Suunto Movescount app, your workouts will end up subsequently online to Suunto Movescount the website.  You can decide whether or not that information is private or public via privacy settings on the site.  Once there you’ll see your activities through your dashboard:With my previous Garmin ANT+ HRbelt I had it paired and running on both my Wahoo iPhone app and my Vivoactive, giving me the precise same reading on both devices at the same time while riding my bike. The SSS belt can only pair to one device at the same time, what I’ve learned today. Had paired the SSS belt with the Ambit3 first, thereafter with iPhone Movescount and wahoo app. But when getting one my bike it connected immediately to the iPhone, but Ambit3 was lost completely and no way to get it connected anymore. Deleting it from the iPhone and re-pairing to the Ambit3 was the only option.

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  1. ute) your crank arm goes around.
  2. ed that the device is not faulty and that the algorithm is doing the best it can. My “moves” in water look like I am swim
  3. This instrument accurately measures altitude, vertical gain, and vertical loss, regardless of the GPS ping interval setting. It also forecasts potential weather changes, which normally coincide with changes in barometer pressure. During long intervals between GPS pings, watches without altimeters can miss out on vertical movement, like in rolling terrain. And barometer-less Suunto devices won’t even display cumulative vertical change, due to accuracy concerns.

hi. does anyone know if the ambit3 peak is compatible with third party HRM? if yes, any recommendations?Many thanks for this fantastic review. I have a question about the activity monitor. I realize that the calories burned is only an estimate based on body metrics and formulas. However, I do really like that it gives me a rough idea of how active I was throughout the day during daily life.In my testing over the past nearly four months (since early June) of using the device, I’ve found that when it comes to delivering on the core of what previous generation Ambit units did – the Ambit3 continues to rock there.  I’ve seen no issues at all in those departments.

Julio, concerning running cycling with GPS it works OK for me, but I always had problems when cycling indoor with a speed sensor….IT NEVER WORKED, I had to manually pause it whenever I needed It. And this was never fixed with new firmwaresClearly you didn’t read my entire post and if so it’s clear you don’t comprehend my points. Take your trolling else where.thank you for you response! That is exactly why I would want to use a speed and cadence sensor on the wheel of the bike. However, I also want the actual routed plotted on a map through GPS; I’ve found that using a speed and cadence sensor, the GPS speed and distance are overruled, but the GPS data still be used to track my route and to see it back in Movescount or Strava?

SUUNTO AMBIT3 PEAK - ZÁŽITOK Z DOBRODRUŽSTVA Cesta k tvojmu vrcholu je všade okolo teba - či už je to hora, alebo osobný rekord. Suunto Ambit3 Peak je tvoj dokonalý partner - GPS hodinky.. With the new firmware update (June 2015), it would be lovely to have some thoughts on the recovery features – sleep and quick. I have struggled with Over-training Syndrome for nearly 3 years. Garmins 620 has recovery time and recovery check, but these still seem to miss the mark for me… ThanksWe would highly appreciate if you could answer to a short survey regarding the quality of our customer support. It will take only 2 minutes.The Ambit2 and Ambit3 Peak share nearly identical bodies. They’re about the same size, have the same buttons, and use the same GPS antenna.It would be good to see an updated review the watch with the latest firmware and to see how it holds up after a year or so.

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  1. 500 again…. sigh
  2. ute mile, it shows 11, 7 or 9
  3. Is this other owners’ experience with the Ambit 3 Peak ? And/or, have you found a track, or a combination of settings that record a more accurate track?
  4. The Ambit2 and Ambit3 Peak share nearly identical bodies. They’re about the same size, have the same buttons, and use the same GPS antenna. The menu system is the same, but has a few new options related to new Ambit3 Peak features such as Bluetooth pairing. The font is slightly different. Indeed, the most noticeable physical difference between the Ambit2 and Ambit3 Peak is the wrist strap. The Ambit3 Peak strap is softer and more pliable, which makes it more comfortable and more accommodating of various wrist sizes.
  5. This was so helpful as I have been dissatisfied with two prior attempts at owning a serious run-training and backpacking watch. I ordered the Peak from REI today for $200 on the dot. Also, thank you Andrew for replying to the large number of questions the various users asked. It helps much more than reading curt reviews on Amazon or something.
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  7. g a bit of racing soon! i must say that the suunto data presentation is very good in movescount and the automation is also good, although the connectors are not great. I suspect i need to work out how to manage multiple bikes( and sensors) on the peak. i also bought a gar

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Ray, I know you can teach the watch swim strokes in indoor mode, but i dont see the option for outdoor swimming. Is it possible?Lastly, I do want to briefly mention a feature I can’t quite seem to get working correctly – which is the ability to use the GPS on the Ambit3 in place of the phone’s GPS, and then have the phone serve as the primary display.  In my case, no matter how hard I try the phone app just continues to show me in Finland, ironically at the Suunto headquarters by the looks of things.  I suspect it’s a new bug, as it’s not an issue I saw earlier this summer.I’ve partnered with Clever Training to offer all DC Rainmaker readers an exclusive 10% discount across the board on all products (except clearance items). You can pickup the Suunto Ambit3 variants below. Then receive 10% off of everything in your cart by adding code DCR10BTF at checkout. By doing so, you not only support the site (and all the work I do here) – but you also get a sweet discount. And, since this item is more than $75, you get free US shipping as well.I’d assume they either have an error in the feature list, or the weather stuff will be added in a later version.

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Suunto Ambit3 Peak Outdoor Multisport GPS Barometer Watch Black. Suunto Ambit 3 Peak. Its a watch, well actually its about a dozen things disguised as a watch The Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR offers everything you need to accompany you to the end of your journey packed into one device. This GPS watch tracks your route, your activity based on your recovery time..

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This is slightly different than other apps that channel the notifications piece through the iOS notifications center without the need for the app to be running.  I’m not sure it’s that big of a deal, but more of an awareness thing.Whereas pages with more fields will give you smaller numbers but more metrics.  And then there are graph pages, which allows you to graph things like heart rate and barometric altimeter data.With the release of the Ambit3 series you now have quite a few different models to choose from and some of them are so similar it’s hard to know which to buy.I’m similar….. totally torn between Spartan Ultra, Polar V800, Fenix 3 and Ambit 3 peak…..coming from a Polar M400 background, which is a SUPERB watch, but not enough battery for ultras or ironman.After the activity, you’ll get a multisport activity displayed on Suunto Movescount, which will show you the different sport segments as part of a full single activity:

Hello everyone and Happy new year, I am about to buy a new watch and I am divided between the Suunto ambit3 sport vs Garmin forerunner 230! They have similar price because the suunto has a nice discount… The mainly sport I do is running but also some hiking and the navigation tool I find quite interesting! I would like if some of you could give me some advice. Thank you very much The Suunto Ambit3 Peak in black is your ultimate GPS watch for sports and adventure, with heart rate monitoring, route navigation and track back. The Ambit3 Peak provides you with all you need to.. Suunto Ambit 3 Peak. Suunto Ambit 3: Feature-Monster. 11.06.2015 00:30 | von Joerg Geiger. Fazit vom 22.04.2016. Die ärgste Konkurrenz für Garmin ist die Suunto Ambit 3 Peak I’ve had my watch for over a month now and modified the sports modes and displays to suit my needs a few days ago. Each mode set with “good-30 hour battery life”. I went for a run the other morning (71% battery), saved my data and took the watch off. I only wear it when I exercise/hike. The next day I wanted to use the watch and it was dead. I’m on a weekend trip and didn’t bring the charger but on movescount I don’t see anything that could cause the watch to quit. Did I set something wrong? Any ideas. Thanks

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Next, you’ll want to send this route to your watch the next time you synchronize the unit.  To do that check the ‘Use this route in watch’ box, which will show you how many POI’s, Routes and Waypoints you have remaining to save.Looks like there wont be an Ambit 4. But a secuessor to the ambit line seems ot have finally leaked. Its called the Suunto Spartan Ultra. Looks good but the price its high. Touchscreen with 200hr battery life, blowing away the Garmins still. Maybe the Fenix 3 will get better battery. Anyway, heres a link to one model. There are 4 models, ranging from 649.00 € to 800.00 €Hey Nuno thx for the advice. I did that and they told me they send a nex belt and sensor at home. I ll post the result when I ll receive the package.

All of these earlier written supported Bluetooth Smart sensor types can then be displayed during the activity itself.  You’ll need to remember to configure your data pages to show the type of data from the sensor your using.  For example, if using a power meter remember to configure power meter sensors online using the website and then sync’ing it to the watch:The Garmin Fenix 5 and Garmin Forerunner 935 have barometers but short-lived batteries, from 24 hours to 60 hours (when using the fickle UltraTrac mode). Plus, they retail for $500 and up, and Garmin is very good at enforcing MAP (minimum advertised price).

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Unlike the Ambit2, the Ambit3 Peak has a Bluetooth chip. By pairing it with my phone, I can now transfer activity data wirelessly (rather than needing to connect it with my computer using the USB cord), change sport mode settings using the Movescount app, and get notifications on my watch about incoming text messages, emails, and phone calls. I have found this latter functionality to be useful in deciding whether I need to reply/answer immediately or if it can wait.Very new to Suunto after being a Garmin user for many years.Gave up on Garmin due to the hassles with Garmin Express/Connect. Is there a way to sync Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Indoor workouts/bike trainer/swims onto Strava without having to copy files and manually transfer? Is there a way that indoor workouts can track distance – eg. HIT/Crossfit style WOD with indoor running segments? Or do I have to go back to trying to get the Garmin to work? And…. Bike cadence/speed sensors – what are people using out there to sync with their Suunto Ambit 3’s?Having all parameters set (age, weight, HF limits, …) and using the HR sensor, the calculations of my Ambit3 are plausibel and reproducable.

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Suunto Ambit3 Sport (select dropdown for HR strap/colors) Suunto Ambit3 Peak (select dropdown for HR strap/colors)Nice update – in theory. Let’s see, if they’ve made things better or if they made the watch buggier, like in some of the previous updates.Note that regardless of whether you’re indoors or outdoors in a pool, you’ll still use the pool mode.  This mode uses internal accelerometers to detect each time you reach one end of the pool or the other.  Said differently: Even for such a gorgeous outdoor pool as this, don’t use the openwater swimming mode. The Ambit3 Peak Sapphire has loads of other outdoor activity functions which although not directly I hope you found this look at the Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire GPS watch useful. In truth, I have only.. This instrument accurately measures altitude, vertical gain, and vertical loss, regardless of the GPS-ping interval setting. It also forecasts potential weather changes, which normally coincide with changes in barometric pressure. During long intervals between GPS pings, watches without altimeters can miss out on vertical movement, like in rolling terrain. And barometer-less Suunto devices won’t even display cumulative vertical change, due to accuracy concerns.

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A WiFi chip would be a nice-to-have, but it’s not a must. I appreciated this feature with the Fenix 5X—my activity data uploaded as soon as I walked into the house, instead of only when I connected the watch to my computer (via USB) or phone (via Bluetooth).Just make 3 different biking sport modes: All exactly the same, but one with bst, one with good and one with OK. Then you can decide at the beginning of the ride wich mode you choose.In the podcast you mentioned that Suunto is know for its bug free software, but since I have this watch, nothing but headaches to make it work….

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  1. Bazk, I tried the workouts on Android App as the app is running more stable, unfortunately I had the same experience as you….I hope that they solve it quickly as I started running and intervals is for me a funny way to perform my workout
  2. thanks Bernard, it seems it was something like that as it seems to work well now after unpairing the phone and the sensor leon
  3. You mention only one small point of what I wrote (transition issues) but you neglect to mention anything about the implementation of the software or other issues I’ve mentioned which tells me you stopped reading after a few sentences and had to fire off some glib reply. That equals trolling in most peoples books. Read the WHOLE content of someones post and respond accordingly.
  4. utes it was much closer to the actual speed at about 7:00/mile and slightly below it.

Using movescount website you can easily configure it to sync all new moves to STRAVA. For Bike sensor (speed/cadence) I am using Wahoodo these have lock function so i dont accidentally stop it etc and how do they lock and what side is the lock button on, like my Polar M400 it bottom left, one press to lock and press again for 5sec to unlock it. So has it got the same function like M400 Style(button might be on different side)What is driving me crazy and I don’t understand.. and can find Zero mentions of it with every word combination I can think of in Google searching…. The graph of pace/speed (and altitude) is extremely granular. Like steps up and down in increments of 20 to 40 seconds per mile. !!! This can’t be the normal way this data is presented. Can it? While I do appreciate the lack of extreme swings in page that make the Garmin useless, it’s very bizarre to see such a flat line. Ok, I’m running for 10 min at exactly 10:13 pace, and then instantly jump to 9:38 pace. ?? Trying to figure out what is happening, I see that the elevation is in round integers of meters (or yards.) Ok fine, don’t care. But, the “speed” that is expired into an XLS file appears to only have 2 significant digits. Not sure of the units but numbers like 1.7 or 2.1. So something is getting rounded and then multiplied and then converted to minutes and seconds and it’s too averaged.

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When your cadence reading is intermittent, try to line up the magnet better. You should hear a silent “tick” when the reed-relay is triggered. The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is the second GPS watch I've owned. The first was a Garmin 310xt however the Suunto Ambit3 Peak is much, much better suited for GORUCK style training For the speed and cadence sensors things are fairly straight forward.  The speed sensor allows you to gather speed data in places where GPS data might be lacking, such as indoors or in a tunnel (or mountain biking where the GPS data might be fragmented/troublesome).Im facing issues with the amvit3 and powertap p1 (2 pedals). I was able to calibrate once and never again. And it seems only pedals is connected.is this an actual isses with them or am I doing something wrong?

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  1. You mean jumping like in the picture I add? I Checked the pulse in Whaoo App and there’s a jumping pulse too. The conclusion is that the problem is in the transmitter. Suunto don’t know to give a solution to the problem. Need to contact your local dealer and ask for a new transmitter that might solve the problem.
  2. The Suunto Ambit3 Run is an excellent running watch with good GPS accuracy. The Run in the name indicates this is the cheapest of the Ambit3 range and the best value for most runners. It lacks some of the features of the more expensive Ambit3 watches..
  3. I have been having the same problem on my ambit peak no speed or distance when cycling.for a while I had no map either but I reset it using the 5 buttons and the map cam back. Strangely both speed and distance are there when I walk
  4. At this point, I think Suunto would have been better off going with a dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart strategy.  That would have put them in the premier position when it comes to protocol support, since nobody else supports both in a triathlon watch today.  Further, because the unit is so heavily triathlon focused and because so much of the existing triathlon sensor world is on ANT+ today (especially cycling), I think they may have jumped ship just a bit too soon.
  5. Is anyone else having similar issues with auto pause? Of course I will deactivate it for now but I cannot find anything on the web yet regarding this issue.

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Hello Cristina, as Dave and Sf wrote, there’s no benefit in using GPS in the pool. I enclose a picture where you can see what you get when using GPS in open pool. Your watch can count the number of pools you swim and your hand stroke during the swim and give you data that may be of interest to you. You have to remember that the Ambit3 doesn’t read pulse during swim but transfer the data from the transmitter when you are outside the pool.Under the hood, the Ambit3 Peak battery has been upgraded. The Ambit2 rates at 16, 24, and 100 hours at 1-, 5-, and 60-second GPS pings (described as “Best,” “Good”, and “Okay” in Movescount settings). During multiple ultra marathons up to 23 hours, I found these estimates to be accurate. Suunto estimates battery life for the Ambit3 Peak at 20, 30, and 200 hours.The only thing that comes to my mind is that you might not want to wear the watch on the wrist when doing yoga. But since you are probably indoors and/or the GPS tracking function is not relevant when doing yoga, it should be possible to start the excercise, and after the excersie sync HR data just like when swimming. As long als the Belt is wet, I wouldn’t expect it to slip too much even doing weird yoga stuff. Shop for Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS Watch. Starting from £174.00. Choose from 2 options and Find the best price for Suunto Ambit3 Peak from 12 offers. Best Prices Best Products Best Shops..

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Hey, awesome post as normal. Can you set the ambit3 to just show gym training. just time, calories and hrmOf course, for many others you’ll just want to use this in a day to day mode.  Note that the notifications can queue up, and you can iterate through them – but there isn’t any sort of response function.  For example you can’t respond to a text message.  Still, I found it quite useful in my day to day life to be able to glance at incoming texts without having to take my phone out of my pocket.

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For a regular run, I have four screens, each dedicated to something: pace, heart rate, vertical, and overall. You may skip HR and vertical if those are not important to you. You may add lap data (e.g. lap duration, lap avg pace) to the pace screen, if you want splits for normal runs. Your overall duration and overall avg pace can go on the HR or overall screen.Willkommen bei eBay Kleinanzeigen. Melde dich hier an, oder erstelle ein neues Konto, damit du:3. Are there any other recommended HR monitors out there that work well with the Ambit3 peak. Besides the above mentioned problem, I’m disappointed with it b/c it seems to snap off easily if doing anything more intense than running or road cycling. I would be hesitant to take it mountain biking for fear it would fall off. I used to have a polar that was incorporated into the band so there was no fear of the HR device falling off if it were jarred

Three fields, like in the first photo. But the lower field can be rotated (with up to four data screens) by depressing the lower-left button.Having been through both a Fenix (8 months) and a Fenix2 (6 months), and now an Ambit3 Peak for over 1 year, I feel I have some perspective on this. Garmin has a lot of features and “neat” things, but the devices were wildly inaccurate and ultimately untrustworthy. Suunto, on the other hand, has been rock steady regarding the watch itself. I really don’t care if the bluetooth connection isn’t 100%, or if I have to wait 10 minutes for the activity to upload, since the data itself is good. I have lost 0 activities (moves) with Suunto, whereas with Garmin probably 15-20% of the data was laughably out to lunch. My 2 cents.

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So, in essence, it is a great watch for keeping track of what is going on with the weather. Something people who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in the mountains will appreciate. Getting caught in a storm in the Rockies, the Alps (I live in Switzerland) or any other mountain range is not fun. This will help a lot.Got a Tri coming up in 2 weeks and am looking for option how to go about this. During the bike part I am always working from the cycle-computer, as the wrist watch is not visible in a glance. (Impractical to take of the watch, mount to the handlebar and put it on again for the run)Other than that there shouldn’t be a problem, assuming you are talking abount 105° F and not 105° C, the latter I think you wouldn’t survive for 90 Minutes.There is something strange with my altitude data which I receiving from the watch. For example: I do running workout on the stadium track and the watch showing me 10-15m difference in altitude.. Is that possible?

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Next, you can do some customization of the sport modes.  Specifically, you can change the watch views from the app:For my statistics, the bike POD’s data delivers very accurate data, regardless the GPS settings with almost no battery consumption.The Peak is the more expensive version that includes a barometric altimeter and longer battery life, whereas the Sport lacks the barometric altimeter and has a reduced battery life.  Beyond those two differences and a slight outer shell material change, the units are identical in software functionality and capabilities – thus, they’ll be reviewed as one here.  In the rare cases where they differ I note that in that section.bottom right press to lock and unlock, if you download the manual you will find it has some quite sophisticated lock functions which allow some control but stop you switching off the the move. i have not got my head around it completely yet

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But I also checked in with Suunto. In January 2017 at Outdoor Retailer, they told me development of the Ambit4 was uncertain. That seems to still be the case—in a November email, its PR firm told me that, “We will be keeping the Ambit3 Peak in the line for the foreseeable future.” And they also reported that, “There isn’t another watch in the pipeline that closely rivals the Ambit3 Peak in terms of battery life and price point.”OK, I found the comparsion, link to suunto.com Well, there are some features missing that prevent me from running to the store and buying one immediately.If the blank screen, that sounds like a major malfunction. If the battery was dead, I’m guessing that you left the GPS running somehow.

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months ago i asked the site about a problem using the Powertap Bluetooth Belt, and since then no answer. Among this issue, I am finding too many other issues with this AMBIT3, and think seriously to move to Garmin Fenix, now I see the Suunto Traverse comming…… so far the best Suunto I have had was the Ambit 2, whats your opinion….Then I hope you also don’t care about using the watch with one or more bike PODs. The firmware quality is a royal p.i.t.a. and even got worse with the latest updates.

Well, for me the missing weather features is a small, the smaller battery a bigger “problem”. I really like the Peak’s battery life time.In reality, there are pros and cons to both watches and you have to decide. Below I will go over the biggest differences, and then show you what features are shared.Thank you for a terrific website. I used it to buy my Suunto Ambit3 Peak, and I will use it when (one day) I am regretfully forced to replace it.A lot of cameras do offer Near Field Communication NFC. As does for example the apple watch. I dont´t have an apple watch but what one can read, apple only uses NFC for apple pay services at the moment. NFC would have the potential to (extremely) quick connect two devices to allow them to exchange data. Despite we´re not yet so far I assume. Thanks for the reply anyway. tomThis is handy because you can’t do it on the watch itself, just via the phone or your desktop computer.

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Besides that, what are the key differences between the watches. Case, Antenna, vibration, ok. But other than that, did they leave out any features compared to the Ambit 3 Peak? Is there a barometric altimeter? Swimming features? Running features? All the same? Prezzo iniziale: CHF 1 Condizioni: Usato| Compra Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Black a Luzern online su Ricardo. Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Black. schedule18 mag. 2020, 20:56 thanks for the information idiotein30! scosche rhythm sounds just like what i need. will go read up about it.

Don’t use the 60-second ping unless you need the 200 hours of battery life. As you have found, it will miss any little meander within those 60 seconds, and show a distance that is quite a bit less than actual. For any activity less than 20 hours, I recommend using the 1-second “Best” GPS accuracy and keeping it set at 1-second recording intervals. (The recording interval specifies how often the data is recorded, and has nothing to do with the GPS ping interval.)I bought the watch mostly for the 200-hour battery, but will likely never use it in that configuration do to under-reporting.

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It’s very difficult for runners (or any athlete) to reach their potential if everyday they “just leave all that techno-shit behind, and just gleefully go for a run.” That might get you 90 percent of the way there, but if you’re trying to, say, squeeze an extra few minutes out of a marathon — which was the sole purpose of my training from October through January — then the data provided by a GPS watch is extremely valuable. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web.

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Yes, Wahoo Blue SC & Clones (IMaze, runtastic branded) or SPORTPLUS Bluetooth SMART Speed / Cadence Bike Sensor SP-SPD-BLE-100Andrew – I plan to use my Ambit3 to record a self-supported fkt attempt this summer and wonder about the memory capacity:

I had similar problem. ..first time SUUNTO replaced strap, second time I had strap and sensor replaced under warranty. Everything works fines now. The nice thing is that Imanaged everything from the support web siteUnlike the Ambit2, the Ambit3 Peak has a Bluetooth chip. By pairing it with my phone, I can now transfer activity data wirelessly (rather than needing to connect it with my computer using the USB cord), change sport mode settings using the Movescount app, and get notifications on my watch about incoming text messages, emails, and phone calls.  The Ambit3 Peak records my current and average pace, lap and cumulative times, lap and cumulative distance, current and average heart rate, and net vertical ascent and descent, plus some other data

Whereas things like HR are nice curves with small steps (HR is incrementing in integers), the pace is incrementing by huge steps. 16 966.99 RUB. Product description Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR. Automatic translation Original description available here. The Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR is the GPS watch that you have always been.. Above, you see the sign for 2,593m, which equals 8,507ft.  Below, you’ve got the Ambit2 at 8,471ft, a difference of about 36 feet.  I’m not clear if the reference point is measured as of the top of the pole or the bottom, logic dictates bottom…but, ya never know.  In any event, this is one half of one percent away accuracy-wise.  Or, .5%.It really just depends on how much you value that extra $100-$150 or so to be honest. Also, whether or not you have any past ANT+ accessories (since those won’t work with the Ambit 3).To get notifications you must have the phone synced with the Movescount app. Open the app and touch the + or – icon in the upper-right corner.

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Biete hier eine Suunto Ambit3 Peak Saphire im super Zustand! Hab die Uhr leider nur ein paar mal im...Now again, this specific function requires the Suunto strap.  It will not work with other 3rd party straps that have memory, such as the Wahoo TICKR X, because the offload piece is proprietary to Suunto. Nor will it work underwater with Polar’s H7, since that uses an analog frequency not found on the Ambit3.Example: My commute home consists of a 1-mile easy ride from my office to the train station, and then a 16 mile very hilly ride from a (different) train station home. One day the Suunto claimed 7 hours of recovery time for the 1-mile ride, and then 4 hours of recovery time for the 16-mile.

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When the Ambit3 Peak was released in mid-2014, it retailed for $500. Now, it’s available from authorized dealers in the low-$300’s, with an up-charge of about $30 for the HR belt.Thank you everyone! The “problem” is solved:) I was so stupid and didnt pair the watch with the smart sensor:) Now everythings is OK.. Peak - das bedeutet Gipfel. Die Suunto Ambit3 Peak macht ihrem Namen alle Ehre und entpuppt sich als gute Begleiterin für echte Gipfelstürmer. Sie ist eine GPS-Multisportuhr mit Routennavigation..

Test de la Suunto Ambit3 Vertical : une Ambit3 Trail

Next, the unit also does wrist based pace detection.  It does this by using data from your past GPS runs outdoors, which it then applies indoors.The most noticeable physical difference between the Ambit2 and Ambit3 Peak is the wrist strap. The Ambit3 Peak strap is softer and more pliable, which makes it more comfortable and more accommodating of various wrist sizes.Recently I’ve used the Fenix 5X and Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro (what a mouthful), which can both show four fields. I’m not sure what I think about it yet — when I look down, I just see a lot of numbers. Maybe I’d get more used to it with more time.Well I don’t have any problems with counted steps while moving the wrist in a way similar to walking. My concern is about walking and having the count massively off.I have been trying to restore an activity that I accidentally deleted back to movescount. I can still have the activity on my ambit3 but I don’t know how I will sync it back since moveslink doesn’t just recognize the activity on my watch. I am using a mac by the way.

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I hope Suunto will revert this decision but if not, I don’t think I’ll risk buying another of their product that relies on non-standard software that can be dropped at any moment.I just wear mine on my wrist, but another potential option is to use your phone. On iOS at least (I don’t know about Android), there’s an option to mirror the watch data on the phone’s display.Of course, I expect the results of the chart to change and update over time.  For example, Wahoo will be pushing out a firmware update any day now that disables the zero-value speed on the Wahoo RPM, so that might fix that.  And Suunto says they’re working on an update as well from their side.  I’ll continue to try and update the above chart for a bit, but would be happy for readers to provide sensor compatibility notes in the comments, which I’ll update above.  That’s because it’s simply not feasible for me to validate all those sensors every time Suunto releases a new firmware update.

This is the main thread on the Suunto forum: https://forum.suunto.com/topic/1729/important-news-concerning-our-digital-services/462 Openambit, which is not affiliated with Suunto but rather an independent open source project might be able to bridge that gap, but currently it’s still immature and requires technical skills that the average user doesn’t have.There is no secret the software is clunky. I am hoping the new software update fixes the POI issue I am having where I cannot change the name through moves count.

It seems like the Baro 9 is overkill for my needs compared with the Ambit3 Peak, a lot of reviews say that the Ambit3 has better GPS accuracy, and the Ambit3 is on sale now for a pretty killer price. If you want to save a little cash, or like the sounds of the vibration notifications (and don’t need the longer battery life) the Vertical is a better bet. Device Group: Smart Watches. Brand: Suunto. Model: AMBIT3 PEAK SAPPHIRE (HR). Title. Pages @Nuno Pinto Thx but I bought the watch and the belt more than one year ago… Does the warranty persist ?

I believe Suunto has a serious issue the way they process the GPS signal. The answer from Suunto is strange and I can’t recommend to buy this watch if you do races which last longer than 2 hours.All that information may sound overwhelming, but I think it’s allowed me to train and race smarter. I was able to accurately compare my Houston Marathon training against my Boston Marathon training (from nine to 12 months earlier), despite my workouts not being on the track or on standardized routes. And at UTMB, my watch provided accurate pace and heart rate data, which helped me run evenly from start to finish.Well, I poked around and looked at some other moves that were public. Apparently this is usual behavior for the data in Movescount. Some are even worse looking than mine. I still don’t understand why, or why I’m the only person that thinks it’s odd. It’s not a big deal, but makes the data slightly less useful for post analysis. But in other ways maybe it is better, without all the artificial spikes seen in other brands recordings.Adding injury to insult in the case of the Ambit3, none of this information is available online via Movescount nor in the connected app.  I can only hope Suunto will follow the rest of the industry here and add this information in that consumers clearly want, especially since I actually rather like their recovery graph seen above – I think it’s one of the more clear implementations of training versus recovery.What’s cool is you have two options with multisport mode.  The first is is an automated variant where you’ve preconfigured the sports and order of said sports.  This is perfect for a triathlon where it’s clearly going to be swim, bike, run and you want to include transitions.

Further, you can dive into laps and splits, if you’ve configured those (either via auto lap, or manual splits).I recognise the accuracy challenge for any GPS device being whirled in and out of the water, but side-by-side comparisons with other devices (Garmins usually) have them showing a much more accurate distance.It would be better if the Bike POD would overrule GPS as long as it is in range of the watch, as long as you are not changing sports mode. This would also be fine for e.g. Triathlon, when you put the bike aside and move through the transition zone without beeing on the bike, but still beeing in range of the POD. You should have already switched to “transtion” when entering transition zone anyway. Tradeoff would be naturally, if you jumped very, very long distances with your bike an pulled the brakes in the air… 😉The Ambit3 Peak was released in mid-2014, and I wondered last August when I purchased it if an Ambit4 Peak would soon replace it. My concern was partly irrelevant, since I wanted a new watch in August, not sometime this year. My Ambit2 was suffering from a sticky Start/Stop button and, more importantly, I thought its battery might die before I crossed the finish line at UTMB.

The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is a comfortable watch that users enjoy wearing while adventuring or just on a normal day. The watch measures in at 1.97 x 1.97 x .71 inches and weights 3.14 ounces Oh, and the update also clear all your logs, recovery time, blabla as usual, so make sure you save that first.

I’m looking for a device that can record GPS tracks – which can be used for segments on strava – during at least 12h and rather 24h. A Garmin can be charged during riding with a battery pack; It seems this is difficult/impossible for an Ambit. So the question is: does the battery last for 24h? If no, the Ambit is useless during my main event of the year and I have to look for something else. → Značka → Suunto → Ambit3 → Suunto AMBIT3 PEAK Black HR. Technické parametre. produktový kód: SS020674000. Pánske hodinky Suunto AMBIT3 PEAK Black HR

But at the same time, it’s not likely to be perfect.  None of the watches on the market are.  Don’t expect the same level of GPS accuracy that you’d get on land, while swimming openwater.  The challenge there is that GPS reception is lost every stroke and has to be regained every stroke.  This means that approximately every second this happens, and when re-gaining GPS signal there’s usually a reduced level of accuracy (i.e. +/-35yds).  So what companies do is take trending to try and figure out where you’re going.(Update May 5th, 2015: Suunto has now rolled out their Android App.  Note that you’ll need to update the firmware on your Ambit3 first to ensure compatibility.  Full details can be found on their dedicated Android beta site here.)Moreover, I think you’re assuming that the watch acts as an inhibitor to feeling present, as if I run down the road or the trail looking at my watch the entire time. It’s just not like that.Most other GPS sport watches—even newer, glossier, and more expensive models—fail to match the functionality of the Ambit3 Peak for ultra running and backpacking. Take the Suunto Ambit3 Vertical, which has half the battery life. The Ambit3 Sport and Ambit3 Run have shorter battery lives and no barometer. Ditto for the Suunto Spartan Sport and Spartan Sport Wrist HR.

I will send the watch to finland to repair, nevertheless I wonder, if anybody else here expierienced problems like these or if somebody has an explanation how this kind of error can be possible.Does anyone know why the pictures taken while doing a sport cannot be added to the activitie and to the suunto track video?

Further, while I think Suunto Apps are great, they are at the same time a bit limited.  For example, they can’t connect to the internet, nor can they have multiple layers on them.  Garmin just last week announced Garmin Connect IQ, which are apps with far greater flexibility and functionality – closing in on what is found on other smart watches and even some basic phone app functionality.  Now, obviously these new apps significantly surpass Suunto, but at the same time, keep in mind they aren’t out yet.  And as of today (September 29th), there aren’t any watches available to use them.  So like most things, the future always looks brighter – but sometimes the present is more functional if the future isn’t here yet.Hi Andrew, if you haven’t heard – Suunto is planning to drop support for some of the main features of the Ambit/2/3 series as they announced discontinuing the web app (Movescount) moving forward with “Suunto App”, a mobile app which ATM doesn’t support these functions for the Ambit/2/3 series: * Moving routes to the device * Customizing menusIn this case, I let everything be completely automatic.  Meaning that I let it automatically determine my base altitude using GPS and then it blends that with barometric altimeter data from there.  I figured that’s most like how many real-world folks would use it (unless you had altitude information at a trailhead).  Looking at the altitude track, I didn’t see any issues there at all with how it looked, as it perfectly matched our route:In addition, because it depends on accelerometers, it means that you’ll want to refrain from doing the YMCA song while at the end of the pool waiting for your next step.  Similarly, if you see any of those mythical topless women swimmers referred to above mid-lane – you’ll want to just keep on swimming past them.  That’s because if you stop mid-lane with these types of watches it’ll think that you’ve begun your next lap.  And nothing is worse than having messed up swim metrics. BUY Suunto Ambit3 Peak Watch. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. Application: Running, Band/Strap Color: Black, Case Color: Black, Color: Black..

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